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Disappointed. No interview with Keith Thibodeaux.

Author: james362001 from Lancaster, California
13 November 2001

I was disappointed with the "I Love Lucy" 50th Anniversary Special. There are some things I wish they would have done, instead of what they did. First of all, they should have had Keith Thibodeaux, who played "Little Ricky" for four years, on the special. They did not have not one interview with him. To have had an interview with Keith Thibodeaux on the re-created set of "I Love Lucy" would have been wonderful. Perhaps seeing Doris Singleton ("Caroline Appleby") and Mary Jane Croft ("Betty Ramsey") sitting on the couch would have been nice too. If they wanted this special to be really informative they could have added a few interesting trivia notes and they could have shown the studios, as they look now, where the "I Love Lucy" pilot, the series, and the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour was filmed. The first became part of the Channel 2 News newroom. Modern-day celebrities talking about that they watched "I Love Lucy" was a downside of the special. However, Dick Van Dyke as a host and interviewing Richard Crenna and the writers of "I Love Lucy" was appropriate.

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"I Love Lucy" is one of THE best television shows ever... this proves it!!

Author: Funkypizza2001 from New Jersey
12 November 2001

I must say that Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred are classic, and will be considered one of the best in the business for the rest of time. This special proves how great and funny and how entertaining this show was. It had the Top 10 lucy episodes, and of course,the "Vitavetavegamin" episode was ranked #1.

Comedy like this isn't around these day, and I think if we still had Lucille Ball on this Earth, it would be more entertaining. It is very hard to face the fact that they are all gone.

I give the special **** out of ***** stars. I give the show, itself ***** stars out of ***** stars. This special proves how magical this show was.

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I Love Lucy, BUT not this anniversary special

Author: kdb90069 from Culver City, Ca
9 January 2002

It is a tremendous shame that such a wonderful series like "I Love Lucy" had to be tarnished with an ill-conceived tribute featuring the likes of Roseanne and Bruce Vilanch. I could have done without Lucie and Desi, Jr.'s obvious need to be center stage in a special that was suppose to be dedicated to the enormous talent of their parents. I Love Lucy was without a doubt the greatest situation comedy ever produced. No series has come close, or ever will come close, to duplicating its success. I think some serious Lucy fans out there, who know how to make a good three-hour tribute, should get together, pull their efforts, and make a video worthy of this wonderfully funny show. Oh, well. Perhaps for the I Love Lucy 100th Anniversary Special.

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Wonderful! !

Author: wpatrick from USA
12 November 2001

This is a wonderful program about the I Love Lucy show. I grew up with Lucy and Desi and have seen every single episode (even the original unaired first show). And thanks to their genius in film, my children enjoy the show. I especially liked the presence of such greats as Lily Tomlin, Andy Garcia, Dick Van Dyke and Lucy and Desi's children, Desi Jr. and Lucie. If you are a Lucy fan this is a definite must see. On a scale of 1-10 ----- 10!!!

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An two-hour salute to one of televisions most important shows

Author: Brian Franz (Mahaloth) from Canton, MI
11 November 2001

Well, if you love I Love Lucy, you will love this salute to the classic show. If not, this entire show will be pointless to watch. It does an excellent job running down how the show came to be and how it maintained its quality throughout the years(Arnez was far more influential than Lucille Ball in the writing).

The show is intercut with celebrities saying how much they liked the show and how it influenced their careers. It gets a bit glurgy at times and lifts Lucille Ball to goddess level, but what else would you expect?

Worthwhile for any Lucy fan.

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Tribute to the greatest show of all time!

Author: thien314 from California, USA
5 December 2001

The I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary Special was a special presentation to show a tribute to the greatest and best show of all time. This special showed many attributes to Desi Arnaz and how he was a very important role in the start of I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball was not mentioned as wonderfully as she is usually considered, which is a shame. Considering that she is the main star of the show and the best comedienne of all time, she wasn't approached the way I would have hoped. The special does a great job with celebrities appearing and showing their gratitude toward Lucille Ball. Vivian Vance and William Frawley were not mentioned as much as I would have anticipated. The ending of the special is very touching and sentimental to I Love Lucy lovers and leaves a life-long imprint of how special the show really is.

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I love Lucy Show Very Much!

Author: huzan1987-1 from Dalas Tx
31 August 2004

I Love Lucy Show very very much I watch it all day long even I have seen all the parts but I still don't get tire off it is very good show I always watch it in over and over again and I'm very sad that they die and I wish I could meet them and I was very mad the way when Vivian Vance was happy when William F. die thats not the way people do is she a devil and she doesn't have a heart. But I didn't know that she was like that and she didn't even like William F. and I liked Vivian Vance she was very funny too but now when I found out I became shock and I don't know if I'm going to like her again. but it doesn't matters now but god bless them both. oh man I'm starting to cry now.

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