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12 Apr. 2007
De repente la risa se hizo llanto
Esther is pregnant after her infidelity with Raúl and her wife Maca ask her to leave the house they live in together. Moreover, Maca is working with Claudia and it seems that they get on very well, so Esther is jealous. Laura and Carlos and preparing their wedding while Carlos, whose mother died in the previous season, is looking for her father because he has never met him. Héctor thinks that his relationship with Gabriela is finishing but he's not sure and asks Javier, who discovers the her father and director of the hospital Joaquín Sotomayor suffers Alzheimer, for ...
18 Apr. 2007
Tras la reina
Maca is becoming a very good friend of Claudia, and Esther is jealous, but Maca tells Claudia that misses her ex. Aimé, who likes Claudia, is also worried and asks Héctor if he thinks that maybe she's lesbian. Esther tells Raúl that she's pregnant, she's expecting a baby girl. Everybody knows the new soon because Héctor hears Cruz talking to Esther and he tells the rest of the partners. But they don't know that the future baby is the result of Esther's infidelity to Maca. Javier's father's Alzheimer is going worse. Mónica notices that something is happening and tells ...
25 Apr. 2007
Dudas, decisiones... y pescado fresco
Joaquín, Javier's father and the hospital's director, is making absurd decisions and important mistakes in his management. Everybody notices about that and after several meetings between the different service bosses, he's fired. Javier tries to make him accept the illness, but he denies the situation, however he presents the resignation after her fired is effective. Esther is spending a very bad moment, but has the help of Raúl,who talks with Maca in order to solve the situation. Maca doesn't hear him, but tells Esther to see their son Pedro whenever she wants. Raúl ...
9 May 2007
En la salud...
Cruz and Vilches release that their relationship is going worse. Moreover, their daughter's baby-sitter arrives in hospital with her husband who is foreigner and is supposed to suffer a dangerous illness. Esther and Maca miss each other. Raúl, who continuous worried about her sister and received a phone call from Tomás saying that the police has found a dead woman body, tries to console Esther because Maca says that she's not prepared to forgive Esther and continue their relationship. It's Laura's wedding day. She's preparing at home when she receives the visit of ...
9 May 2007
...Y en la enfermedad
Carlos arrives in the hospital after the accident and his situation is very worrying, but Javier and Cruz save his life. The police finds Raúl's sister body death and, later, her husband confesses that murdered her and commits suicide. Mónica, Raúl's best friend doesn't know how to help him. Teresa's hasn't gone to Carlos and Laura's wedding and Teresa doesn't know where he is; later, she notices that has been fired of his employ. Esther is in a bad moment after her split with Maca and feels guilty and very sad; she gives a present for her in order to tell the ...
16 May 2007
Caminos tan sin poesía
Carlos follows in coma and Laura is next to him. In the same room there is another man who has been in coma for five years and her woman is absolutely disappointed. Javier is worried about Carlos and helps Laura in these difficult moments. Guillermo visits Alejandro, who suffers for anorexia, and finds out that he occults food. The director of the clinic talks with Vilches and Cruz, whose relationship is going worse and worse, and tells them that Alejandro must leave center because his situation doesn't improve and her attitude is very negative. Esther feels badly and...
23 May 2007
Y tú te vas
Carlos wakes up of the coma, but didn't recognize Laura, who talks with doctors and has bad news: her boyfriend is not going to walk again. Cruz is worried about Candela, whose behavior since her returning from Ireland is strange. She thinks that her daughter had a boyfriend when she was there and misses him, but Candela confesses Vilches that the problem is that she's pregnant. Raúl's brother in law is very depressed after the dead of her wife and seems not to be able to take care of his son and Raúl's niece, Lito. Javier's father's illness is going worse and he's ...
30 May 2007
Juego de identidades
Carlos wants to go back home again, so Laura confesses that he can't because his father is making changes. Although the doctors don't give him many hopes, he is convinced that he's going to walk again. Maca wants to baptize her son mainly for her mother's beliefs, but the priest refuses when she tells him that she has a wife and not a husband. Esther thinks that the best option is not to continue with the baptism and leave the decision to Pedro when he grows up. Álvaro, the boy who needed a lung transplant, drinks alcohol, so Vilches is obligated to advice the ...
6 Jun. 2007
NRBQ: Alerta radiactiva
Cruz decides to leave the hospital after the death of one of her patient in the previous episode and the attempt of suicide that woman's husband committed. Vilches and her have an emotive goodbye and they remember with archive footage images their whole relationship. Carlos, who ask Sotomayor not to tell Laura when the intervention begins, is successfully operated by Javier, but it's still difficult that he'll be able to walk again. Lito is going to live with Raúl after the death of her mother and the suicide of his father. Carlos makes Lito understand that their ...
