The Ring (2002) Poster


Plot Keywords

death journalist
videotape ring
cabin seven days
race against time urban legend
investigation reporter
mysterious death inn
curse first part
bechdel test passed cabin in the woods
cartoon on tv supernatural horror
foreign language adaptation female protagonist
overhead train moesko island oregon
shelter mountain washington dying
rain playing cards
writer newspaper
el train wallpaper
pick axe bottomless pit
crawling out of a tv set thrown down a well
flashback coughing
electrocuted in a bathtub suicide by electrocution in a bathtub
hair shower
blood elevator
bird chair
drawing of a horse psychiatric hospital
fire hose assistant
husband wife relationship teacher
classroom student
journalism student camera
apartment building teenage girl
teenage boy mother daughter relationship
death of cousin cousin cousin relationship
father daughter relationship aunt niece relationship
mirror adoption
miscarriage grandmother grandson relationship
doctor horse jumping into water
seattle washington television static
stable hayloft
answering machine computer
underwater scene reckless driving
peanut butter and jelly sandwich animated scene
cigarette smoking face slap
girl boy
jumping off a cliff hole in the floor
falling down a well abyss
calling parent by first name paranormal phenomena
watching a video horror movie remake
surrealism family relationships
cell phone remake of asian film
psychic power horse breeder
hallucination folk tale
deliberate cruelty no title at beginning
good versus evil nosebleed
serial killer neo noir
fly tree
watching tv telephone call
suicide severed finger
race against the clock psychotic child
photograph photography
no opening credits mental hospital
killer child island
investigative reporter infertility
father son relationship falling into water
falling from height ex boyfriend ex girlfriend relationship
evil child drawing
dead child cliff
breaking and entering bathtub
barn balcony
babysitter psychic
psionic power wheelchair
maggot hook
elevator shaft dream
centipede axe
fingernail psychiatric treatment
dead teen couple well
death by drowning skeleton
revenge electrocution
film within a film tape recording
remake of japanese film nightmare
water funeral
mental institution ghost
murder ladder
dark secret horse
ferry mother son relationship
city deformed arm
subliminal message family violence
remake past
telephone fear
lighthouse based on novel
title spoken by character surprise ending

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