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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Leeann Tweeden

Leeann Tweeden is a model and sports commentator who was born in Manassas, Virginia, on June 13, 1973. She attended Osbourn Park High School until 1991 when she decided to move to Hollywood to pursue a career as a model. It was working as a model that eventually launched her career in television. She is now best-known for her presenting work on television series such as ‘The Best Damn Sports Show Period’ and ‘Poker After Dark’. Here are five more things you didn’t know about Leeann Tweeden. 1. She Has Posed Twice in Playboy Leeann Tweeden has posed in ‘Playboy’

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Leeann Tweeden
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TV Review: ‘Fox Sports 1′s Crowd Goes Wild’

TV Review: ‘Fox Sports 1′s Crowd Goes Wild’
There’s really no such thing as reinventing a sports network at this point in the game, and Fox Sports 1 — which launched over the weekend as a complement, more than an alternative, to Espn — isn’t really trying. Marketing-wise, the channel is seeking to position itself as the “fun” sports destination, and if the premiere of “Crowd Goes Wild” on Monday is any indication, this is just the last stop before transforming TV sports coverage into open-mic night.

Of course, Fox has played with this “Come into our frat house!” niche before — see “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” — seeking to out-giddy Espn, as if that network was mired in funereal sobriety. Mostly, Fox’s August launch looks like a way to work out bugs before college football season begins, providing the network a steady supply of game programming that will take the load off the talking (make that Talking
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G4 star Matt Iseman shares his '10 List' from 2011

America's funniest Medic on call is Matt Iseman, the host of "American Ninja" for G4 - who happens to be a real doctor. Matt has hosted the game shows Scream Play on E! and Casino Night on the Gsn. He served as a cast regular on 'Clean House' and its companion 'Clean House Comes Clean', both on the Style Network. Additionally, he hosted season 2 and 3 of 'American Ninja Warrior' on the channel G4 and is heading back in January 2012. Matt has also has appeared on The Drew Carey Show, NCIS, and General Hospital. He has appeared on the syndicated Mad TV, Comedy Central.s Premium Blend, Fox.s The Best Damn Sports Show Period, and Fox News
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Arnold Schwarzenegger May Hit 'True Lies 2'

Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly signed up for "True Lies" sequel. After speaking about making the sequel over the years, Schwarzenegger's co-star Tom Arnold has now hinted "True Lies 2" could be Schwarzenegger's next movie after he handed over the reign of California government.

"I have read a great True Lies 2 script, and I hope we are able to do it," so the 52-year-old actor claimed to MovieWeb. He continued, "Knock on wood. Arnold Schwarzenegger is excited. I am excited."

Arnold suggested that he and the actor of "The Terminator" "will work together". He further detailed, "A lot of people are sending him scripts now. He is carefully going through them, deciding what he wants to do. He wants to have some fun. He wants to do something that is worth his time, but fun. Hopefully, we can get this thing figured out. And we can get something on track. I am just waiting.
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Excess Hollywood: Don Cheadle to star in 'House of Lies'

Excess Hollywood: Don Cheadle to star in 'House of Lies'
Showtime announced via press release that Iron Man 2 star Don Cheadle has signed on to topline the network’s House of Lies pilot. (When will someone greenlight Glass Case of Emotion?) The dramedy is about “a self-loathing management consultant from a top-tier firm” who will “use any means (or anyone) necessary to get his clients the information they want.”

Neve Campbell is in talks to star in Roland Joffe’s Singularity. The story intertwines stories involving past lives; Campbell will play the wife of an archeologist (Josh Hartnett) whose past life is trying to warn him not to do Hollywood Homicide.
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James Cameron Making Schwarzenegger Movie Next?

On Friday, the New York Times did a three-page piece on comedy television star Tom Arnold who is considering his options after the final episode of “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” at the end of June. He told the paper about returning to stand-up and writing an NBC sitcom about a team of comedy writers who live together.

Then he said something that will raise a few eyebrows. When asked about future movie roles, Arnold said:

“All I know is Jim Cameron’s making it and Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and I are going to be in it, and it starts shooting in 14 months, the day after Arnold stops being governor of California. It’s not going to be called True Lies II, but it might as well be. I can live with that.” The Nyt wrote there is no script or plot yet.

The original True Lies in 1994 was directed by James Cameron,
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Less Arnold on 'Best Damn'

NEW YORK -- After an eight-week foray into a late-night talk show format, FSN's Best Damn Sports Show Period is returning to the tried and true but mostly without Tom Arnold. The 3-year-old primetime program will return to its roots as an ensemble show when it returns to the air March 21. But the ensemble won't include Arnold, the original host of the show, who has signed a one-year contract that will keep him on the show in a reduced role, on the road for the show at special events. "Tom Arnold will be at the Super Bowl, World Series," said George Greenberg, executive vp programming and production for Los Angeles-based FSN. "He will be at most of the live boxing events. And Tom will be our focus on the road." Replacing him will be former host Chris Rose, along with John Salley. Plans call for hiring two former athletes, one baseball player and one football player, though they haven't been picked yet.

Fox won't swear by its 'Best' broadcast

Fox won't swear by its 'Best' broadcast
NEW YORK -- It might be the Best Damn Sports Show Period, but on Super Bowl Sunday it's just going to be darned. Fox Sports Net's nightly sports talk show will get an hourlong early-afternoon slot during Fox's mammoth Super Bowl pregame broadcast Feb. 6. In a bow to sensitivity, the Tom Arnold-hosted show will become the Best Darn Super Bowl Road Show Period. But Fox Sports chairman David Hill said it wasn't because of concerns about the FCC or even fallout from the "wardrobe malfunction" that plagued last year's Super Bowl halftime show. Hill said that because Best Darn was going to carried on the broadcast network, he believed Best Damn would cause stress for some Fox affiliates. "The decision to call 'Best Damn' 'Best Darn' had nothing to do with Washington in reality," Hill said Wednesday during a conference call with reporters. "Over the years, I know our affiliates pretty well ... 'Best Damn' would have given them a few problems."