13 Jun. 2007
No se puede vivir con miedo
Carlos has pains after the intervention and is worried about his health but he doesn't accept that he may not walk again. Héctor meets a woman that he'd been chatting to on the Internet. She is very beautiful, but her behavior is a bit strange. Teresa notices that her husband is very busy after his retirement and is worried because she thinks that Manolo is going to leave her. The man who was responsible for the accident in which Aimé's daughter and wife died goes to the hospital. Alejandro is better and has three days off. Raúl advices Maca about a small problem with...
20 Jun. 2007
Recursos humanos
Maca has a child patient who need an expensive treatment in order to recover. The new director of the hospital denies this treatment and the child's parent talks to the media. The journalist also gets hard words from Maca about the direction of the hospital and she's fired for an undetermined period. The driver who murdered Aimé's wife and daughter comes to ask the doctor to forgive him. Aimé, who continues his relationship with Claudia, is confused about what to do: go to the police or not. Finally, he decides not to do it. Román's wife, Dominique, is attacked in a ...
27 Jun. 2007
La vida en un segundo
It's the first anniversary of Aimé's wife and daughter's death. He visits the cemetery and prefers not to tell Claudia about it. Carlos is very depressed, he ins't able to continue and begins to drink. Vilches finds out at hospital that he's drunk and send him to home. Laura tries to help Carlos, but it seems impossible: he tells Laura that he had a mother who died and doesn't want another one. Javier is beside Laura as a big help to her, so Mónica feels a bit jealous. Moreover, Javier's father is worse with his Alzheimer and Javier proposes Mónica that Joaquín could ...
4 Jul. 2007
Despídete por mí
Carlos and Laura's relationship continues being complicated because of his rehabilitation and the problems with his father. Esther is in her eight month of pregnancy and Maca wants her to go on maternity leave. Teresa is very happy with her painting classes and Héctor diagnoses a patient of his has cancer.
11 Jul. 2007
Lo que queda por hacer
Isabel is the new director of Urgency instead of Vilches, that has been denounced and suspended due to supposed irregularities. Finally, Aimé present his candidature. Esther has to arrange the turns of the nurses before stop working for her maternal period and Alicia tries to help her, but it's impossible with the few personal the hospital has. When she finishes, she takes care of Lito, Raúl's niece, and must be moved to the hospital in order to give birth. Maca detects that their daughter has important problems. Román is going to marry Dominique and she thinks that ...
18 Jul. 2007
It's Laura's last day in the hospital. She gives emotive goodbyes to Carlos and especially to Javier. She has decided to go to África and begin a new life far of them. Carlos is recovering and Javier tell him that is very possible that he could walk again if he hakes rehab. He tries to convince Laura to keep working in the hospital and have together a second chance, but she has already made her decision and doesn't accept. Teresa is also thinking in leave the hospital, because her husband has asked her to retire. Another who seems to abandon the Central is Roman, ...
5 Sep. 2007
Un año después
One year later, Esther and Maca are still together, but now Maca has an affair with another girl, Vero, and Esther is pregnant with second child with Raúl, a baby who is expected to save Particia's life. Vilches has in prison for one year and collaborates in the nursery while waits for the result of the complaint his lawyer has presented. Javier and Mónica continue together. She's now good friends with a new doctor Lola, and tells her that she thinks she could be pregnant. Aimé is the director of the hospital and this has done make worse his relation with Claudia. The...
12 Sep. 2007
La navaja de Occam
Maca and Esther's relationship is not in its best moment and Maca feels guilty because of her affair with Vero, so proposes her wife to go out together at night. Lola's ex-boyfriend phoned her repeatedly and she doesn't want if answer or not and Rai tries to advice him. Javier investigates why Ángela testified against Vilches and discovers that received money. Mónica meets a former companion from school who confesses that was in love with the nurse. Carlos and Merche, a social worker, deal with the case of a man who hits his wife. Alicia decides not to continue the ...
19 Sep. 2007
Segunda oportunidad
Raúl watches Maca in affectionate attitude with Vero in the parking and talk to her while Esther is worried because she's beginning to suspect something is happening with Maca . Héctor has the results of his VIH test: he's not infected. Javier is trying to help Vilches for being free again, but his friend is disappointed and tell him not to follow investigating about the man who created false probes against Vilches. Rai asks Lola to go out with him, but she doesn't accept the meeting.
26 Sep. 2007
Cambio de estación
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3 Oct. 2007
La llamada de occidente
Isabel's teenager daughter, Arancha, has disappeared and she's feeling very nervous. Carlos and Maca try to calm her and help her to solve the situation. Lola feels attracted by Aimé. They met and go to his house, but he suffers a heart attack when they were going to spend the night together. At the hospital, Claudia, Aimé's ex, notices that Lola wears a shirt of hers. Esther begins to suspect about Maca's infidelity. She tells Teresa that she has discovered a lie while Maca continues with Vero. Raúl, who knows about the infidelity too, tries to tell Esther, but she ...
