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2013 Sundance Film Festival: Alex Holdridge’s Meet Me In Montenegro

The timing might be just right for John Cassavetes Award for The Best Independent Film of 2009 winner Alex Holdridge to break into Sundance. I imagine he tried with his previous three features, Wrong Numbers (2001), Sexless (2003), and the SXSW selected In Search of a Midnight Kiss (2008), but his latest, Meet Me In Montenegro appears to be a better fit. Teamed with his dp Robert Murphy, this was filmed in Berlin, Los Angeles and the titular Montenegro and stars Rupert Friend and Deborah Ann Woll (pictured above on set).

Gist: Linnea Saasen’s screenplay sees a failed European dancer who has a chance meeting in Berlin and starts an affair despite the fact that they are moving to opposite ends of the earth. Rupert Friend plays the writer’s best friend who is in a fading relationship and toys with the idea of taking his girlfriend – played by Jennifer Ulrich (The Wave) – to a sex club.
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Interview: Alex Holdridge on "In Search of a Midnight Kiss"

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By Stephen Saito

It wasn't the most romantic situation when Alex Holdridge found himself standing by the side of the road, en route to a city he hated. At a time when Holdridge recalls having "no margin for error," there he was with his car flipped upside down and little recourse, except for a primal instinct. "As soon as I crashed the car, I found a camera and I knelt down and took that photo. I always knew that so long as that photo comes out, I could use it somewhere."

When a character in Holdridge's third film, "In Search of a Midnight Kiss," describes being involved in a car accident, there's something poetic about the small poof of smoke and the clutter of the car's undercarriage set against the open road, particularly illuminated by the film's monochromatic palette. Most of the amusing and poignant moments in "Midnight Kiss" came
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