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Season: 1 | 2 | unknown
Year: 2002 | 2003 | unknown

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Nick Takes Over the Circus

21 September 2002

Stephanie Anton ... Miss Stephanie

Diego Barquinero ... Vee Kay the Clown
James Edward Dockery ... The Ringmaster

Andrew Fromer ... Son in Car
Stephanie Johnson ... Princess Stephanie
Karl Winn ... The Wheel of Destiny

Season 1, Episode 2: Nick Takes Over Your School

26 January 2002
Nick visits a local school and as it's his nature, he looks around and says, "You know, while I'm here, I think there's a few changes to make." Nick proceeds to turn the school upside down, he gets the real scoop on cafeteria food, helps out the basketball team, quizzes the teachers on things that really matter to kids today, and Nick even attempts to become a cheerleader as his alter ego Latanya!
Todd Baker ... Teacher Dancing on Tabletop
Malachi McGlone ... Waiter

Season 1, Episode 3: Nick Takes Over the Rodeo

3 February 2002
Nick brings his own brand of style and humor to the fun world of pro rodeo! Always game for anything, Nick attempts to master all of the cowboy skills: riding a mechanical bull, how to lasso and even how to steer wrestle! And after serving up his "famous" Nick Super-Hot Chili, who better than Nick to be the coolest rodeo clown ever!
Todd Baker ... Snooty Beverly Hills Shopper

Tom Lawrence ... Beverly Hills Shopper

Jean St. James ... Laughing Beverly Hills Shopper

Season 1, Episode 4: Nick Takes Over Hollywood

8 February 2002
Nick decides to make a movie. He has a big pitch meeting set up at Paramount and he knows that it's important to look important in Hollywood. Of course the first thing he does is hire a Imo driver to drive him on a bicycle built for two! Among the highlights are Nick as Latanya interviewing celebrities at the MTV VMA's and Nick getting animated at Nick animation studios!

Nick Cannon ... Himself
Emanuel Baker ... Thomas 'Tom' Cruise
Todd Baker ... Crazed Movie Fan

Amanda Bynes ... Herself - Guest
Malachi McGlone ... Movie Theatre Patron

Frankie Muniz ... Himself

Eddie Murphy ... Himself

Joe Pantoliano ... Himself

Will Smith ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 5: Nick Takes Over Music

9 February 2002
Nick breaks a new boy band comprised of "little people" by world premiering their video. Nick as Latanya interviews Usher and Nick as Oswald Watkins finally gets his big break.

Mary J. Blige ... Herself

Tom Hatten ... Himself
Malachi McGlone ... Elevator Passenger

Mark Povinelli ... Chad

Usher Raymond ... Himself
Clay Rivers

Luigi Francis Shorty Rossi ... Skittles / Shorty (credit only) (as Melvin 'Shorty' Rossi)

Barbara Scolaro ... Anchor Woman

Britney Spears ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 6: Nick Takes Over the Beach

16 February 2002
After an encounter with an overzealous lifeguard, Nick brings his own style of fun to the beach. Nick soon recruits beach goers to be lifeguards, beginning with the key lesson of running in slow motion! Soon parents are buried in sand and a treasure hunt is initiated.

Wil Hernandez ... Baked Potato Guy
Savage Steve Holland ... Skinny Beach-Goer
Malachi McGlone ... Heavy Metal Band Member
Chad Newman ... Big Beach-Goer

Dante Spencer ... Lifeguard

Season 1, Episode 7: Nick Takes Over London

2 March 2002
Cricket, driving on the WRONG side of the road, Stonehenge, even the royal family..Nick doesn't spare anyone or anything as he takes on London.

Season 1, Episode 8: Nick Takes Over Style

9 March 2002
With the help of stylish celeb, P. Diddy, Nick creates his own line of clothing, CannonWear! Watch Nick turn everything from oven mitts, to snorkels to weight belts into the next new fashion craze. And what better place to show off his new style than at a big fashion show? Throw in LaTanya, as a supermodel and the fashion world will never know what hit it!