10 Oct. 2007
A Ribeira Sacra
Rai tries to conquest Vero without knowing that she's lesbian. He wants to make her feel jealous and finish for having sex with a nurse in a room of the hospital. Isabel and Teresa discover him. Miguel tries to kill Merche. She recovers but the aggression reminds him to her father's violence against her mother and her when she were only a child. Carlos and Aimé finally discovers that Miguel is the responsible. Laura has sent to the hospital an Indian boy Abdulai in order to operate him. Lola wants him to remain in Spain in order to have a better life, but finally is ...
17 Oct. 2007
La vuelta a casa
Vilches is back at hospital and all his partners give him the welcome. Héctor tells Rai Vilches is a new doctor and he shows him the hospital. An administrative mistake makes Héctor appears as died and a bucket of flowers arrives in the hospital. Javier and Mónica have decided that she's going to leave the SAMUR and begin to work as a nurse in Urgency. Javier tells Raúl about that, but finally Mónica decides to keep in the SAMUR. Merche tells Carlos about her childhood with the violence of her father with her mother and him. The incident with Miguel made her remind ...
17 Oct. 2007
Otro turno de noche
Maca is very busy with her new work as the boss of Urgency an feels agobied with Vero, who wants to spend more time with her. Susana's VIH portator ex-boyfriend, Luis, has begun to develop the illness and is at hospital. Héctor tells her and the both find out that Luis has a new girlfriend and hasn't told her about the VIH. Susana thinks that maybe he already knows he was portator when they were together (although Luis had told he didn't know) and decides to tell his new partner. Isabel's daughter, Arancha, has an accident with her friend's motorbike after having been...
26 Oct. 2007
El motor que mueve al mundo
Maca has booked a hotel in order to spend a night with Vero. While the are together, Esther, who thinks Maca is working at hospital, is in labor. When Maca arrives in the hospital, Esther has just given birth to the child, a girl called Paula. Javier and Mónica are preparing their wedding while Aimé and Claudia try to find out what happens to Nerea, Claudia's niece. Rai tries to convince Lola, who continues thinking about Aimé, that he's not her type of man. Carlos' girlfriend, Merche, must spent a month in Barcelona for work and he doesn't want they to be separated ...
7 Nov. 2007
Cosas que olvidamos contar
It's the day of Javier and Mónica's wedding. Many of the characters that disappeared of the series return in order to be with Javier in this special date. They are Santiago and Elisa, who talk about the possibility of sell or not an apartment they have in common yet; Rober and Fran, who have an argument about Eva (ex-boyfriend of the first and current husband of the second); Cruz, who tells Vilches she are going to marry a Mexican doctor she has fall in love with; and Rusti, who finishes lost with the car in company of Vero and Teresa. Esther has already given birth ...
14 Nov. 2007
Favor por favor
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21 Nov. 2007
La vida es otra cosa
Javier has an offer to host a new diary 5-minute-program about life in the Hospital while Vilches continues having problems with León, his partner at prison. Susana is pregnant and Héctor and she are very happy, but also worried about the health of Susana and the baby. Vero and Aimé suffer a car accident. At hospital Claudia and Aimé decide to living together, while Vero asks Maca for a decision about their relationship. Then, Maca tells Teresa that she can't see a future with Vero, but she thinks that it's almost impossible solve the problems with Esther. Guillermo, ...
28 Nov. 2007
Tolerancia cero
Rai's brother has decided to split up with his girlfriend recognizing that he is gay; Rai and Lola advice him about how to split up with her. Raúl is attacked by a racist man while attending to a patient that the aggressor wanted to let die. Merche is sad because Nico is going to leave the center and live with a new family. Isabel discovers that her daughter, Arancha, is having a relationship with her teacher. Vero wants Maca to make a decision about them both so they go to dinner together that evening in order to talk about it, but finally Maca cancels the meeting ...
5 Dec. 2007
Mejor que nunca
Lola has an attractive Italian patient, a philanderer, who shows interest in her - this makes Rai suddenly more interested. Susana feels unwell and Héctor carries out some tests: all goes well with the pregnancy and the doctor thinks that maybe there is something more psychological. Carlos and Vero investigate the strange cases of multiple suicides that have taken place in the city on the same day. Mónica notices that Raúl is meeting with Rai's brother on a regular basis. Aimé is very excited with a picture he has bought as a present for Claudia but Teresa knows that ...
12 Dec. 2007
Historias mínimas
Maca is dating Vero again and the psychiatric wants to spend more time with her partner. Javier's program is affecting his marriage with Mónica, who has been photographed, topless, and has appeared in a magazine. Lola, meanwhile, discovers that Enzo is married and has children. León orders Vilches' murder and the doctor is shot. Raúl has a new meeting with Jesús and goes for a compromise, because Rai's brother has to carry out favors in return for him taking care of Lito. However, once there, Jesús kisses the SAMUR doctor.

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