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7 Jan. 2003
Vida nueva
Dávila is seen at hospital with a young girl and everybody tells Elisa to be careful because of his history with women, but the woman turns out to be her daughter Gabriela. Fran is worried about his brother Nacho's disappearance and shows a hard attitude with Eva while working together. Aimé doesn't want Mari Ángeles to be alone with their daughter Nuria because of her problems with alcohol. She doesn't agree with that, but then Aimé confirms that she's not recovered. Laura has come back to Spain and decides to stay with Javier and not to return to Boston. She has ...
14 Jan. 2003
Una mente en blanco
Vilches' mothers insists in the fact that Alejandro is really bad, but he doesn't want to see it. Nacho reappears and Nacho tries to help him in order to find a job. Aimé goes to Mari Ángeles house with their daughter and finds her drunk again. Raúl has split with his girlfriend and asks Cristina for advice about his situation.
21 Jan. 2003
A contrarreloj
Dávila proposes to Elisa to spend a weekend in Amsterdam with him. Javier has invested a great deal of money and Laura is worried because she thinks that he risks so much. Moreover she confesses to her boyfriend that came back from Boston because she missed him. Nacho has decided to leave his work as designer because he's not interested in it anymore, but Fran doesn't agree with this decision. Santiago had a dinner with Cristina, but hadn't forgotten that he had also a meeting with Prada, so Cristina profits by this double booking with Raúl.
28 Jan. 2003
100 km/h
Vilches and his mother continue to worry about Alejandro, who is still depressed; also Andrea tries to help them. Teresa is going to be interviewed by the daughter of a friend, but she discovers Elisa's story and finally decides to interview her, stirring up Teresa's jealousies. Esther has a meeting with a man, apparently perfect, but she is already in love with Rusti, who continues planning his wedding with Queca. Cristina tells Santiago about her infidelity with Raúl and he decides to finish their relationship. Laura wants to live with Javier, but they don't agree ...
4 Feb. 2003
Los viejos tiempos
Aimé has a proposal for working in Belgium and his contract finishes in two weeks, so he doesn't know what to do. Cristina tries to improve her relationship with Santiago, but he doesn't forget her infidelity with Raúl and keeps the distances. As Fran tells to Nacho that is not interested in Eva, the doctor's brother invites the nurse to go to the cinema with him. Javier's horse is ill and his luck is worse since this: he has economical problems and Laura and him are going to sell their flat. Andrea attends the son of a childhood friend she hasn't seen for many years....
11 Feb. 2003
Andrea is worried about Alejandro and Vilches' attitude towards his son and asks Cristina for help. Santiago avoids talking with Cristina after her infidelity and their split, she tries to approach him but in vain. Moreover, Cristina sees herself reflected in a patient: the psychiatric advices her to tell her husband, who had another relationship, that this destroyed her life. It's Javier and Laura's day off and they go to view a house to rent but upon their returning they come across a road accident attend the wounded people. Raúl arrives late at the hospital and ...
18 Feb. 2003
A examen
Andrea gives Raúl his evaluation and it's not very positive for him. Cristina presents her resignation to Aimé but doesn't explain the reason, so the director of Urgency asks her about it. Finally, Santiago talks with the psychiatrist and she changes her mind. Esther tells Rusti that has a new boyfriend although they have just begun the relationship, later Elisa asks her about him and Esther confesses that this person doesn't exist. Later, Rusti, who has been in love with Esther for years, knows about it and they both have sex although Rusti is now with Queca. Javier ...
25 Feb. 2003
Ahora o nunca
Andrea is obsessed with Raúl and feels not able to overcome what happened with him, while Santiago asks Cristina to make an informed decision about the resident. He is surprised when she verifies that the psychiatrist thinks that Raúl is not a psychopath, and is unlikely to become one in the future. Rusti avoids Queca after his infidelity with Esther, who is very disappointed because she thinks that Rusti is going to split with his fiancé and begin a relationship with her. Nacho suffers strange attacks and Fran wants to carry out a toxic analysis to see if he has ...
3 Sep. 2003
Quince años tiene mi amor
Vilches' son is still in a comma, and a new doctor begins his residency.
10 Sep. 2003
Secretos, vergüenzas...
Dávila's ex wife has sclerosis and his son arrives at the hospital with her. Elisa, who didn't know about the disease, notices that there are many things about Dávila that she ignores. Laura and Andrea's relationship gets even worse, they don't understand each other and this cause problems with their patients. Alejandro remembers what happened and Vilches asks Cristina to help him, she recommends him to make a familiar therapy. Rosa goes to the hospital to thank Fran for her behaviour towards Toño. The nurses are worried because some of their partners have been fired;...
17 Sep. 2003
Segunda oportunidad
Rusti suspects that Queca is going to be fired and doubts whether to tell her or not. Moreover, the couple has other problems in bed. Later, Rusti confesses to his girlfriend about his infidelity with Esther. Laura makes an important mistake with a patient and this provokes new problems with Andrea, who doubts about Laura's professional capacity. Javier tells Andrea about the possibility of a change of resident. But the pediatrician thinks that the only problem is that Laura must be more concentrated on her work. Dávila clarifies to Elisa that he didn't leave his ...
24 Sep. 2003
La huelga
Most of the nurses in the hospital are in strike and Elisa is exhausted; this causes many problems in the hospital. Queca is depressed and her father talks with Rusti in order to solve this, although his father-in-law doesn't know about Rusti's infidelity with Esther. An Eva's ex partner is in the hospital in order to make an analysis of fertility, while Rosa organizes a conference about first aids with Fran for the gypsy children. There are the first dismissals between doctors that have been in the hospital for less than a year and Andrea is worried because she is in...
