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Baltimore Sun
Veggie Tales is one amusing salad.
Entertainment Weekly
Bouncy animation and catchy songs keep the film from tasting too much like spinach.
The main lessons Jonah attempts to teach are compassion and mercy. That's an unusual -- and welcome -- message these days.
The movie's heart is in the right place, but all its messages of tolerance might resonate better if the Spanish-accented pirate didn't get drawn with a gold tooth and the turban-wearing Khalil wasn't an opportunistic rug merchant.
New York Daily News
Young kids will be so distracted by the silly songs and clever contemporary references that they won't even realize they're sitting through cinematic Sunday school.
New York Post
Enough SpongeBob-meets-Monty-Python silliness to give adults a kick as well.
Spiritual V-8 juice.
Kids will enjoy the wisecracks and foolishness, and the big musical production numbers are toe-tappers -- or would be if the veggies had feet.
Jonah may resemble an 83-minute Sunday school lesson, but at least it's a playful, colorful one, with spunky peas and tomatoes, chirpy kids' tune-- and bright animation that may not rival "Monsters, Inc." or "Shrek" but gets its points across.
Even generally sympathetic adults may eventually find their minds wandering, if only because of the characters' continual, annoying hopping; being vegetables, they have no legs, you see.
Miami Herald
I'm not big on getting lectures from produce, and the Jonah story is not exactly fresh from the crisper, but Jonah is engaging enough for parents looking to introduce their kids to the veggiest story ever told.

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