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4 Jan. 1987
Coast to Coast
Two guys meet, one American, a deserter from the US army, one Brit, and they are drawn together by their mutual love of Soul music. Neither being gainfully employed they decide to start a mobile disco service for fellow soul lovers, which leads them to buy an ice cream van, and the adventure begins. Before long they find themselves on the run from the bad guys and the police.
11 Jan. 1987
The story of Anthony Blunt, the "fourth man" in a notorious 1951 spy scandal.
18 Jan. 1987
Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Freedom fascinates and frightens Jackie, encountering the real world for the first time in years, She clings to an ideal : 'What I want most in the whole world is to be in love and to be loved'. Reality can be harsh and unforgiving.
25 Jan. 1987
After Pilkington
What's happened to Pilkington? James doesn't much care, he's far more interested in renewing acquaintance with the girl he silently adored as a teenager - but maybe she knows something.
1 Feb. 1987
East of Ipswich
Seventeen-year-old Richard and his parents take their annual seaside holiday in a guesthouse on England's east coast in the 1950s. Julia, a teenage girl holidaying with her parents in a nearby guesthouse, catches Richard's eye, but her Dutch friend Anna is intent on causing trouble.
8 Feb. 1987
Naming the Names
Finn's story seems to begin when Henry Kirk comes into the bookshop where she works. But it goes back a lot further than that.
6 Dec. 1987
Northanger Abbey
Catherine Morland is a young woman who enjoys reading Gothic Novels. She is invited to Bath by a family friend, Mrs. Allen, and there she meets Henry Tilney and his sister Eleanor. Upon returning to her home with her family, Eleanor invites Catherine to come along as her guest and companion. There Catherine's imagination continues to flourish and she begins to suspect a dark secret at Northanger Abbey.
22 Feb. 1987
This production for the BBC-2's "Screen Two" series was the last of Dennis Potter's "one-shot, one-slot" plays for television. It had its origins in Potter's 1983 play "Sufficient Carbohydrate," about two middle-aged executives, one English, one American, who both work for the same multinational food company. Together, they vacation with their wives on a Greek island. In the TV adaptation, British businessman Jack becomes bitter as he faces the prospect of seeing his family company taken over by an American corporation. On a holiday at an Italian villa with his new ...
1 Mar. 1987
Heaven on Earth
Heaven On Earth follows several children and teens as they are sent from their homes in Wales and England to Canada. Host families await them and each child must adapt to their new surroundings, deal with their new duties and families and survive by holding into their friendships. Heaven on Earth is based on historical events and focuses on the trials and hardships of children who were unwanted but ultimately found their place in the world.
8 Mar. 1987
Inappropriate Behaviour
Jo teaches 'difficult' children - American style. Young Helen, one of her most rebellious pupils, teaches horse-riding - Cotswold style. Who is going to learn the most?
15 Mar. 1987
Going Home
After the Great War, thousands of Canadian troops were sent to Kinmel Park Camp in North Wales to await their return as young heroes.
15 May 1987
Quartermaine's Terms
As St John Quartermaine's world largely consists of the staff-room at the Cull-Loomis School of English for Foreigners, his relationships with his colleagues - not to mention his students - tend to be somewhat vague. And that presents problems.
5 Apr. 1987
On the Palm
Fledge needs a job. He'll take anything. And when Dawlish gives him strange errands to run, for cash in hand, strictly 'on the palm', it's a welcome change from the dole. Until he finds himself digging dirt on an old friend.
17 Apr. 1987
Hedgehog Wedding
Mr and Mrs Desmond Howard Jones invite you to the wedding of their daughter Mariella to Dominic Frazer.
24 Apr. 1987
The Children of Dynmouth
Easter holidays in the charming seaside town of Dynmouth. The fair has come to town with roundabouts, the big wheel and a spot-the-talent contest. And Timothy Gedge wants to make people laugh - but he needs props.
28 Nov. 1987
The Impossible Spy
Young Israeli husband Eli Cohen is recruited by the Mossad in the early 1960's and sent to Syria. Telling his wife he has a new job that requires extensive business travel, he takes up residence in Syria, where he befriends a high-ranking Syrian government official and provides invaluable information to Israel. On a visit home, his wife pleads with him to leave his job so he can be home more, and his handler tells him he has accomplished enough, but he decides to return to Syria one last time. One day he learns of an attack on a kibbutz scheduled for that night; he ...

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