8 Mile (2002) Poster


De'Angelo Wilson: DJ Iz



  • DJ Iz : That's why brothers need to sign themselves a deal. I'm telling you record labels supply niggas with the kind of benefits they need.

    Sol : Dawg, we sign us a deal you can take the motherfucking benefits. We're talking Bentley's and Benjamins, not Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

    Future : Look to tell you all niggas the truth, I don't give a fuck about none of that. I just wanna hit 31 and a 3rd on the box you know what I'm saying? One of them strong songs on JLB.

    DJ Iz : No, what we need to do is save that shit up and put it into some savings bonds every week, stack it and build our own studio.

    Future : Savings Bonds?

    Sol : [to DJ]  Let me ask you a question, Dawg. How the fuck are we brothers? We need fine bitches and fat rides, not no goddamn savings bonds.

    Jimmy Smith Jr : Man, that's all we ever do is talk shit!

    Jimmy Smith Jr : [imitating Sol]  "We need to get fine bitches and fat rides".

    Jimmy Smith Jr : [imitating DJ]  "No, what we need to do is put our money in savings bonds".

    Jimmy Smith Jr : [imitating Future]  "No, what we need to do is put our songs on JLB".

    Jimmy Smith Jr : Man, shut the fuck up. All of us never do shit about nothin' and we're still broke as fuck and living at home with our moms.

  • DJ Iz : Man, do you know how many abandoned buildings we have in Detroit? I mean, how are you supposed to take pride in your neighborhood with shit like that next door? And does the city tear them down? No, they too busy building casinos and taking money from the people.

    Future : [Talking to Iz while rolling another joint]  Shut yo preaching ass up! Don't nobody care about that shit.

    DJ Iz : Did you care when that crackhead raped that little girl? You think that woulda' happened if he didn't have an abandoned house to take her to?

    Cheddar Bob : They caught him didn't they?

    Future : Yeah, they caught him. Dumb motherfucker went back to the house. How stupid could a nigga be?

    [Sol laughs] 

  • Sol : [Rabbit is taking Alex and Wink to a photo shoot. Iz and Sol are in the backseat]  So when are we going to get to see these little photos of yours in a magazine?

    DJ Iz : This ain't Playboy fool, in fashion it's called editorial.

    Sol : God damn Fredrick Douglass, could you shut the fuck up!

    B. Rabbit : [Intervening]  It's for a book man, so she can get a job.

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