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11 Jan. 2005
A Torremolinos
Candela has a pneumonia and Crzu recriminates her for doesn't wrap up herself in winter and, moreover, finds out cigarettes in her jacket. Dávila continues doing proves to Vilches, who doesn't fell well. Cruz notices a very strange behavior on the part of Vilches towards her but doesn't know what is happening. Laura has left Aimé and wants to gather her things to Aimé'a house. Héctor wants to keep working at hospital and ask his partners for help, but it seems difficult that he can have a place. Moreover, he phones Gabriela, but he feels badly with the chemotherapy ...
18 Jan. 2005
El amor es una enfermedad que no tiene cura
Vilches doesn't want to surrender more proves, but Dávila presses him because knows that his illness could be serious. He avoids Cruz, that continues finding him strange. Salva is obstinated with his physic after a meeting with his ancient friends to school. Moreover, the nurse is worried about the possibility that his boyfriend Ana wants more compromise. Dávila complains about the low performance of Aimé and this resigns. Aimé also pays his personal problems with Aimé and Laura shielding himself in a professional mistake of them both when he has already resign as ...
25 Jan. 2005
Si hay que llegar, se llega
Dávila discovers that Vilches has a brain. Although the situation is serious the doctor doesn't want anybody to know about it, specially Cruz. Héctor is angry with Vilches because of his attitude towards him and also because he asked Vilches for help in order to continue working at the hospital but he did nothing. Aimé and Mabel have very different perspectives on Lydia's case, as she is dying. Gabriela is a bit depressed due to her illness, but her relationship with Héctor is growing stronger.
3 May 2005
A corazón parado
Vilches tells his partners that has cancer and must be operated, after that Cruz, who had bought a new portfolio, found out the proves in the old one. Confirmated that Fran is not going to return, a new doctor, Rober, is assignated to the SAMUR unit. Eva, who had occupied the place, thinks that Rober has been appointed to a post through influence and has a tense relationship with him. Javier and Belén want to have a baby but she does not manage to remain pregnant, so they make fertility proves. Laura is angry with Javier when knows for Belén that her ex has told her ...
10 May 2005
Seis caras iguales
Vilches is going to be operated when an urgency that need the operating room obliges to postpone his intervention. Dávila doubts about Aimè's professionality due to some comments Manuel makes in the operating room and that arrive to the hospital's directors ears. Carlos, social assistant, suffers an accident when trying to convince a girl no to commit suicide. He falls in love with Laura and tries to conquest her. Belén in very interesting in having a baby with Javier, but he seems apathetic about the results of the fertility proves. It's Maca's birthday and they both...
17 May 2005
El mundo se desmorona
Maca's patient Jaime, the boy with triplets brothers, is again in the hospital and she is not able to find out what is his illness. Before his operation, Vilches arranges the papers for Guillermo's adoption, the place for Héctor in the hospital and films a goodbye video for Cruz; this is given to Teresa, that will give it to Cruz if Vilches die. The person who operates Vilches is an ancient love and great friend of Cruz, that makes the operation as a favor to her. Carlos continues trying to flirt with Laura, but she doesn't seem interested in her. Eva and Rober ...
24 May 2005
...Y tú y yo nos enamoramos
Héctor has a place in the hospital due to the negotiations of Vilches, that suffers a bruise after the operation, that was a success at the beginning, and rest in coma. Due to the worsening, Teresa gives to Cruz the video. Guillermo doesn't accept Vilches' situation and escapes, Alejandro makes him see that his attitude is wrong. Candela doesn't like the idea of having Alenjandro and specially Guillermo living at home with her mother Cruz and her. A SAMUR member is one of the death people in the demolition of a flat. Another one, Mauri, ingresses at hospital where is ...
31 May 2005
Baño de sales
Esther tries to convince Maca, sunk, that Jaime's death is not her fault. She feels incapable to tell the relatives of the children she attends that they won't die. Vilches wakes up from the coma and asks Cruz yo marry him. However, she prefers to prove first to live together. Héctor gives a glass in order to celebrate his place and Vilches' recuperation. At the party, Javier takes Laura apart, proposes her to leave the hospital together and kisses her. Moreover, Maca drinks too much and talks badly to Esther, who doesn't know how to help her partner. Eva wants to ...
7 Jun. 2005
Aimé finds out that Miguel hits Mari Ángeles and decides to finish with this situation going to talk with him, but they have a fight and Aimé gives Miguel a punch. Maca follows obsessed with Jaime's death and receives Dávila's complaints due to the increase in the Pediatry expense due to numerous tests to which she submits the patients. In addition, Héctor meets obliged to investigate a disease that he does not know before the diagnosis that Dávila does to one of his patients. Regardless, newly released attached doctor will have to hurry in his intention since the ...
