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Maturing Mary-Kate and Ashley still need to mature
diamonds1717 July 2002
As a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen since the age of 6, I knew I had to see this movie sometime soon. I watched it, applauding Mary-Kate and Ashley's maturity yet disappointed by the plot. Yes, Mary-Kate and Ashley are pretty and perky young girls who have captured the hearts of fans over the years, but as actresses, they still have room to grow. The plot of Holiday in the Sun is cute, but it follows the same route Passport to Paris, Our Lips Are Sealed, and Winning London took: they go to a some foreign country, catch up with (and kiss) two cute boys, shop a bit, and solve some mystery. The plot was cute in Passport to Paris, but now that Mary-Kate and Ashley have grown older, the plot must eventually change.
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Well, it IS an Olsen movie. What did you expect?
blonde_ambition3 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Once again, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie star in a movie in which they are playing themselves. The plot taken from their official site? "Mary-Kate and Ashley are spending Winter Break at the lavish Atlantis, Paradise Island resort in The Bahamas. Their parents bring them along, but that means they have to miss their school trip to Hawaii with all their friends.

Determined to make the best of the situation, the girls decide there's only one thing to do: Unleash a tropical hurricane of off-the-hook action and head-over-heels tropical romance! But, amid the yachts, private jets, wave runners, scuba diving, motor scooters, horseback riding and moonlit strolls, Mary-Kate and Ashley stumble across an antiquities smuggling ring! Mary-Kate and Ashley discover the time of their lives on their... HOLIDAY IN THE SUN." Lets take a look at this...

Note how it says "Mary-Kate and Ashley..." not "Madison and Alex" which is their character names. Once again, the Olsens play the only character they've ever played (and they STILL play it badly): themselves.

The rest of the plot is basically telling you in lesser words how stupid, ridiculous, silly, irritating, and unrealistic the movies is. After all: "Mary-Kate and Ashley are spending Winter Break at the lavish Atlantis, Paradise Island resort in The Bahamas. Their parents bring them along, but that means they have to miss their school trip to Hawaii with all their friends." Thew movie starts with thee twins complaining that they have to go to the Bahamas because they wanted to go to Hawaii instead. Of course, they do go to the Bahamas - on a private jet and in a limo.

"Determined to make the best of the situation, the girls decide there's only one thing to do: Unleash a tropical hurricane of off-the-hook action and head-over-heels tropical romance!" And unleash a hurricane they do. They sneak out, go to parties til way past curfew, get arrested, and still their parents treat them like little angels. Wouldn't a normal parent introduce a little thing called discipline? And yes, once again the Olsen's' spend another movie running around and kissing boys who are about ten years older than them.

"But, amid the yachts, private jets, wave runners, scuba diving, motor scooters, horseback riding and moonlit strolls, Mary-Kate and Ashley stumble across an antiquities smuggling ring! Mary-Kate and Ashley discover the time of their lives on their... HOLIDAY IN THE SUN." Yep, once again the Olsens' spend another movie basically making a video memoir of the time they went water skiing, or swimming with dolphins, or going shopping. And this smuggling plot? Also ridiculous. From the moment they see an old man who has done nothing more than talk to one of their friends, they immediately label him as suspicious. And then comes the hilarious part. Hilerious because it's so stupid. The Olsens' chase this old man. And this guy is about 70 yet they can't keep up with him, and then this old guy does this slow-motion leap over a wall that's only about a foot high. And this is all supposed to be dramatic. The screen time of this smuggling ring? About two minutes.

And the ending cuts to the the Olsens' playing themselves for real, and they come across as REALLY big headed.

Thrown into this already completely stupid movie, is a "cute" kid who is annoying, a mum who you just want to slap.

Unless you have a death wish, or you're planning a vacation to the Bahamas and want to see the scenery, don't watch this movie. There are plenty of better ways you could spend 90 minutes.
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Completly unrealistic!!!!
SpookyPie8810 August 2003
This film is terrible. The whole movie is basically the girls lying on a beach wearing skimpy little bikinis while getting chatted up by boys.It would help if the movie was even slightly realistic, but its not. The twins don't act anything like real teenagers, they seem to be in love with themselves and think anything they do is adorable.

It starts off with them going to the bahamas (when they wanted to go Hawaii *gasp* OMG poor them!) in their fathers private jet and his limo. They then go to the poshest hotel in the bahamas and then spend the whole time kissing boys, shopping, wearing tiny outfits, swimming with dolphins, jet-skiing and drinking smoothies.

A very light plot about some antique theft or something is worked in there too but because the girls are always right and act like they are the top investigators on the island it gets irritating.

The most enjoyable part of the movie is when they steal a boat and even that is hopeless. They just happen to find the antiques at the very moment the police arrive and THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! They must be bloody phsycic or something.

