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For anyone who has been 19 yr. old and desperate for beer...
elvis6829 April 2002
'Wrong Numbers' captures the plight of anyone who has reached the magical time in their life where you are old enough to be drafted, tried in court as an adult, get married, or live on your own but, not old enough to buy beer. In a buddy plot reminescent of 'Swingers' or 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off', James (Matt Bearden) wants to go out and have a good time and help his friend Russell (Scoot McNairy) forget about the fact his girlfreind since Freshman Move-In Day is out with a "guy friend". The characters they meet along the way come straight out of a Kevin Smith film, offering the two friends everything from drugs to a life of crime. The only thing that seems impossible to get in Austin, Texas for the two 19 year olds is beer!

The movie was shot on a $10,000 budget in Austin, Texas. The director, Alex Holdridge and many of the cast memebers were at the special screening and nervously awaited the audiences' response. Throughout the movie, the audience, myself included, missed some dialog due to the laughter. Holdridge's apparent influences included many of my personal favorites - Kevin Smith ('Clerks', 'Dogma'), Wes Anderson ('Bottle Rocket', 'Rushmore'), and Doug Liman ('Swingers', 'Go'). The influence was blatantly obvious during a discussion about 'Scooby Doo' and possible drug ties.

The movie opened with a couple of shorts that were also very entertaining. Holdridge mentioned that he would be starting production of his second film, 'Our Merry Life" "a bleak romantic comedy about what our generation thinks about marriage," in July. I hope that I am fortunate to be able to catch this one as well....8 out of 10
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no money doesn't mean no funny
djjeffresh30 August 2006
Wrong Numbers is a low budget movie that I saw at the Austin Film Festival back in the day and I connected with it so much that I still think of it even though I only saw it twice. I always respect creativity under time and budget constraints and this movie is an excellent example of working with what you have. Not a lot of money, but heart and humor are something this movie has in spades. Also there is a strange character that convinces the heroes about how cops can be outmatched by tying their butt hairs together. What a gut busting hilarious scene, god I was dying. You really must see this movie for yourself, especially if you live in Austin. Go to I Love Video or Vulcan video and you can rent it there or maybe you can buy it somewhere. I know I will when I'm back in Texas.
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Nice try.
I went out and rented this film because I had heard that it had won the audience award and it was supposedly funny. Sadly this film just left me with a stone face. I only found a few saving moments that I felt compelled to smile at, but that was it. Overall this movie was very disappointing. For such a cheaply made film it looked good, the quality was fine, acting was acceptable for the most part. The problem lied with the story, screenplay, and the premise. I mean sure pretty much everyone has been found wanting beer and couldn't get it. And who knows it might even be a funny gag in a movie, but thats it a funny gag. I don't see why someone would feel the need to stretch it out to a full length film. This film is quite boring and doesn't deliver on any level, what started out as a bad joke is dragged and beaten out into a long drawn out borefest. Avoid this movie if you can.
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