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Season 1

17 Feb. 2002
Episode #1.1
When a 15 year-old boy, John Meyer, is found in a park hacked to death with a ceremonial sword his classmate Duvinder Singh, a young Sikh, is charged with the murder. The case has received an excess of publicity and reaction from across British society. As the trial is about to begin, those randomly selected for jury duty gather at the court and they too come from all walks of life. One is a reformed alcoholic; another a single mom with child-minding problems; there's a seminarian who is questioning his faith; a middle-class insurance salesman; and so on. After being ...
24 Feb. 2002
Episode #1.2
Before the second day of the trial begins, the accused is beaten by a prison officer delivering a "message" from the dead boy's family. While the head of the family, Ron Maher, admonishes his two surviving sons to trust the system it's apparent they have their own plans for the accused killer. Several of the jurors have to deal with personal problems including Marcia Thomas whose child minder is ill. As the testimony continues, the Crown calls witnesses who were in the park at the time the murder occurred, including the person who discovered the body and a ...
3 Mar. 2002
Episode #1.3
Juror Marcia Thomas decides she's going to report the threatening phone call she received, warning her to find the accused guilty or else. She wasn't quite prepared the next morning when someone sends her a dead rat. Rose Davies' husband suspects something and takes the day off work to spend it at the trial. The trial itself resumes with evidence from Dr. Emma McGlade, the forensic pathologist who examined the victim. While there is little doubt that the boy bled to death, the defense challenges her interpretation of the nature of the attack. Rose and Johnnie have ...
10 Mar. 2002
Episode #1.4
The trial continues with the defendant, Davinder Singh, now questioned by the prosecution who try to paint Sikhs as a warrior race and the defendant in particular as a violent young man. The defense provides a reasonable rebuttal. The defense also call a witness, a woman who was attacked in the park the same day but who seems never to have been questioned by the police. The man who attacked her was seriously disturbed and the doctor who attended to him testifies that he would easily be prone to a string of violent acts. The jurors meanwhile continue with their lives. ...
17 Mar. 2002
Episode #1.5
The trial is now approaching the end. Jeremy Crawford borrows heavily against his flat to buy into Mark Waters' latest scheme. Johnnie Donne is feeling more than a little tender from his beating. Charles Gore tells his advisor that he will not be returning to the seminary and continues to help Elsie Beamish. When her husband drops her off at the courthouse, Rose wonders why her husband has a baseball bat in the car. Peter Segal's wife finally tells her father to mind his own business. In court, the barristers make their final arguments and summation to the jury. As ...
18 Mar. 2002
Episode #1.6
The jury's task is coming to a close. Johnny Donne is recovering from his bender and has to come to terms with falling off the wagon. Johnny and Rose are appropriately awkward with one another. Marcia's reconciliation with her long absent mother comes to success. Peter Segal's father-in-law continues to meddle in the case. In the jury room, with Peter now acting as foreman, they begin to methodically review the evidence. As they sift through the information, they re-enact the crime and see if the timing is such as to have allowed the defendant to actually commit the ...

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