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29 Mar. 2006
El primer día
The first day in the ER for three new residents.
5 Apr. 2006
Mentiras del corazón
An airplane crashes into a house during an acrobatic show.
19 Apr. 2006
Las apariencias engañan
Javier asks his mother for help because Belén doesn't let him look after their son. She says that it's something between them both and it's Javier's fault for having involved Laura. Javier proposes to Gabriela the possibility of being her lawyer for the judgment. Edu and Gus are not happy as residents but due to very different reasons: Héctor is very protective and Aimé presses too hard. Dávila is desperate with the atmosphere in the hospital. Maca and Esther have decided to have a child artificially and search for a suitable sperm donor. Vilches thinks that Rusti has...
26 Apr. 2006
Deja un bonito cadáver
Rusti has finished his therapy, is recovered, and begins his new life. Vilches is implicated in Ismael's case: the teenager says that she escaped from the orphanage because she wanted to visit her mother, who was ill. However, Carlos doesn't believe this version. Teresa's middle child has decided to leave home and she is very worried because she thinks that he's not prepared. Dávila receives a visit from Mercedes, a friend and ex-lover whom he hasn't seen for years.
3 May 2006
Si aquello no hubiera ocurrido
Aimé is attending Miguel, Mari Ángeles' ex boyfriend, and she convinces Teresa to let her visit him in the hospital. Eva tells Laura that Carlos has split with with his girlfriend. Javier has problems with Belén, who doesn't let him watch their son; moreover, he has Luna as his new resident but ignores her all the time, so she doesn't feel comfortable and tells Laura. Queca, who is pregnant with twins, wants Rusti to open a hotel in the village and leave the hospital. Héctor is still in love with Gabriela and tries to come back with her after the infidelity with Eva. ...
11 May 2006
Segundas partes
Dávila continues his relationship with Mercedes and asks Teresa to book a table so they can having dinner. Begoña overhears the conversation and doesn't like it. Diego, Carlos, Laura and Eva have spent the weekend together but forgot to ask Robert to go with them and he is unhappy about it. Maca and Esther have a day off, where a pregnancy test reveals that the pediatrician is pregnant. Rusti is thinking about leaving the hospital and opening a country house in the Queca's village. Aimé continues looking after Miguel, but Vilches and Dávila distrusts of his ...
17 May 2006
Si tú me dices ven
Javier and Luna doesn't understand each other and working together becomes a nightmare; Sotomayor has other problems: Belén doesn't want him to see their son and Dávila suspects that he told to the media about the scandal in the hospital. Aimé feels that Dávila is doubting about his professionally in the case of Miguel, Mari Ángeles' former lover who hits her. Rusti and Queca travel by bus to the village and, in the middle of the trip, she goes into labor. Luna's brother, Olmo, has important psychological problems and she must attend him. A patient from Cuba falls in ...
23 May 2006
Relaciones encadenadas
It's Rusti's last day at hospital and his partners want to give him a photograph of all of them together as a present. Maca and Esther tell their respective mothers that the pediatrician is pregnant. Macas mother is very happy with the new, but Esther's doesn't. Javier has problems with Dávila, because the director thinks that Javier told to the media what happened with the infection. Héctor, who knows that Begoña was who told with a journalist, tells Dávila that Javier isn't guilty. Begoña is jealous about the new relation of Dávila with Mercedes, a prestigious ...
31 May 2006
Vivir no es sólo respirar
Héctor is still in love with Gabriela and wants to come back with her, but becomes very nervous every time he sees her. Laura's mother phones her to say that her grandfather is at hospital and he has only a few hours left. Mercedes continues her relationship with Dávila and Begoña is jealous. She confesses the director that she was who told with a journalist. Luna and Olmo's mother is at hospital in order to see her son. Luna doesn't want her to be there because there is much time that they don't know nothing about her but Olmo is happy with the visit. Finally, Teresa...
7 Jun. 2006
El valor de una vida
Cruz has returned to the Hospital after her maternity and Vilches is at home with the baby. But Aimé phones him and he has to go to the Central in order to sign a document. Alejandro takes care of María, but he is with his girlfriend and the baby suffers an accident. Maca has a patient, a baby with cancer and his mother is obstinate with the mobile phones and other devices as that cause of the illness. Everybody is against Begoña after her filtration to the media. Dávila helps Héctor to met his daughter Gabriela. He's still in love with her and wont to begin again ...
