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Season 1

30 Dec. 2000
Dr. Weird invents a robot rabbit that escapes and destroys Carls car. So now it's up to Aqua Teen Hunger Force to find out who did it.
9 Sep. 2001
Escape from Leprechaupolis
Dr. Weird creates a machine which makes rainbows. The machine is then stolen (or found) by two leprechauns. They send messages over the Internet, luring people to the park with the promise of gold. Frylock doesn't fall for it; Carl does. The Aqua Teens intervene to force the leprechaun thieves out of business.
30 Sep. 2001
Bus of the Undead
Dr. Weird creates a mutant creature named MothMonsterMan. The creature escapes and flies to the Aqua Teens' house, attracted by the light. The Aqua Teens have been using Carl's power, and he takes the power cord. Craving light, the moth creature phones the Aqua Teens from a school bus parked outside, but Shake believes the caller to be Dracula. Frylock, Shake, and Meatwad travel to Memphis, because Frylock wants to prove to Shake that Dracula is dead (his grave is in Memphis). When the Aqua Teens return home, they still have to deal with the moth creature.
14 Oct. 2001
Mayhem of the Mooninites
Two 2D mooninites come to earth and become friends with Meatwad and Master Shake. Frylock doesn't like them because they steal things and are mean. So he has a duel with them.
23 Dec. 2001
As a climax to the season, Dr. Weird unwittingly creates a powerful vortex within his lab. The same vortex sucks him and his assistant Steve into another dimension. Then, the vortex reappears in Carl's backyard - this time, taking Carl and Frylock after an uninspired rescue attempt by Master Shake. Seeing an opportunity, Master Shake lures and locks Meatwad in a dryer. Frylock returns to find Meatwad charged with abnormal levels of static electricity. His attempts to dispel the electricity only result in the creation of an enormous electric balloon, coined by Master ...
7 Apr. 2002
Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto
Frylock attempts to contact extraterrestrial life forms, and succeeds. Frylock is transported aboard an alien spacecraft in space. Shake visits the spacecraft also. The two aliens are bumbling fools, who say that their aim is world domination. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Carl had paid Shake to mow his grass, but Shake subbed the job out to Meatwad. Meatwad burns Carl's lawn. When Shake returns from space, he must face his angry neighbor Carl.
21 Apr. 2002
Ol' Drippy
The enormous horrible mess that Master Shake has made in the kitchen is drawing flies and beginning to rot. It becomes so fetid that it gives birth to a sentient mould growth, who Meatwad names Ol' Drippy. The large talking fungus turns out to a very gracious and agreeable roommate, way more so than Shake, and the teens are tempted to kick out Shake and replace him with Ol' Drippy.
5 May 2002
Revenge of the Mooninites
The Mooninites steal tickets from an arcade and redeem them for a "Foreigner" belt which has special powers, and they use this belt to pull dirty pranks on Carl.
19 May 2002
MC Pee Pants
Meatwad listens to rapper MC Pee Pants' song "I Want Candy" day and night. The constant noise annoys Master Shake, who threatens a violent retribution. The music also annoys their neighbor Carl. Both Carl and Meatwad have developed a serious sweet tooth since Meatwad started listening to MC Pee Pants. The vigilant Frylock is disturbed by some of MC Pee Pants' lyrics, which he says foretell of a violent plot. Meanwhile, Carl and Meatwad depart for an address which is mentioned in one of MC Pee Pants' songs.
3 Nov. 2002
Dumber Dolls
Frylock don't want to spend so much money for the doll Meatwad want so he buys him a cheaper one. But this doll is very negative and ugly and makes everyone sad.
10 Nov. 2002
Bad Replicant
Master Shake receives a phone call from aliens, who he believes to be Hollywood casting directors offering him a part in a movie. They lure him to their spaceship, where he is whisked into space. The aliens send a replicant to live with Meatwad and Frylock. The replicant only vaguely resembles Shake, so Frylock sees through the ruse. Undaunted, the aliens give their replicant orders via a videophone. The replicant seems woefully inadequate to the aliens' task of world domination.
17 Nov. 2002
Master Shake sells Meatwad to a circus, but Frylock and Meatwad thinks Meatwad is going to computer camp. The man who bought Meatwad turns out to be the prince of Jupiter and he wants to take over the world.
24 Nov. 2002
Love Mummy
Frylock and Meatwad discover a mummy under their house. The mummy is almost immobile, but he still can speak. Carl, unfazed by the mummy discovery, explains that the house's previous tenants had strange ways. The mummy makes very difficult demands, but Frylock, wary of the possibility of a mummy's curse, tries to satisfy each and every one.
1 Dec. 2002
Dumber Days
When Meatwad learns through observation that he has no brain, his attitude changes; he becomes listless, bitter, and despairing. Frylock, hoping to cheer Meatwad up, searches for the means to acquire a brain. Carl obliges - with a fresh human brain obtained care of his friend, Terry. The effects of the brain transplant are quite dramatic on Meatwad; he begins to read more frequently, he enlarges considerably, and he even goes so far as to create an "anti-matter eliminator."
8 Dec. 2002
Master Shake and Meatwad play around with an Internet search engine on Frylock's computer and accidentally invoke the Wwwyzzerdd, a cyber-deity who floods the Aqua Teens' house with real-life pop-up ads. Shake's gullibility does little to help with the situation.
15 Dec. 2002
The episode starts with Master Shake going on a rampage, looking for his "stolen PDA." He leads the Aqua Teens on a wild goose chase looking for his PDA, including "hunting alien footprints in the Adirondacks," and "Romulox in the Trenton Tar Pits."
22 Dec. 2002
Mail Order Bride
It's Christmas time in the neighborhood, and the members of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force are in a holiday mood. Frylock is trying to ensure that Meatwad gets a gift that he wants. Meatwad, chronically short on cash, plans to decorate the house and make gifts for his friends. Meanwhile, Master Shake and Carl have used Frylock's computer to purchase a mail-order bride from Chechnya. The woman arrives, but when she meets her fiancees, she barricades herself inside Carl's house.
29 Dec. 2002
Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future
A robot that claims to be a ghost from the future (or possibly the past) arrives to lecture Carl and the Aqua Teen Hunger Force about how Christmas was celebrated in the past (or possibly the future).

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