14 Jun. 2005
Estado de shock
Aimé attends Martin, a gentleman who seems to be interested only for the paperwork that transports the death of his wife in spite of the fact that they seem to be them very close. Later, he attends to a grumpy old man called Fernando who only is interested for the purse of his wife Leonor still when the life of this one hangs of a thread. The marriage had a traffic accident. Fernando clashed with another car in which another couple was traveling with their daughter Elena. The father dies forthwith and the girl remains in state of shock. Javier and Laura attend Luisa, ...
28 Jun. 2005
Si pudiera vivir nuevamente
Javier and Esther mount in a helicopter to bring a kidney compatible with a patient. In the trip on returning to the hospital the pilot loses the control and they smash in the field. The accident remains in a fright and Maca (who has one to the psychology in order to superate her problems) and Esther are reconciled. Moreover, Javier's mum tells Laura to move away her son. Héctor gets the trust of her daughter Daniela. Begoña tries to be closed with Dávila and lies in order to be with him in an operation. Pablo, the fireman who phones continuously Rober, is starting to...
5 Jul. 2005
La culpa de todo
Without realizing, Begoña, which is gaining protagonism among the personnel of nursing of the Central, starts having a more nearby treatment of the habitual thing with Dávila. Nacho is a young man who has organized a great party in her house taking advantage that his parents have gone away of trip. Paula, the sister of the host, and Alicia, the friend of this one, are auto invited to the party without the assent of her major brother. Nacho and his friend David throw something in the punch to encourage the night. Soon they obtain the wished effect, though with ...
12 Jul. 2005
Mundos paralelos
A car of a drug-traffickers' mafia goes out fleeing of a control of the police. During the pursuit shots take place, so much on the part of the agents as of the chased ones, being hurt members of the safety bodies, mafioso and innocent persons. Luis, the boss of the band who has worked out practically unharmed, does not feel sure in the hospital. He insists Dávila in which they want to kill him and threatens him with that if it happens this way, he will be the person in charge. Other one of the injured men is a police called Alicia who can that loses the vision after ...
19 Jul. 2005
Happy hour
In search of more time for himself, Dávila has decided to leave the direction of urgencies. To the first one to whom he offers the position it is to Vilches, but this one rejects the offer. Dávila, which already had it foreseen, offers it to Cruz, and she it does not think two times. A few fifteen-year-old teenagers do tail in the door of a discotheque. One of them so called Víctor suffers harassment and jeers on the part of the rest. Enclosed Gloria, a girl who is employed of go-go dancer at the place, also takes the hair. For limit, the doorman does not leave him to...
14 Sep. 2005
El gas de la risa
Cruz and Vilches will have to do checkups to study their respective conditions of health. Cruz on her pregnancy and Vilches after the operation of the tumor. The most worried is Vilches, which notices that he is losing sensibility in the hand. After the analysis, both they will receive new news. On the other hand, Aimé 'takes' him a patient to Maca. According to him, she does not have anything serious, so he allows that she should be the pediatrician the one that gives him the discharge to be able to think a rest with Mari Ángeles. Maca does not rely on the careless ...
21 Sep. 2005
Renglones torcidos
Javier asks Cruz to make Laura Héctor's resident without speaking before with her, while Héctor and Evea argue about the relation between Laura and Javier. The fireman Pablo remains obsessed in spite of saving the life to Rober, this one speaks with Jero in order that they throw him of the body and the boy finishes for committing suicide. Laura watches one of her neighbors pushing another neighbor of the same building prostitute for the stairs. He, Antonio, threats her if she tells what she saw. A companion of Vilches in Oncology is on the verge of dying and Cruz ...
28 Sep. 2005
Obra u omisión
Maca considers to pose with Esther for article in gay magazine. Teresa wants to know the sex of the baby of Crux to know the color of the bootees. Laura does not feel capable of beginning operating room to operate on her neighbor, who has been stabbed and finally he dies. Héctor, who is thinking of doing a trip to Buenos Aires with Gabriela,tries to help her, as her best friend Eva. Rober, whose girlfriend continues in London, is reluctant to that Carlos does a few questions to him for the report on the death of the fireman Paul. They attend to a pregnant woman who ...
5 Oct. 2005
Las llaves de casa
Maca and Esther decide to do the article. While Esther turns into a heroine in us neighborhood and her mother in delighted of having seen her in a magazine, Maca has problems with the mother of a patient who does not want her attends to her daughter. It's a chaotic day in the Cantral: the whole personnel is in strike and the doctors of Urgencies refuse to give the discharge to patients whom they have not treated, for what the patients saturate the corridors, stalls and curtains. On the other hand, a windscreen wiper realizes his work high in an office block. To the ...