14 Jun. 2006
Compañero del alma, compañera
Esther and Maca know the sex of their baby: it's a boy. Another who is expecting a baby, is Teresa. María is better but Cruz and Vilches have problems because she seems to believe that she is the only person who can take care of their daughter. Belén goes to Santander the day that Javier was going to be with him, although they have the shared custody. Carlos continues his relationship with Laura, but his jealousy towards Javier is increasing. Begoña wants to be with Dávila again and harasses him continuously. Héctor attends a curious case: a couple of teenagers that ...
21 Jun. 2006
Señales de humo
Cruz and Vilches continue with they problems and they argue also in the work: they have different opinions about what to do with their patient. Begoña is sending anonymous messages to Mercedes, Dávila's new partner. Belén has gone to Santander with Javier's son and he wants to go there in order to see the baby. Eva seems not to be comfortable with the situation at home, because Carlos is there with Laura almost everyday so they both decide to look for a flat and start living together. Luna seems not to be happy because his brother is better with their mother than when...
28 Jun. 2006
Lo que uno hace con lo que tiene
Esther is obsessioned with Jorge (her death friend Toñi's son)'s health and Maca feels that she doesn't mind her pregnancy and the baby they are going to have together. Aimé wants to give a surprise to her daughter Nuria buying her a dog as present. But when they both and Mari Ángeles, Aimé's wife, are in the car, they suffer and accident and Nuria and Mari Ángeles die.
6 Jul. 2006
Mari Ángeles is in brain death while Aimé is not able to watch the reality. When she dies, this fact with his daughter's lost, make him try to commit suicide. Vilches and Cruz are not in a good moment and argue all the time; while she is thinking about going alone to spend some days with Candela in Ireland, he wants to make a trip together as a surprise to Cruz. Laura and Carlos have decided to go living together, but they will have some problems while moving. Begoña has denounced Dávila after her aggression and Héctor makes the medical inform. Esther and Maca have to...
13 Jul. 2006
Aimé tries to commit suicide but Vilches saves his life. Luna's brother has disappeared and, due to his psychological problems, the resident is very worried about him. Javier has decided to move to Santander in order to be nearer of his son, so he abandons the hospital. Laura is finishing her residence and has not possibilities to continue in the Central, but Javier's left would become an opportunity for her. Dávila tries to solve his problems with Begoña because of her denounce, but she puts one condition: he must split with Mercedes. Esther must separate from Jorge ...
5 Sep. 2006
Javier's ex-wife, Belén, has left Santander and come back to Madrid when noticed that Javier had found a job there. So Javier is back at the Central, but his place is occupied by Laura and he has to do replacement. At this way meets Mónica, the new nurse of the SAMUR with the doctor Raúl. Maca is at the end of her pregnancy. She has a revision and doesn't want Esther, who asks her wife to stop working, to know about it. Teresa's daughter in law is also in the last days before giving birth. Aimé tries to help Nerea, who reminds him her dead daughter Nuria. He hasn't ...
12 Sep. 2006
No quieras con desgana
Maca gives birth while her father is suffering a heart attack when was driving to the hospital. Finally, he is able to safe his life and Maca and Esther calls Pedro to their first son as the baby's grandfather. Javier finds out that Aimé has problems with the pills, but he doesn't accept his help. Another Laura's partner of faculty is at hospital and she's receiving anonymous. Moreover, Carlos and she have problems for deciding about the decoration of their new house. Cruz and Vilches' situation seems to be better after an operation together at hospital. Diego is ...
20 Sep. 2006
Game Over
Laura's third partner of university is at hospital: this girl suffers cancer and was who had sent the two previous as a prove to Laura. Carlos tries to avoid his neighbor, and old woman who is healthy but wants Laura and him to attend her at hospital. Aimé continues having pills and has problems with everybody at hospital due to his bad humor. Héctor tries to help a transsexual that has been hit in a fight at street. She hasn't money for doctors and is following a treatment herself that is putting her health in serious risk. Cruz and Vilches are valuing the ...
26 Sep. 2006
No me acuerdo de olvidarte
It's Eva's last day at hospital and Rober seems to be angry with her. In the party Laura and Carlos give to inaugurate their new house, Rober confesses that has asked for a place in the same hospital Eva is going to work and they kiss. Mónica doesn't want to go with Raúl, so he convinces Esther for going with him to the same party because he likes another girl, but he doesn't know that that girl he had seen with Dávila is her daughter Gabriela, Héctor's girlfriend. Cruz and Vilches have an offer for working in another hospital as directors. Aimé is going to an ...
