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20 Apr. 2004
Señales de duelo
Cruz is going to operate a child and prepares her for the worst although the intervention is not as complicate; Vilches and Aimé think that this attitude is not correct but they don't know that the cause is that Cruz has just lost a son and both children had the the same illness. After the death of two candidates for the direction of the hospital, the place is for Dávila, who is totally recovered of his cancer. Esther wants to be the boss of the nurses after having replace Elisa while Dávila was ill. Javier tries to solve his problems of jealousies, that are causing ...
27 Apr. 2004
Aires de tormenta
Cruz receives Vilches' condolences for her son's death, while her husband and her are thinking of divorce, preferring to postpone rather than make the situation worse for Candela. Esther's petition is denied but she hasn't change her mind, and thinks that she is a good boss, able to do that work as well as Elisa. Laura (who is investigating the listeria outbreak in the hospital) and Aimé kiss, her relationship with Javier is not going well at the moment. He wants her to go to a dinner organized yearly by his father for the anniversary of their private clinic but Laura...
4 May 2004
Héroes o personas
Laura continues investigating the origin of the listeria outbreak and, although it seems very difficult, she get to the solution after some hard work. Moreover, things have become very complicated in her personal life, and she talks with Aimé about her kiss. Cruz, also struggling with personal issues, accepts her husband's proposal of divorce, splitting up after the death of their younger son Fito. The same day, Cruz leaves an operating room crying because everything reminds her of Fito. Javier is very happy with Aimé and believes that both have many things in common....
11 May 2004
Medidas desesperadas
Elisa is one of the candidates for the Head Nurse position in the hospital and everybody, especially Esther, think that she is going to be chosen because of her relationship with Dávila. Cruz has decided not to operate any more, but Vilches convinces her to do it. He and Héctor attend to a woman who has a terminal cancer and doesn't want to continue living. Javier is happy operating with Aimé but doesn't suspect the attraction that exists between the doctor and Laura.
18 May 2004
Cruz has decided to leave the hospital and Vilches thinks that he's going to be her replacement as the head of Surgery. He's really irritated when he finds out that Cruz didn't put his name forward as one of the candidates. Javier wants to go dinner with Aimé and Laura, but she doesn't feel comfortable with the situation. Esther wants to be the Head nurse, but considers that Elisa is an obstacle for her.
25 May 2004
Incomunicación, Jiao Lou
It's Esther's last day after her differences with Elisa who finally, with Dávila's help, convinces her to keep at hospital as co-boss of nurses. Laura and Aimé continue feeling attracted by each other, while Javier doesn't suspect about their relationship. Cruz attends a boy who is very ill and that reminds her to her son Fito, who died at the beginning of the season. Héctor has been in Spain for a year and, while the mother of her daughter has a new partner, he feels bad for being still alone.
1 Jun. 2004
Historias del corazón
Laura and Aimé feel attracted to each other, while Javier tries to spend more time with his girlfriend. Héctor was problems with xenophobe patient. Cruz and Samuel have decided to finish their marriage and it's the day that he has chosen in order to leave their common house. Eva and Fran have different diagnoses for a patient they attend in the street. Paloma continues fighting in order to get money and pay the mechanic heart for David, and her attitude provokes different opinions in he hospital's staff.
8 Jun. 2004
Secretos y engaños
Miriam, Dávila's niece, arrives as a new nurse at the hospital. Although she prefers that nobody knows that she is a director's relative, everybody knows. Elisa knocks down a man and feels very guilty. Nevertheless, later it is proved that he threw himself in front of the car. Laura spent the weekend with Javier and now Dr Aimé is distant with her, even though it was he who allowed Javier to have two free days to be with his girlfriend. Paloma, David's mother, faints while waiting for her child's operation. Héctor is absolved of the patient denunciation, but some ...
15 Jun. 2004
Candela wants Cruz to find a new boyfriend after the divorce. She encourages her mother to dress up when she goes to work because there are many attractive doctors at the hospital. Moreover, both have to decide what to do with Fito's room. Miriam, the new nurse and Dávila's niece, is arriving in late almost everyday with excuses for Esther and Elisa, who are not happy with her work. David and Fidel disappear somewhere in the hospital while Paloma is having a coffee, but David's heart battery is coming to an end so the search is on for them. Jero, the fireman, tells ...
22 Jun. 2004
A Prueba
Fran participates in the selection of fireman without telling Eva about it, because wants to demonstrate his enemy Jero that is not difficult to get his job and that he could make without problems. Guillermo must go with a new family and Vilches hasn't told the child, while Cruz agrees with Candela the days that the girl would spend with her and with her father after the couple's divorce. Rusti is going to labor classes Queca but becomes trapped in a elevator with two people and the dangerous dog of one of them. Laura continues her parallel relationships with Javier ...