Sean Combs ... Himself (as Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs)
Jessica Friedman
Ginger Kinison ... Teenaged Shopper #1
Malachi McGlone ... Fashion Show Audience Member

Kel Mitchell ... Himself

Joe Pantoliano ... Himself

Mark Povinelli ... Chad

Luigi Francis Shorty Rossi ... Skittles / Shorty (credit only) (as Melvin 'Shorty' Rossi)

Kenan Thompson ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 9: Nick Takes Over the Military

16 March 2002
Nick brings his own style of fun to the armed forces. He learns to fly a jet (sort of), runs the obstacle course (almost) and even makes it through boot camp (barely). Nick finds talents he never knew he had and the military gets a recruit like they've never seen before (Francis Spunkle).
Heidi Levine ... Doctor

Season 1, Episode 10: Nick Takes Over Food

Nick takes on the food industry by opening his own restaurant. The waitress? Nick as Latanya. The dishwasher? Nick as Francis Spunkle. The entertainment? Nick as legendary soul singer Oswald Watkins. Did we mention the food fight?
Todd Baker ... Nick's Restaurant Manager
Brian Bendele ... Restaurant Patron

Season 1, Episode 11: Nick Takes Over Baseball

Nick meets the Los Angeles Dodgers, Nick (as Oswald Watkins) sings the national anthem, gives the players batting "tips," becomes the worst food vendor ever and even learns how to spit like a real pro player!
Shawn Green ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 12: Nick Takes Over Nickeloden

13 April 2002
Nick decides that the one thing Nickelodeon needs isà more Nick. He comes up with more shows for himself to star in, including a talk show, where Nick interviews Will Smith. He even gives new meaning to the word NickToon when he gets into a cartoon of his own.
Khaliah Adams ... Herself

Adrienne Bailon ... Herself
David Oliver Cohen ... Himself
Christopher Knowings ... Himself

Naturi Naughton ... Herself

Keaton Tyndall ... Herself

Kylie Tyndall ... Herself

Christina Vidal ... Herself

Kiely Williams ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 13: Nick Takes Over Fitness

20 April 2002
Nick decides to get in shape, by taking over fitness. He talks to a physical trainer and puts his own spin on exercising by inventing the Nickathalon. He learns to rock climb, he even goes mano a womano with professional wrestler, Joanie (formally Chyna from the WWF!) Plus, Francis Spunkle comes up with his own form of exercise, Spunk-Bo!
Jeff Atlas ... Aerobics Student

Chyna ... Miss Joanie (as Joanie Laurer)

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Episode #2.1


Evan Ellingson ... Transportation Friend

Romeo Miller ... Himself (as Romeo)

Harrison Samuels ... Surgery patient

Season 2, Episode 2: Episode #2.2


Season 2, Episode 3: Nick Takes Over the Law

9 November 2002
As captain of the Cannon Squad, Nick protects the rights of kids everywhere in the fight against unfair adults. Nick's most wanted include: a teacher that gave an illegal pop quiz; a mom who gave a bad haircut, parents guilty of "illegal use of vegetables" -- and the list goes on.

Jennifer Emery ... Mom (as Jennifer Zivolich)

Stephen Holland ... Cop

Eric Ladin ... Cadet
Katie Massa Kennedy ... Karen Jackson (as Katie Massa)

Unknown Season


1 February 2003

Mark Saul ... Ricardo

Kenan Thompson ... LaNeesha

Lo Town

After breaking down on a deserted road, Nick heads for the nearest town. With his car in the shop for three days and not enough money to get it fixed, Nick is forced to find a job. In the process, he winds up taking over the town of Julian, CA. From a local newspaper reporter, to an apple peeler to a candle carver to a performer at the annual festival, Nick paints the town with comedy!

Nick Takes Over Archeology


Nick Takes Over Your Family


Savage Steve Holland ... Drink Taster #1
Emily Kaufman ... Herself
Shawn McGill ... Shawn

Nick Takes Over the Mall

12 October 2002

Dave Chivvis ... Security Guard

Jeff Tschida ... Comedy Skit

Nick Takes a Wedding

5 October 2002
You are cordially invited to watch as Nick Cannon takes over a wedding. Nick hears the age-old question, "If anyone objects, let him speak now," and Nick does. He picks two people at random out of the crowd and decides that they should be the ones tying the knot!
Matt Holly ... Kissing Man
Melissa Noble ... Kissing Woman

Beth Shea ... Beauty Queen

Clyde Tull ... Preacher

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