4 Oct. 2006
Cada final es un comienzo
The experience with a new medicine Héctor is at the front of has failed and all the volunteers die. The employee of the laboratory finds out that all was a trick. Mónica, Diego and Raúl are giving a conference in a school when part of it knocks down. Also two of the actresses of the musical Fama suffers and accident while are training for the spectacle. Carlos' mother is in Madrid for some days and she rests in Carlos and Laura's house. Laura is a bit nervous because she's going to meet her future mother in law for the first time. Aimé tells Javier that he doesn't ...
11 Oct. 2006
Sangre de mi sangre
Belén, Javier's ex wife is at hospital with the baby, so Javier finds out that his son was operated some time before and the mother of the child didn't tell him about it. Because of all of it Mónica notices that Javier and she really don't know each other. Reyes, Carlos' mother is at hospital because she has fall at street. Mónica has seen Raúl's sister, Marina, with another man again. She and Raúl suspects that maybe she's being infidel to her husband Enrique, who later confesses Raúl that Marina has problems with the alcohol. Cruz is the new manager of the hospital ...
18 Oct. 2006
Marina, Raúl's sister has a car accident with her son Lito and, although they both are fine, the result of the alcoholism control is positive. Raúl now believes what his brother in law told him about Marina and talks with her. The new delegate of health of the ministry arrives in hospital to inaugurate the new unity of palliative cares. She also offers Cruz the possibility of making a course about management in London for one month. Cruz wanted Vilches and Dávila to go to the inauguration, but they don't attend. Héctor tells Gabriela he wants to have a baby with her, ...
25 Oct. 2006
El mayor dolor posible
Javier and Mónica are going to make a trip to Cáceres, but her policeman ex-boyfriend, Tomás, is at hospital for a political case and proposes her another plan, so he decides not to go with Javier. Laura, after seeing Carlos' opinion about the theme because of a patient, decides to tell him about her mother's illness. His reaction isn't good. Carlos convinces Aimé to go to the psychology. All the doctors complain because of late payments and another problems related to Cruz, who has accepted the course Ágata proposed to her and is in London. One of the decisions ...
1 Nov. 2006
No hay héroes
Ágata sends Mónica, Carlos and Vilches, to an interview on television. The doctors get trapped in a tunnel on the way to the interview. With Vilches in the tunnel, Alejandro and Guillermo arrive at the hospital. Héctor is visited by two childhood friends, Pato and Bruno, and they reminisce about their youth in Buenos Aires. Dávila continues to treat Jacobo, who still has very little time left to live. Aimé receives a letter from the Indian girl his daughter Nuria has supported. She tells him that it's been almost a year since she's heard any news from Nuria, so Manuel...
8 Nov. 2006
No busques excusas
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15 Nov. 2006
Todo y nada
Gabriela has an interview for a job, but prefers not to tell Dávila about it. Alejandro misses his family and wants to come back home, but Vilches says that this depends on him. Teresa doesn't like having and assistant and is very hard with Alicia. Aimé continues looking for Rinku in India; Sira helps him and they eventually find her. Mónica continues watching ex-boyfriend Tomás and Javier and discovers them kissing. Later, Carlos sees Laura crying over photographs from her trip to Guatemala with Javier and goes to hit him. Rosa, the pregnant woman whose baby has ...
22 Nov. 2006
Camino de soledad
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29 Nov. 2006
Si amanece por fin
Mónica and Tomás had planned to spend the weekend together, but he has a match with his friends and canceled the date. Raúl's sister, Marina, is hoping for a postponement of the judgment decision because if not, she could lose the custody of her son, Lito. Gabriela has an important case and is receiving threats that worry Héctor. She prefers not to tell her father Dávila about it. Cruz and Dávila suspect that Ágata wants to privatize the service, but Vilches doesn't agree with them. Javier's mother, who is the proprietary of the familiar clinic, has fired Javier's ...
6 Dec. 2006
Estrellas fugaces
Carlos mother die alone while Carlos is with a patient. Esther and Raúl talk about what happened between them the previous week. Joaquín is the new director of the hospital after the negative of Vilches to Ágata's propose.
13 Dec. 2006
Cuéntame un cuento
The ER ceiling falls down injuring several people, including Laura and Esther.

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