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9 Feb. 2003
Hunt or Be Hunted
A pair of homo ergaster take the first step up the food chain by learning to scavenge meat using a stone hand ax. A million years later a hunt of a herd of irish elk by a tribe of home erectus goes terribly wrong when the torches used to drive the herd fail to stay lit. A tribe of Neandthals makes a good though dangerous living hunting bison until the cooling climate reduces the available game.
9 Feb. 2003
Mastering the Beasts
After an disastrous encounter with a giant bear, members of a troglodyte clan in southern France hunt another dangerous beast. During a period of rapid climate change a group of cro-magnon women survive by wit and grit on the tundra after their men are killed on a hunt. A paleo-indian boy on the North American plains finds an alternative way to prove himself an adult after the disgrace of disrupting a bison hunt.


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