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Truly awful!
This "comedy" just brought to the attention of the country that RTE cannot do comedy (they rejected Father Ted for god's sake). The premise is simple, a working class family win the lotto & move into a nice area, & it then turns into The Beverly Hillibillies! The writing was dire & I for one was glad when it ended!
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Dreadful show. A typical Irish embarrassment.
juella9020 July 2005
Don't worry, I'm allowed to say that; I am Irish. Although with lousy sitcoms like this under out belt I say it with some modesty. The writing was, how should I put it... sh*t. The acting was fairly uninspired, and frankly this never should have been inflicted on the public. Another reviewer hit the nail on the head about Irish sitcoms; There's never been a good one (at least none that I've seen) bar Father Ted, and even that one had to be taken to Channel 4 in Britain, because RTE didn't want to know (probably because of the lack of respect for the Catholic church involved, or maybe it was just too good for their tastes. Mind you, they changed their tune once that show became a hit). So RTE prefer to churn out dire swill like this. Its laughable, but not in a good way.
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