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So good it's scary.
The pickings are slim for scares this Halloween season (Ghost Ship, Below), so The Ring wins first prize by default.
Entertainment Weekly
The best thing about the movie, which is a very elegantly crafted piece of gothic snuff hokum, is the way it teases and intrigues us with the revelation of what's on that tape.
Ends up a few frames short of the perfect horror film, but very few.
Charlotte Observer
If your senses haven't been dulled by slasher films and gorefests, if you're a connoisseur of psychological horror, this is your ticket.
Too many threads are left dangling and the movie ultimately proves too implausible to put alongside those horror classics.
Miami Herald
It's an understatement to say that The Ring is not your ordinary horror film. And never forget to rewind.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
It's a workmanlike, passably engrossing horror flick that copies well from the Japanese original. When it's good, it's not original, and when it's original, it's not so good.
Certainly acceptable. But no one seeing it is going to feel as spooked as executive producer Roy Lee. To make an audience feel that intensely, you need a different kind of director and a different kind of film.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A creepy, oozy, dopey remake of the stylish 1998 Japanese thriller, "Ringu."
New York Daily News
I hated it, but I grant that it does tap into a vein of technological horror - the fear of the VCR! - that will have young videophiles chatting it up for weeks
Wall Street Journal
Won't kill you, but it could bore you half to death.

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