29 Jun. 2004
El mejor regalo
Vilches has a meeting in the bank with the director when a woman who was also in the office goes into labor, while Héctor is alone at hospital and must make some decisions on his own. Moreover, the Argentinian discovers that Miriam works after having drugs. Henar, the alcoholic girl, suffers a car accident when she was drunk; Cristina notices that she has an important problem. Javier strains a patient of his father and other patients notice it, so this causes problems. Samuel, Cruz's ex husband, tells her that has had a date; then, she confesses Vilches that she felt ...
6 Jul. 2004
A man walks into the hospital nursery with a bomb on his chest and demands to speak with Dávila. It will blow up in 60 minutes if they don't perform a surgery on his son.
13 Jul. 2004
Hay días malos y días peores
Javier is very cold with Laura and she makes some mistakes with several patients, so this doesn't improve their relationship. Finally, Javier decides to finish their relation and leave the house where they both live together in. Laura tries to change his mind and give her another opportunity, but he seems to have made a definitive decision. Héctor notices that Miriam has consumed cocaine. She has problems with Elisa because of her disobey the orders of the boss nurse and ask her in a bad way. Later Dávila's niece disappears and Héctor finds her in the bathroom with an...
20 Jul. 2004
Sars: Treinta y ocho y medio
Cristina dies after the explosion in the Laboratory. Her family donates her organs, the liver could be for her alcoholic patient Henar, who needs a transplant. The girl helps the nurses taking care of the children of a patient in the chaos of Urgency due to the possible SARS and the explosion. Javier has decided to leave his house with Laura. She tells Eva about her infidelity to Javier with Aimé, but he has released that she really loves Javier and wants to be with him. Later, Javier guess about the infidelity due to a confusion with the phone's melodies. Elisa and ...
7 Sep. 2004
A ras
Laura and Javier are not together anymore and he lends her see that he knows about her infidelity with Aimé. Laura doesn't know what to do now with Aimé: continues with him or not, while Javier has a free day to going seeing a rally where one friend of him participates in and where he meets again Marta, the current irreconogzible for him sister of that friend. Fran and Eva are also in the rally and have to attend an important accident. Later in the hospital Javier and Laura are having a tense conversation when Marta (whose brother was involved in the rally accident ...
15 Sep. 2004
Hijos difíciles
Elisa's son seems to be thinking about his possible return to Spain, but she's a bit disappointed because the boy has only asked about her father's house, so the nurse thinks that he doesn't g to live with her. Cruz and Vilches talk about her kiss. For her was important, but Vilches leave clear that it was only a kiss. Guillermo and Alejandro, Vilches' children, got money from the wattle of their father in order to buy him a present for his birthday. He discovers them and explains them that what they have done is not correct. Guillermo thinks that he will have to ...
22 Sep. 2004
La noche de los muertos vivientes
Cruz and Vilches have to give a conference in the Faculty of Medicine. Vilches is not able to arrive in time, for what Cruz must face alone all the pupils. The conference ends up by being a success and the doctor will end up by becoming intimate with them and especially with Dani, who invites her to a holiday. Finally, they both spend the night together and Cruz wakes up in Dani's house the following morning without remembering what has happened. On the other hand, the police have done a roundup that has ended with the detention of the principal dealers of drug of the...
29 Sep. 2004
A mano armada
Maca watches Esther walking when they both are going to the hospital and takes her to there by motorbike. They are becoming good friends and Teresa notices it. Javier begins to treat better Laura, while she has just met Aimé's daughter Nuria. It's Cruz's birthday and her daughter goes to the hospital to felicitate her. But them has the Physics class with Héctor and as him to go together to the bank in order to pay her English classes. There, there is an attract and both are in danger, but finally all finish in a good way. Vilches invites Cruz to dinner with him at the...
6 Oct. 2004
Otra, Otra
For the surprise of all of his Partners, Javier announces his Redding with Belén, an all friend he has met since they both were children. The musics of Chenoa have suffered an intoxication with food in bad conditions. The concert is suppressed and she goes also to the hospital for making some probes and visit Claudia, a girl who is also one of the intoxicated people because had won a prize consisting in eat with Chenoa and go to the concert. The media fins out that the singer is in the Central an many fans wait in the hall expecting for news. A mature woman make ...
13 Oct. 2004
Amor de madre
Elisa's son, Alberto, arrives from Boston with a surprise: his girlfriend Yasmine come with him. Moreover, he tells her mother that doesn't feel good, but "forgets" talk her about her about his farewell party. This angries Dávila, that makes him a medical recognicement and notices that what he has is a big hangover. Héctor has problems with Candela. Maca invites Esther to her house in the saw while Javier continues to do the impossible life to Laura. Vilches is jealous of Dani and doubts of Cruz in a case, the autopsy gives her the reason, but receives the threats of ...
