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Cinematographer Edward Lachman created the 1950s "look" by using the same type of lighting equipment (incandescent), the same lighting techniques, and the same type of lens filters when shooting this film, as would have been used on a 1950s era melodrama.
Julianne Moore was pregnant during the filming of this movie.
The role of Frank Whitaker was written for James Gandolfini, but he was busy with The Sopranos (1999).
Russell Crowe turned down the role of Frank Whitaker because he felt it was too small.
Jeff Bridges was offered the role of Frank Whitaker, but he wanted too much money.
Dennis Haysbert was shuttling back and forth from the east coast to Los Angeles during the production of this movie, because of his commitment to TV show 24 (2001), that was filming at the same time.
This film was influenced by the work of Douglas Sirk.
Julianne Moore was the one who suggested that her character had to be blonde. Todd Haynes disagreed at first, but later told her she was right. So he had to do some changes in the film, like the color of the scarf, in order to fit that.
Due to Julianne Moore's pregnancy, Sandy Powell commissioned a duplicate of Cathy's party dress, with the pattern modified to fit her, after shooting of the party scene was pushed back to later in the schedule. However, due to budget constraints, duplicating the dress was not an option. The dress was carefully shaded by a member of the wardrobe department to disguise Moore's pregnancy.
Other considered titles for this film were "This Splendid Life", "Circles In The Sun", "The Surface Of Things", and "Fall From Splendor".
This was the last feature film to have an original score by Elmer Bernstein.
In the middle of shooting, the production's bond company took away the easy-pass cards used by the teamsters on the crew during their daily commute over the Jersey turnpike to locations. This ended up costing the production more, as the drivers still used the no-stop toll lanes at the turnpike and ended up incurring fines.
Second in the poll for FIPRESCI GRAND PRIX OF THE YEAR 2003.

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