'Best Damn' deal links shows for boxing event

'Best Damn' deal links shows for boxing event
NEW YORK -- Fox Sports Network plans to combine elements of three programs to air a heavyweight title match within a special live, 90-minute The Best Damn Sports Show Period on a Thursday night in late September. The network has arranged with promoter Dan Goosen to televise the IBO/IBA Heavyweight Championship between James Toney and Rydell Booker on Sept. 23. The bout will take place at the Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, Calif. It's the first time Best Damn Sports will offer a live event, which will be hosted by the show's Tom Arnold, Chris Rose and John Salley. I, Max host Max Kellerman will serve as an analyst, with Sunday Night Fights personalities Barry Tomkins and Sean O'Grady calling the bout and reporting, respectively. "We're going to turn this into a big event, which it rightfully deserves," said George Greenberg, Fox Sports Net's executive vp programming and production.

Tom Arnold Fires Back After Wrongful Connection to Harassment

True Lies star Tom Arnold is firing back after he was wrongly connected to a sexual harassment suit filed by a former hairdresser employed by his hit American sports show The Best Damn Sports Show Period! Arnold, the executive producer of the show, wasn't actually mentioned in Lisa Brescher's harassment suit, as was previously reported - but his colleague on the show, sports star John Salley, was named. Arnold's spokeswoman Staci Wolfe insists her client fervently opposes to sexual harassment in the workplace, and had he been told of Brescher's concerns he would have demanded an investigation himself. Wolfe says, "Tom Arnold has a no-tolerance policy with respect to sexual harassment, and had he ever been told by the plaintiff that she was being sexually harassed by John Salley, he would have demanded that immediate steps be taken to investigate the situation and address her concerns." Brescher, 29, did claim, however, that she did approach Arnold with her concerns and was told, "So what." The hairdresser claims Arnold also axed her from a lucrative weekend shift when he heard she was taking her complaint elsewhere. Staci Wolfe adds, "In the past Ms Brescher was not allowed on the set because her repeated arguing and excessive talking with other staff members could be heard on stage while they were taping the show. "At no time was Ms Brescher ever forcibly removed from the set by Mr. Arnold, or at his request." Arnold is planning to "vigorously" defend himself against the accusations, and intends to pursue a claim for "malicious prosecution" against Ms Brescher.

Tom Arnold Sued for Alleged Sexual Harassment

A hairstylist has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against funnyman Tom Arnold and his colleague John Salley, along with several other involved in their sports TV show. Lisa Brescher says she began working for talk show The Best Damn Sports Show Period in August 2001, and from the first day "was subjected to an environment of unrestrained sexual harassment", according to a Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit filed on Wednesday. The 29-year-old left on a disability claim in February, the lawsuit says; it was unknown whether the disability was because of the alleged harassment or some other injury. She's seeking unspecified damages. Brescher claims that Arnold, the show's executive producer, and former basketball player Salley made unwelcome sexual advances. The lawsuit states that when Brescher made her feelings known about Arnold's alleged advances, he replied that "he didn't care." It also claims that Arnold branded her "a troublemaker" and banned her from the set so she couldn't do her job. When Brescher filed a sexual harassment complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission, Arnold allegedly retaliated by taking her off her "lucrative Sunday shift." The lawsuit states Salley "regularly pawed (and) groped" her and made unwelcome references to his sexual prowess.

Sports Emmys set to air on FSN

Sports Emmys set to air on FSN
For the first time in 10 years, the Sports Emmys will appear on television, albeit in a tape-delayed format. Fox Sports Net and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences have reached a two-year agreement to show the Sports Emmys as a two-hour special at 6 p.m. EST on April 27, six days after the event takes place in New York. The program will appear on Fox's regional cable sports networks nationwide. With the move, NATAS hopes to pump some life into the event, which in the past has been perceived to be a methodical, plodding affair. Fox will produce the event using the hosts of FSN's Best Damn Sports Show Period in hopes of injecting more personality and life into the dinner and promoting BDSSP. To move the event along more quickly, NATAS said it will hand out the craft awards during the dinner, rather than giving everything out after the meal. Joe Buck, Fox Sports' lead play-by-play man, will host the Sports Emmys, and BDSSP participants Tom Arnold, Chris Rose and Michael Irvin will provide commentary and backstage reports. BDSSP executive producer George Greenberg will oversee the awards and the edited telecast. NATAS president Peter Price said in a statement that Fox will inject energy into the Sports Emmys affair. "This will not be a C-SPAN of sports with a camera in front of a podium but rather be an exciting, action-packed sports program," he said. FSN reaches more than 82 million homes in the United States.

Affleck Left Speechless By Sporting Hero

Affleck Left Speechless By Sporting Hero
Ben Affleck was left speechless when faced with the prospect of interviewing his sporting hero Wade Boggs. The movie star was making an appearance on actor Tom Arnold's cult TV sports program, The Best Damn Sports Show Period, when he was asked to interview a guest via satellite. Affleck agreed but simply couldn't get his words out when Boston Red Sox baseball hero Boggs appeared on the screen in front of him. The pitcher managed to fill the void by telling Affleck he was a fan of his films Pearl Harbor and Armageddon, before the red-faced actor meekly said, "I thought you were a really good hitter."

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