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12 Jan. 1986
The McGuffin
A penurious film critic begins to wonder if his increasingly complicated life isn't rather like the plot of a Hitchcock film.
19 Jan. 1986
The Silent Twins
Twins, June and Jennifer Gibbons, speak only to each other in a language of their own creation. As young teens, they commit a violent crime. After 14 years in Broadmoor Psychiatric Institution, freedom visits them in a mysterious way.
26 Jan. 1986
Time After Time
The aging Swift family of one brother, Jasper, and three sisters, April, May and June, are forced to live together in the run-down family mansion and they all get on each others nerves. One-eyed Jasper is the only one who does the cooking and he has occasional meetings with a monk from the nearby monastery. April was left some money when her husband died and is now practically deaf. May is a spinster who gives talks on flower arranging and also steals ornaments. The youngest, still called Baby June, was an avid horsewoman, but now relies on her farmhand Christy Lucey ...
2 Feb. 1986
Frankie and Johnnie
When two teenagers commit suicide the police and the press assume the motive to be some kind of love pact. However, Allan Blakeston, a local reporter, has too many unanswered questions. As he digs deeper into the case, he learns why the kids really died and his knowledge puts his own life at risk.
9 Feb. 1986
Honest, Decent and True
The launch of Chaser lager could be big for KFS if Alun shows some commitment; if Mike's lifestyle doesn't catch up with him; if the rest of the team concern themselves more with the product's image and less with their own - they might just have a winner on their hands.
16 Feb. 1986
Song of Experience
As the Lady Chatterley court case puts its seal on the 1950s, three boys set out for a day's train-spotting. They see more than just trains, though, on a day when innocence and illusion are lost.
22 Feb. 1986
The Insurance Man
Franz, a young man, works in a dye factory in Prague. One day he notices a skin-rash, like eczema, growing on his hands. All attempts to treat it with ointment fail, and the rash gradually spreads over his body. After complaining to the management he is laid off work; his relationship with his fiancee is affected. In an attempt to get compensation from his former employers he goes to insurance firm Assicurazion Generali, where he encounters an enigmatic clerk called Kafka.
2 Mar. 1986
Hotel du Lac
An authoress, whose career is more successful than her private life, arrives at a Swiss hotel and finds her life changing in unexpected ways.
9 Mar. 1986
The Russian Soldier
What is it that Edgar Garrett sees, or thinks he sees, on his farm one morning in the mists of early spring? Whatever it is, one thing is certain. Life will never be the same again for him and his family.
16 Mar. 1986
Blood Hunt
The Highlands of Scotland. A fight outside the village hall. Robert Menzies lies dead and Allan Innes flees to the hills, pursued by Robert's brother. An old friend, Sandy Ross, tries to prevent the inevitable blood hunt.
23 Mar. 1986
Malachy: "Who do you kidnap? You can't touch children, women, no sons of Irish mothers. What's left?" When Frankie is released from Portlaoise Prison, his old comrades are expecting some action. He hits on a plan for raising £2 million, but his plan goes wrong.
30 Mar. 1986
Hard Travelling
Jessica's promising debut as a young artist is shattered by a sudden violent death. She escapes into a restless succession of journeys. Encounters on the way bring humour, some comfort, but also danger.
7 Sep. 1986
Double Image
This film tells the true-life story of Yuri Nosenko, a top Soviet KGB agent who defected to the West at the height of the Cold War in 1962.

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