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More Shrekervescence!
Dan Franzen (dfranzen70)8 November 2004
I know what you're expecting me to say. "If you liked Shrek ..." And it's so true. Fans of the first will be ga-ga over the second. The gang at Dreamworks was smart enough not to monkey around with a winning formula, so you have all the wit and charm of Shrek (Mike Myers), Fiona (Cameron Diaz), Donkey (Eddie Murphy), and all the fantastic fairy-tale creatures.

At the beginning of 2, Shrek and Fiona have been invited by Fiona's parents (John Cleese and Julie Andrews) to the family castle. Imagine their surprise when the honeymooning ogres show up! Seems the king and queen haven't heard that a) Fiona's an ogre and b) that her husband is one, too. Naturally, this doesn't sit particularly well with the king, and soon he's hired a hit man - Puss in Boots, no less, voiced by Antonio Banderas - to bump off his new son in law. Meanwhile, a Fairy Godmother (Jennifer Saunders) offers help to Fiona. And quickly, the main question of the film - conveniently, it was the main question of the first film - is whether love conquers all. Oh, perhaps it's a bit more complex than that - perhaps it's whether Fiona would love Shrek, no matter what he looked like. Come to think of it, that was the theme of the first one as well.

Shrek and Fiona journey to the land of Far, Far Away, where the stuffy king and the queen mum live. Far, Far Away is a clear knockoff of Hollywood itself (complete with the sign on the mountain), and the journey includes a pass through what looks like Beverly Hills. The attention to detail is marvelous, as always.

As with 1, 2 drops all sorts of Disney references, most resulting in full-out belly laughter. I was in stitches, although perhaps - just perhaps - some of the humor will zoom over your tiny tot's tiny head.

Shrek 2 is a beautifully done movie, perhaps even more entertaining than the original. Sure, at the end you know your emotions have been manipulated somewhat, but in the end you really don't care. Outstanding voice performances, flawless animation, and a crisp, moderately adult (but not mature, definitely not mature) script reign supreme.
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nowmann10 November 2004
The first time I watched this movie was in my living room with my husband, daughter, and mom. We all laughed so hard we had to watch it again to see what we missed (which turned out to be a lot!). Antonio as Puss was genius! As was Jennifer Saunders as the fairy godmother. Kudos to the casting director. Once again Eddie Murphy as the annoying and talkative donkey was perfect and even much more lovable. And Mike Myers as Shrek, what can I say? A perfect grumpy ogre. Cameron Diaz once again lets her personality shine through even in animation. Oh, and Rupert! With that voice being the narcissistic Prince Charming. I could go on and on about the characters in this movie but instead I implore you to watch it for yourself. I loved this movie as did my entire family. The jokes in this movie were absolutely delicious! For those naysayers who hated this movie, I say go buy a sense of humor!
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Respectable effort with a tough act to follow
mstomaso23 April 2005
Shrek 2 has as much humor, talent, and fun as the original classic, and almost as much heart. The film picks up where Shrek left off, with Fiona and Shrek celebrating their marriage, but they are immediately cast into a new adventure when summoned to the land of Far Far Away (a clever parody of Hollywood), to the court of Fiona's mother and father, for a surprise royal wedding ball. The only problem, as it turns out, is that Fiona has married the wrong guy - according to everybody but Shrek, Fiona, and their friends.

The plot, revolving around this central problem, is helped along by nearly constant allusions to virtually every fairy tale in the English canon, and satirical references to many recent popular films. Unsatisfied with the combination of romantic comedy, Hollywood satire and self-parody, the film-makers' also went all out with a clever original soundtrack, making Shrek 2 as much of a musical as anything else.

The voice talent is just as essential as it was in the first film, and there's more of it, with John Cleese and Antonio Banderas giving very memorable performances. And the animation is, unsurprisingly, lovely.

To their credit, Dreamworks kept the core talent in place, but created a somewhat different formula for this film. Even though I expect most fans of the first film to adore the second, I am not sure Shrek 2 is going to make the franchise any new fans. Though more clearly made for adult audiences than the original, Shrek 2 is still warm-hearted family fare. As much as I DO recommend this film, and as entertaining as I think it will be for just about anybody, I don't consider Shrek 2 to be quite the classic Shrek was. It's touching and goofy, to be sure, but it's much more of a Hollywood film than the original, and it doesn't quite reach the same levels. Nevertheless, it is one of the better sequels I have seen, and it was definitely worth both the price of admission and a third or fourth viewing of the DVD.
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Wonderful solid fun
jomipira8 July 2004
Ok, I have to admit that the surprise is gone. The original Shrek was irreverent and made fun of all the children stories known to man... The second one is on the same line but by now you expect it. Still it's been a long time since I've seen an entire theater laugh from the start till the end of a movie. Wonderful new characters (you have to love the pussy in boots), superb animation and a all-round well made movie for everyone to enjoy. But please, whatever you do DO NOT read any comments (like this one) before you go see the movie, it can ruin it for you... And watch the credits until the end, there are surprises... Enough said, just enjoy the film, it's guaranteed to make any blues just fade away!
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Why I Liked 'Shrek 2' Better
ccthemovieman-119 March 2006
I much preferred this sequel, even though I also liked the original, too, as millions of other viewers - kids and adults - did. This second edition, to me, was better than the first one for the following reasons:

1 - A faster-paced story; 2 - Better colors, just gorgeous with a 3-D effect in spots; 3 - another great combination of humor, adventure and romance; 4 - no one segment of the story overstayed its welcome; 5 - Eddie Murphy's character wasn't played up as much, meaning less abrasive shouting in this film; 6 - a genuine touching ending which left the viewer very satisfied.