12 Oct. 2005
En boca de todos
Begoña listens how Esther questions that really she is in love with Dávila. Begoña talks with her boss and puts her the clear things. Vilches does not like that Cruz does guards by night being pregnant. They call him of the college to say to him that his children Alejandro and Guillermo have tried to steal an examination. When returning to the Central has one injure with a drugged taxi driver who proved to make the taxi stolen. Héctor, who has to take charge of two students and shows all the functioning of Urgencies to them with Vilches's permanent interferences in ...
19 Oct. 2005
Almas rotas
A gas leak provokes the confusion in a battered women's center with the result of two internal wounds that they are deposited in the Central. One of them, beside having recent signs of mistreatment, is pregnant, and other one, which seems to recover, wants to see her husband. On the other hand, Javier and Laura take charge attending to a fruiterer who has been punctured by an exotic spider on having opened a box that was coming from Brazil. In opposition to what the doctors think, the patient believes that he is going to die, for what he decides to be honest to his ...
26 Oct. 2005
No se lo digas a nadie
Héctor's patient dies. He was attended by the students Adrián and Ana. Vilches insists to Cruz in order to take her holidays for maternity. Then, she is on the verge of being contagious of chicken pox. Javier and Laura go to bed in Guatemala after attending to a childbirth and supporting a girl. Eva says to Héctor that she does not go away to ameter in his relationship with Gabriela. Maca's father joins the Central. Teresa is interested for if Esther and Maca have already the suits for the wedding. Rober's girlfriend is in Madrid and does not warn him. Aimé and Mari ...
2 Nov. 2005
Retrato de boda
Esther goes to the wedding of a nurse of the hospital in which they attack the boyfriend because his(her,your) ex, who had been which infected of AIDS by him and had died the same day. Laura wants to know what is going to happen with Javier now that they have returned from Guatemala. He says to her that he loves her, but that the last thing that he would do is to damage to his wife and to his baby son. Héctor faces the committee of the death, an dis absolved. Nevertheless, he feels guilty and wing that also affects very much the happened is to Ana, the student. She ...
9 Nov. 2005
Amor de reina
Cruz is going to take the maternity leave, but is still working and doesn't feel well, so she goes home. There she finds Vilches' sons, Guillermo and Alejandro with their girlfriends. Cruz begins to have contractions and advice that she is in labor. The boys help her after the ambulance of Eva and Rober arrive and finally gives birth to a baby girl, María. Maca's father, Pedro, is going to be operated at hospital and Esther doesn't feel comfortable. Amparo, Maca's mother, and Pedro disapprove Maca and Esther's relationship and especially their future marriage and ...
16 Nov. 2005
Érase una vez
After the birth of the baby, Vilches has to expire with his father's obligations and at the same time direct the service of Urgencies. The situation is difficult for him and asks Dávila for looking for a substitute for him. On the other hand, the executives of a company of construction have been invited to an amateur bullfight. Two of them, Elvira and Sergio, discuss with their chief to be done by one since it would suppose an ascent. While she speaks heatedly with her superior, her opponent chooses to demonstrate his value jumping to the turn and doing a few passes. ...
23 Nov. 2005
Examen de conciencia
A teacher of secondary argues with the director of the school center due to the problems she has had with several undisciplined pupils. Already in the car, way of her house, the brakes fail and the vehicle leaves of the road giving several returns of bell. Everything seems to indicate that the brakes have been manipulated and the pupils might be behind the incident. On the other hand, the Central receives the visit of an employee of the Ministry of Health to check that the protocols of the transplants are fulfilled. Oliver, the child to whom a hepatic encephalopathy ...
7 Dec. 2005
El sueño de la razón
A fire in a psychiatric clinic provokes a collapse in the services of the Central and allows to uncover a dark plot against the patients. Among the injured men of the fire is Marcos, one of the boarders of the psychiatric, which affirms that in the center they are poisoning them. The director of the clinic denies roundly this version, but Javier distrusts her because she seems to hide something. On the other hand, Alonso, one of the patients to whom a mitral valve was placed without complications, comes again with problems in the heart. Aimé believes that the motive ...
14 Dec. 2005
... o calle para siempre
It's Esther and Maca's Redding day. Esther spends the day with her mother and her cousin, who is also her hairdresser, and receives the special visit of her grandmother. Maca receives also a visit, the one of her ex-girlfriend Azucena and then Teresa's. Moreover, her parents finally go to the wedding. All the members of the hospital go to the wedding except Rusti, who has her daughter ill at hospital; Cruz, who hasn't a person who leave her daughter with; Carlos who forgets about it and Laura, who goes but watches Belén and Javier kissing and with their baby and come ...
21 Dec. 2005
Correr tras el viento
Héctor is in Quiroga making the Camino de Santiago and meets Marisa, a Galician doctor who has another vision of the medicine. The investigation about the infection continues at hospital and Begoña tells a journalist about what have happened. Javier has left Belén and tells Laura, but she thinks that their relationship has finished and she don't want to back with him. Rusti has been attacked and is at hospital fighting for his life.

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