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A film of real beauty, which is surprising, since it's not a movie of beautiful sentiments or settings.
Chicago Sun-Times
A lightweight charmer with a winning performance by Robin Tunney.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Tunney, brimming with coltish, neurotic energy, holds the screen like a true star. She brings the role, and the movie, to life.
New York Post
Endearingly offbeat romantic comedy with a great meet-cute gimmick.
Wall Street Journal
I paid steadfast attention, both to the actress, a performer of unusual versatility, and to the character she plays, a caged -- and cagey -- bird who sings because she's too stubborn to cry.
Entertainment Weekly
Disoriented but occasionally disarming saga packed with moments out of an ''Alice in Wonderland'' adventure, a stalker thriller, and a condensed season of TV's ''Big Brother.''
The cast is up to the challenges of that arc, but the plot doesn't always keep them afloat.
An uneven mix of genres that, even when it misses the mark, gets points for originality and a good beat.
New York Daily News
As it is, while Tunney is undeniably lovely to look at, she's just not that much fun to be around. And for 100 minutes, she's all we've got.
Miami Herald
Seems to vanish from memory even as you're watching it. The movie is an exercise in minimalist storytelling.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Though it is shaped as a woman-in-peril thriller about obsession, Cherish is about being winningly kooky, not violently insane.

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