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Author: Rachel-20 from California
17 May 2003

We are avid Veggie Tales fans in our household -- and I don't mean just the kids. Big Idea has truly hit upon the BIG IDEA -- humor that reaches kids and adults both, with solid morals as well. This is a collection of their Silly Songs (although it's called the Top 10, they had only made 11 actual Silly Song sequences at the time, so the only one you miss is "Oh Santa", which, by the way, with its reference to the IRS, is a riot, and one of my favorites), which are a humor segment used as a bit of an "intermission" during many of their half-hour shows. We watch it over and over (as we do the rest of these videos). We were a little miffed that our very favorite silly songs were lower in the countdown than many we think are rather ho-hum, but tastes vary. :)

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One of the best Veggie Tales yet!

Author: MovieAddict2016 from UK
22 November 2002

Everyone loves Larry's silly songs...so Big Idea smartly chose the pirates who don't do anything to host this great music video countdown. I know a grown man talking about Veggie Tales sounds stupid, but it's a bit like the Simpsons. The Simpsons may seem like a kids show at first, but when you start watching, you realize it's adult, however, one thing does differ Simpsons from Veggies. Morals. Homer and his crew have none, and though the show's great for adults, I think it's a travesty that parents let their children watch Simpsons, with its swearing, innuendos, no respect for authority, etc. I have nothing against Simpsons, but I hate when I see parents letting small children watch Bart call his dad Homer and swear at him.

Veggie Tales however, is the true definition of family entertainment, a show kids and adults alike can enjoy.


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Laughs for all ages

Author: Elizabeth (buffyangel84) from Rochester, NY
7 October 2002

Yes, VeggieTales are designed for younger children. However, when my mom brought my copy of the Ultimate Silly Songs up for me at college, I popped it in for some amusement. By the end of the day, my roommate and half of my hall had seen the tape and were addicted. And they hadn't even seen VT before! Even non-Christian watchers will be enthralled (these are the non-religious segments of the shows). Try this video out, you'll get laughs!

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It just doesn't get much better than this!!

Author: suze1810 from Australia
27 February 2002

Veggie Tales is a show that will make you laugh no matter how old you are. The graphics are great, the morals are spot on, the show's characters are hilarious and it's just all together addictive. Just watch it you'll know what I mean. :)

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ARGH! We can't stop singing the songs.

Author: Dick Balaska (Bucko-2) from Connecticut, USA
28 July 2002

Someone gave us this DVD and it sat unwatched for almost a year, knowing little of VeggieTales. (We dismissed it: "I heard VeggieTales was religious, must be violent") Finally i popped it in one night and watched/listened to it three times consecutively. The music and lyrics are absolutely terrific, as good as any Monty Python tune. I plan on buying 5 or 6 copies to give away as presents.

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