Some of these qualities were all there in abundance in first Shrek, too, but the package was more complete here. It was softer, kindler, gentler Shrek film than the first. Murphy is a funny guy but his incessant talking can get on anyone's nerves, but with less to say, that didn't happen in this sequel.
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This second movie is very GOOD
Jessica Carvalho16 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I imagined this film to be a crap, because it is almost a rule with few exceptions,that second movies are always terrible in comparison with the first ones. But not this one. I cannot say that I liked Shrek2 more then the first, but the second one is very good too: New characters as the Fairy Godmother,Prince Charming,Puss In Boots and Fiona's parents are introduced to us, and a new reality comes, with Shrek and Fiona's relationship going to a deeper step,and new confusions because of their wedding.One of the good surprises, was that neither Shrek or Fiona changed to the human form;I was almost sure that they would,but I think that the movie would loose its magic. By the way: The voice of the new characters really rules! But Julie Andrews, John Cleese and Rupert Everett only could do a great job.:) I liked Antonio Bandeiras as Puss In Boots as well! He really surprised me! (Usually, I hate his strong accent)
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It's a Puss in Boots world, we just all live in it
movieman_kev18 August 2005
Shrek the Ogre, Pincess Fiona, and Donkey are back in the sequel to the modern day fairy tale classic in this lesser, but still magical sequel. Shrek and Fiona are returning from their honeymoon, only to find a dejected Donkey who broke things off with Dragon apparently and the King's noblemen inviting them to Fiona's parents castle in Faf Far Away. Naturally the anti-social Shrek wants nothing to do with the invitation, but gives in to Fiona and Donkey's insistence. Needless to say the King is quite upset to find his daughter an Ogre and married to Shrek. Add the dastardly vain Prince Charming, a not so good Fairy Godmother and the delightful new addition of Antonio Banderas as Puss In Boots, and you get a fun, but ultimately unneeded sequel that treads to closely to the first plot-wise. However children will still love it. Parents will still chuckle every now and then, and it's still one of the better sequel's that I've seen.

My Grade: B-

Where i saw it: Cinemax on Demand (available till September 9th, 2005)
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Transcending the Genre
rserrano4 December 2004
In many ways, Shrek 2 is to fairy tales, what Kill Bill:Vol.2 is to the Kung Fu genre. Although these are very different movies, both spoof all previous movies of their type and are loaded with insider allusions (just look at the length of the IMDb trivia sections for each!). Both use latest technology to create a hyper-real quality which goes beyond their forerunners to create a feel that the viewer is seeing something that has not been seen before. But each also stays true to their genres' formula conventions of character and plot that, though seemingly worn out, we still love. As a result these movies are satisfying, meeting some deep rooted needs but in novel and refreshing ways.

2004 may signal a trend in this kind of treatment of well treaded genres, with Westerns and Film Noir as two other potential future candidates.
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Possibly the funniest most fun filled animated movie ever made.
aymanrizk6 November 2004
I really did not like the original that much; I thought it was about 20 minutes too long and a bit disgusting for the intended audience. But the sequel was brilliant, very funny and just a pure pleasure to watch.

The DVD (Canadian version if it is different) was also well made and had a number of decent extra features. Even the starting menu is funny and a good introduction to the laughter that follows.

The songs chosen for the different scenes matched the purpose and the flow of the scene and tremendously enhanced the viewer's experience. And the animation was very realistic.

Well done DreamWorks.

Note: do not turn the DVD off as the credits start rolling. Wait for an appearance of one of the characters from the original movie.
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Myers, Murphy, and Diaz do it again in SHREK 2!
GLPman13 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
So, remember how long SHREK was in theaters? Remember how many times you laughed? Well, SHREK 2 brings back all the excitement and laughter! Myers stars again as Shrek, Murphy as the hilarious Donkey, and Diaz as Fiona.


After their honeymoon, Fiona asks Shrek to go with her to see her parents. At first, Shrek isn't sure if it's a good idea. But, whether he likes it or not, he is soon persuaded by Fiona to go to the kingdom of Far Far Away. Donkey asks/decides that he'll come along, and soon enough the three are on their way.

Once they reach the palace, Shrek and the King (Cleese) clash immediately. King soon takes matters in his own hands when he hires Puss In Boots (Banderas)to "get rid" of Shrek. In the meantime, Shrek and Donkey don't seem to be getting along so well. Puss fails, and becomes Shrek's new friend. Donkey gets jealous, but sticks with Shrek nonetheless.

The three then steal a potion from the potion factory to make Shrek and Fiona's marriage go on forever so that they can live happily ever after. Donkey tests the potion and then Shrek drinks it. The next day, Shrek wakes up to be human, and Donkey a stallion. The potion also affects Fiona, however, and she becomes her once beautiful self.

Seeing this as an excellent opportunity to get her son, Prince Charming, with Fiona, Fairy Godmother gives King a love potion. She tells King that the love potion is to be poured into a drink, then drinken by Fiona. The first man Fiona kisses at the Royal Celebration Ball, becomes her new love. King feels guilty and secretly puts the love potion into his drink, which is later on discovered.

Meanwhile, Shrek, Puss, and Donkey catch up with their old buddies after being arrested. Their friends free them and take them to see the Muffin Man. The Muffin Man builds a big gingerbread man to crash through the gates of the palace during the Royal Celebration Ball, giving Shrek a chance to see Fiona again.

Shrek makes it in time, but the giant gingerbread man falls apart. After Fiona kisses Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother realizes that King drank the love potion himself (because Fiona knocks out Prince Charming). Shrek and Fiona then turn back into ogres and leave Far Far Away, after forgiving King.
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