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Season 15

23 Apr. 2008
Un entierro, una boda y un cumpleaños
Isabel has finally died and the season begins with her burial, but at the same time three new residents arrive in the hospital: Waldo, Enrique and Sofía. Raúl falls in love with Sofia on first sight and a similar thing happens to Alicia with Enrique. Maca tells Héctor and Javier that Vilches is alive, but nobody else must know about it because he is under witnesses protection. Maca tells only Teresa. Mónica and Javier have postponed their honeymoon due to Isabel's death. Aimé tells Maca, although provisionally the new director of the hospital, that he is going leaving...
30 Apr. 2008
Cosa de hombres
Waldo is treating and interesting case with Javier and Sofía feels jealous because she only works with Lola, who tries to establish a good relationship with her without success. Meanwhile, the third new resident, Enrique has kidnapped Alma, the baby whose mother has been operated on at hospital. Aimé has been able to postpone new job in Marseille which initially solves Maca's personal problems. He wants Claudia to go with him and sends her CV to Marseille's hospital, but Claudia is not happy with the way he did it and asks Aimé never to do something like again. Mónica...
13 May 2008
Éxitos y fracasos
Enrique continues with Alma at home while everybody is looking for the baby and her parents are desperate. Finally, Mónica, Raúl and Diego find the baby in a rubbish container, and later Enrique's secret is revealed. Héctor is very happy with Susana's first ultrasound scan and shows it to everybody. Aimé tells Maca that Javier is the best person to occupy his place, but it seems that the pediatrician is not sure about it. She has another option, Héctor, and Aimé doesn't like the fact that Maca ignores his opinion. Sofía asks Maca for a change because she doesn't learn...
21 May 2008
Mañana será otro día
Manuela, a new nurse, arrives to work at the hospital. Nobody knows that this woman is Teresa's estranged sister. When it is discovered, Alicia tries to mediate between the sisters. Mónica's friends set her up (as a joke) with a paper she signed some years ago. Vero and Maca have different opinions about a patient, a girl who lost her mother. It turns out that Vero's diagnosis is correct. Later, Maca asks Vero her opinion about the possibility of having children. Waldo's brother is not concentrating as he is in love but suffers an accident at work.
28 May 2008
Causas y consecuencias
Maca is not satisfied with Manuela's work because many doctors have complaint about her. A girl who was patient of Vero is at hospital and Maca doubts about the psiquiatrician's criteria. Aimé buys many tickets for Claudia to fly and go visiting him in Marseille whenever she wants. Nico's mother is out of prison and Carlos is worried because the boy has to come back with her.
4 Jun. 2008
Amor y otras catástrofes
Sofía is very happy with Rai, because with him, she's learning much more than with Lola. Raúl is thinking about the possibility of presenting his candidature for the place of SAMUR boss, although it means leaving his work with Mónica and Diego. Susana's doctor is pregnant and she has a new gynecologist, and attractive man who provokes Héctor's jealousies. Lola and Rai reconciliate thanks to the history of two very different patients who are in love despite their differences, something similar to thy both. Raúl wants to repeat her meeting with Sofía, but she declines ...
11 Jun. 2008
Baile de máscaras
It's Aimé's last day at hospital and everybody try that he and Maca become reconciliated, Claudia and Vero send them false phone messages in order to provoke the meeting between they both and finally the do the peaces. Esther joins the hospital and has a great welcome of all of their partners, including Vero, who can't avoid feel jealous of Maca's ex wife. Mónica and Javier have a dinner with Javier's mother, who critics all about Mónica and their life together, specially when Trini, the pregnant prostitute, arrives at home asking Mónica for help. Rai decides that it ...
18 Jun. 2008
El valor de los cobardes
After Aimé's left, a new doctor joins the hospital: he is Fernando Mora, a Maca's friend that has been some years without working as a doctor after a problem he suffered in the operating room. Esther is back at hospital and seems to be very happy with her new life, including with Maca's relationship with Vero. Mónica continues very worried and obstinate for Trini and this hurts her marriage with Javier. Lola's mum suffers a little accident and knows Rai at hospital.
25 Jun. 2008
Pide tres deseos
Sofía confesses Rai what happened with his brother, while continues her relationship with Raúl. Maca is jealous because thinks that Esther has supered their split and doesn't mind her. Vero prepares the exam for getting a fix place in the hospital. Lola tries to discover the reason because of what Fernando never operates.
2 Jul. 2008
Cartas a Mayarí
Lola wants to meet new people at the hospital and organizes an activity. Mónica notices that Raúl and Sofía have spent several nights together. She thinks that the SAMUR doctor is in love but Sofía also has sex with Rai. Vero takes the exam to secure a place at the hospital. Waldo tells Alicia that he misses his girlfriend, Mayarí, and writes a letter to her. But he doesn't know how to tell her that has had an argument with her brother, his best friend Edgar. Esther surprises Maca when she gives him documents he has to sign for the divorce; when Vero sees these papers...
9 Jul. 2008
Después del final
Javier suspects that Trini is responsible for the theft in his house, because she had the keys but Mónica continues to trust her. Lola goes hiking on her free day with some partners from the hospital. Darío, appears as a surprise with his girlfriend. Dario and Lola feel attracted to each other, but Lola doesn't want to begin something with a boy who has already partner. Maca asks Javier to work with Fernando, and Sotomayor notices that there is something strange about the new doctor, who doesn't work alone and never operates. Vero is very nervous, expecting the ...
16 Jul. 2008
La carga del diablo
Susana goes to the hospital to give birth and the behavior of her gynecologist stirs Héctor's jealousies one more time. Later, Susana and Héctor become happy parents of a baby girl. Mónica's sister tells Javier her financial problems and ask for his help, but doesn't want the nurses to know about them so Javier makes up another reason for Vanessa's visit. Guillermo, Vilches' son, comes to the hospital with a friend who has mental problems and tells Javier that he has a girlfriend and wants to go and live with her. Waldo is Alicia's new flatmate and she wants to make ...
23 Jul. 2008
Los golpes siguen cayendo
The staff investigates a possible outbreak of legionnaire's disease assisted by Vero's cousin, a biologist with the Ministry of Health.
30 Jul. 2008
Los restos del naufragio
The source for the outbreak is discovered, Rai and Raúl face the disciplinary committee and Fernando's son reappears in a most unexpected way.

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