20 Oct. 2004
Suma de vectores
The relationship between Dávila and Elisa's son is not going good and goes worse when Alberto drives her car without his permission and Dávila has to pay a fine. Laura has discover a cyst in the breast the same day in which has a problem with Aimé when there is an accident in the attractions park where she is with Nuria, Aimé's daughter. While Laura is helping with the injured, Aimé's daughter Nuria disappears. Eva is trying to find a center for here ill father, but it results very difficult. Vilches invites Cruz to spend a weekend together in Lisboa. Maca and Esther ...
27 Oct. 2004
En la salud y en la enfermedad
Laura is at hospital in order to be operated for a breast cancer. Only her partner Aimé, Cruz (who is going to operate her) and her best friend Eva know about it, but this last one advices Javier, who is whit Laura in the they of his bachelor's farewell. He comes back to the hospital before the end of the party and kisses Laura. Cruz ants to talk with Héctor for giving him a present for the classes he gave to Candela. He thinks that she knows that her daughter kissed him in their last class and is angry with him. Dani tells Cruz that he would like to repeat the night ...
3 Nov. 2004
¿Falta mucho?
Elisa's son's girlfriend, Jasmine, has a heart illness. Alberto knew about it and didn't tell anything to her mother and Dávila, who is very angry when finds out that they wanted Jasmine to be operated free in Spain. This causes more problems in the couple of Elisa and Antonio. Elisa and Teresa finds out the relationship between Maca and Esther, that continues going very well. It's Javier's last day of work before his wedding. Laura, who has been successfully operated and has returned to wok again, tells him that maybe has made a precipitate decision, but he doesn't ...
10 Nov. 2004
Ciento doce
Javier is at home preparing himself for the Redding, but tells her mother that he doesn't want to marry Belén. He also phones Laura with occult number, but she's with a patient and can't answer, so Rusti does it for her and Javier doesn't tell anything. Finally the wedding takes place with the assistance of all of the partners of Javier at hospital except Aimé and Laura. After the wedding, Maca wants to teach Esther skating. They both go to a park and there find who boys that have been attacked by a pederastian. Jasmine, Elisa's son girlfriend, is going to be operated...
17 Nov. 2004
Amor de hermanos
Maca has a very cordial relationship with the policewoman who investigates the aggression to a kid that is at hospital and Esther is jealous. Javier is in his honeymoon with Belén in the Caribe and sends a postcard that is seen by Aimé and Laura. Aimé is waiting Cruz at the airport for their trip to Lisboa, but when she was leaving the hospital in order to go there, a patient arrives and she doesn't arrive in time to the airport.
24 Nov. 2004
Entre la vida y la muerte
Mari Ángeles tells Aimé that Laura hits their daughter Nuria. He doesn't think that is true, but asks Laura about it and she feels very offended. Vilches is with worse humor than the normal in him. At the end of the day tells Cruz that she must operate a patient with appendicitis: he is that patient. Guillermo finds out that his brother Benito only wants money and is not really interested in him. Fran has gone to Tahiti in a humanitarian mission. Javier has returned from the honeymoon with a present for Laura, who meets Belén when she in visiting her husband in the ...
1 Dec. 2004
Un mundo absurdo
Two nurses are raped in the hospital in a few hours. One of them says that the raper repeated all the time the name of Elisa. Dávila has decided to leave the house he shared with Elisa and is looking for a baby sitter. They both talk and agreed that heir split is definitive although they continue having a good relationship. Maca's ex-girlfriend has left her husband and hasn't got a place to go with her son. Maca lend her the house for a few days and Esther is jealous again, but Maca tells Esther if she invites her to spend in her house these days. Vilches goes to ...
8 Dec. 2004
Fuegos artificiales
Candela, Cruz's daughter, is going out with a boy and tells Héctor about it. Cruz thought that Candela had more trust with her and finds out that it isn't in this way. Elisa and Esther suspect that the raper could be the son of a patient that denounce the hospital when her mother die. They both and the nurses than have been attacked testified against the hospital in the juice. Elisa is almost attacked, but the appearance of Dávila in the parking avoids it. Esther is also very scared and Maca tries to help her. Mari Ángeles phones Laura because wants her to convince ...
15 Dec. 2004
Un cuento de Navidad
Maca tries to convince an illness girl that is scared and doesn't want to surrender a transplant. Finally, the appearance of Gervasio Deferr makes her changes her mind. Salva is worried because thinks that maybe he can't have children. He makes a fertility test. Fran doesn't come back home for Christmas and Laura doesn't want to spend the celebrations with Aimé, so she plans to go to Valladolid with her family. Javier tells her that goes to Japan with Belén and they both remember the Christmas they spend together. Héctor has like a patient Dávila's daughter Gabriela ...

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