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A film of real beauty, which is surprising, since it's not a movie of beautiful sentiments or settings.
Tunney, brimming with coltish, neurotic energy, holds the screen like a true star. She brings the role, and the movie, to life.
Chicago Sun-Times
A lightweight charmer with a winning performance by Robin Tunney.
New York Post
Endearingly offbeat romantic comedy with a great meet-cute gimmick.
Wall Street Journal
I paid steadfast attention, both to the actress, a performer of unusual versatility, and to the character she plays, a caged -- and cagey -- bird who sings because she's too stubborn to cry.
Boston Globe
The cast is up to the challenges of that arc, but the plot doesn't always keep them afloat.
Finn Taylor's lark of a movie feels like two unfinished films awkwardly fused together and ever threatening to snap apart.
New Times (L.A.)
Their (Tunney and Nelson) interplay is what saves the movie, and possibly should have been expanded upon to the exclusion of the other plot points.
The soundtrack is a boisterous blast from the past, and there's a quiet pleasure to watching Zoe and Daly let their composure loose like scrambled eggs, but there's little else to hold dear here.
Charlotte Observer
The movie's weirdness isn't organic; it's imposed, like barber-pole stripes painted on a prison wall.

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