1 Oct. 2003
Háblame de Andrea
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8 Oct. 2003
Cambio de planes
Andrea is pregnant but has decided not to continue with her pregnancy; however, she changes her mind in the last moment. Vilches organizes an visit to the hospital for Alejandro and his school partners. An informatic expert who is making a work in the hospital discovers that Teresa's son, who is all the day in front of the computer, is an extraordinary programmer. Dávila doesn't feel well and some proves reveal that something is wrong. Nacho is preparing a party for Fran with Diego and Eva, but the nurse feels jealous when she knows that Rosa also participates in the ...
15 Oct. 2003
¿Quieres hacer el favor de tratarme bien?
Aimé and Cristina are worried about their respective children: Hugo (Cristina's one) hasn't gone to his Maths class and Nuria's babysitter hasn't gone to wait for her at school. Rosa and Fran are in the disco together and her family recriminates the SAMUR doctor because doesn't want him to go out with the girl. An obese patient wakes up in the middle of the operation and listens Andrea making an offensive commentary about his weight. Dávila has been operated because he has a tumor and doesn't tell Elisa about it. Rusti goes to the TV in order to apologize with Queca ...
22 Oct. 2003
Elementos de juicio
Andrea and Laura have to face a death committee for the patient they lost the week before; Andrea recognizes before committee that Laura thinks she has humiliated her during the last months. Fran told Rosa to stay some time without meeting him but misses her and waits her phone call, that doesn't arrive. Dávila is going to be operate for the tumor and, before the intervention, doesn't stop to making jokes, while Elisa is very nervous and worried. Aimé's bother's boyfriend, who has VIH, suffers a psychotic attack and ingresses in the hospital; for this reason, Aimé and...
29 Oct. 2003
El peor día de nuestra vida
Cristina notices that something strange is happening at the hospital as some patients histories have disappeared. Laura is not at her best, she spies on Andrea everywhere and Javier suffers the consequences of the change in her character. Later, he gains success with her while saving the life of a woman using his skills that Laura only witnessed in USA the year before, and apologizes to Javier. Vilches is very hard with a student who practices at the hospital, but she likes him and kisses the doctor, who refutes her although feels also attracted by the girl. Queca is ...
5 Nov. 2003
Sofía, an Argentinian woman that Héctor met in a party, is at hospital with the elder woman she takes care of. Queca is angry because many of the partners of the hospital didn't go to her wedding but Rusti justify them, later all give a present to them: a trip for the Nilo. Dávila suffers a faint while playing golf and Elisa and the oncologist try to make him see that with the chemotherapy he can't do the same life as before. Cristina and Santiago continue to investigate some irregularities with Los Abedules clinic and discover worrying things. Rusti recommends Javier...
12 Nov. 2003
Asuntos de familia
Dávila's health is very complicated and Esther substitutes Elisa as boss of nurses because she wants to spend more time with him. Santiago continues investigating about Los Abedules and Prada offers him money in order to be quiet and not to continue. Laura and Javier have an argument because his mother mentioned the possibility of a wedding between them both. Vilches and Fran have to make an inform together but they don't agree. Sofía asks Héctor to marry him in order to continue living in Spain.
19 Nov. 2003
A driver who transports a dangerous substance in his vehicle has an accident and contaminates the hospital. Many people die, and Rusti is also affected. Javier becomes jealous because Laura went out with Eva and some other friends without him. Héctor marries Sofía in order to allow her to continue to live in Spain. Cristina receives an important quantity of money and suspects that Prada is behind it, and makes sure Santiago knows about it. Dávila is worse and Elisa is continually by his bedside. Esther is a really good temporary replacement as head nurse and Aimé ...
26 Nov. 2003
Hasta que la muerte nos separe
Dávila's health is getting worse and his condition is very worrying, the doctor tells Elisa that he could die and she shelters in her work. Cristina and Laura think that a woman who has stabbed her husband could be psychologically ill-treated and want to investigate, but Aimé doesn't agree. Fran and Eva plan to go to a concert together, but she hasn't already split with Nacho and feels very guilty. Cristina has a tense relationship with Santiago because of the a case but moreover she begins to receive threats.
3 Dec. 2003
Los trapos sucios
Vilches continues going to the psychiatrist, in an attempt to get over his issues with trusting women. Laura is living at Eva's home after her split with Javier. Santiago reveals what had happened with Prada in an interview in the newspaper before resigning as hospital director. Cristina is at hospital and has to take a few months off work. Sofía confesses to Héctor that she is in a relationship with a married man.
10 Dec. 2003
Amores difíciles
Santiago has left the hospital and the media phones continually asking for him. The new director hasn't been decided upon and the hospital is working with many difficulties. Fran doesn't want her relationship with Eva to be public, but Eva doesn't agree and wants to tell Nacho. Later, Nacho tells Eva that has got a job in Barcelona and suggest that she goes there to live with him. Leonor, Javier's ex-girlfriend who was a nurse of the Central and left the hospital two years ago when they broke up, is spending a few days in Madrid and visits waking up Laura's jealousies...
17 Dec. 2003
Vacío de poder
Queca, who is pregnant, is very worried for her baby after attending the birth of a child with Down syndrome. Nacho is at the hospital but doesn't want to talk with Fran and Eva. Esther and Elisa, meanwhile, argue all the time. Laura and Javier's relationship on the other hand couldn't be better and they want to live together again.

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