And if you think the girls are annoying you should see the rest of the cast. The twins mum and some little girl esspecially. The whole film sucks and i reccomend that stay well away from this movie.
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Ani185 July 2002
As a film, Holiday in the Sun was not very good. There were holes in the plot (where was Brianna Wallace in the second half of the movie?!) and the character developments were pretty awful. But, I love the Olsen twins and the extremely attractive guys they manage to dig up out of Hollywood, so I would watch this movie multiple times. If you're a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley, you'd probably like this movie. If you're looking for a decent film with substance, search elsewhere.
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Quite possibly the worst movie ever made.
unsolvedmre9 August 2002
Flipping through the channels a couple months ago, I noticed Holiday in The Sun, the newest Olsen Twins movie. Having not seen one since they were much younger, I was a bit curious. What was curiosity soon turned into utter fascination- at how this movie was ever made.

Sure, younger viewers will eat this up, but even a pre-teen should realize what a pitiful movie this is. The twins, in fact, are the best actors featured, which isn't saying much at all. Cliched to the max, the plot mundane and utterly implausible, I was left stunned, and even amused. The camera jerks away from whoever is talking, as I guess the director needed something to keep people awake while watching this train wreck. At times the film switches to black and white, which is supposed to achieve a certain artistic effect, I suppose. Unfortunately, all they've done is switch on "black and white"; these people need to watch "The Man Who Wasn't There" to appreciate what art can go into b & w.
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What happened?
rusapril15 November 2003
You know, I used to think that the Olsen movies were kinda cute. They weren't masterpieces by any means but they were fun for kids. But it seems to me that since the girls have gotten older, say since they've turned about 15, they have really been dissappointing! It all started with that horrible new t.v. show of theirs. All it is is a silly little what boy do you like and which outfit is cuter, ditzy show. Then they turned this movie, and every one since, into a "Hey, look how cute and grown up we are now" kind of movie. This whole movie is just shots of the girls trying to show how pretty they've gotten. They have went from being successful children with a head on their shoulders to a couple of bimbos. I only hope it's just a stage.
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I could have used those brain cells.
evil_lsk31 March 2002
This movie is singlehandedly one of the worst films I have ever seen in my entire life. I'm 15 years old and it embarrasses me that there are people my age who actually enjoy this garbage, it gives reasonably mature and intelligent teenagers a bad name. Not only is this film staunchy, pretencious, wasteful, and incredibly egocentric, it actually cost me a few brain cells that unfortunately withered away while watching it. Overall, the filmmakers of this movie are trying extremely hard to make it art-house, (the camera use, etc) but all they end up doing is making fools of themselves and tripping all over this film. And shame on them for using the title of one of the best and most important Sex Pistols songs in this demeening manner!
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very disappointing
charmedchick26 November 2001
I was really disappointed with this movie. I usually really like mary-kate and ashley movies. They're not always very beliveable and they can be a little cheesy at times but they're always really enjoyable and a lot of fun. It wasn't so much the writing that bugged me, though the story did seem to go by without a lot of explaing or detail. It was the filming. This movie had to have the worst filming I've EVER seen. The shots were so weird sometimes and there was A LOT of close ups. One of the things that bugged me was that half of the film felt like you were watching a home movie that was taped by a five year old. Sometimes it looks like a movie and others it looks like it was filmed on a home video camera and the shots aren't very steady. I also thought that the way they ended it was weird.
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I was 10 when i first watched this film and still haven't got over it!
miss-marissa-xox3 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I used to love Mary-kate and Ashley films when i was too young to really understand the plot, but as soon as i hit double figures i discovered that the films were just air-headed bimbos flaunting the fact that they can be in their own movies. The film starts off by the bratty girls moaning that they cant go to Hawaii because they're going to the Bahamas in Daddy's private jet! OH NO. The so called villain Champlain (who's name must have been thought up by a recovering alcoholic who cant let go of his Champagne loving life) must be a sprint athlete! He must be touching 60 but still managed to 'run' away from MK&A in the 'chase scene' that makes Tom&Jerry chase scenes look like they should be 18 Rated. Why the hell was everyone allowed out on their own all the damn time?! Their dad seemed quite adamant that he wanted them to go to the Bahamas, so why when they got there did they all just ditch each other? Even Keegan, who looked like she isn't even in secondary education yet, was allowed to the beach on her own to drink root beer. Yes OK then. Breanna Wallis, who's friends were so far up her bum i could see them poking out of her mouth, was badly acted out and had no real role to play other than bunny-boiler! Griffin who 'isnt so geeky anymore' and all the so-called Hunks that all the girls love, cant act to save their lives and seem to get pleasure out of stalking MK&A until they get to make out with them. How many smoothies do two people need to consume in one movie?! Oh god and talk about clichés.. The police just happen to turn up as they happen to uncover some 'evidence.' 'You want evidence?, We got evidence.' No! shut up, don't talk to police like they are dumb. And why the hell weren't the twins locked up for stealing a boat? I'm from england and if i was to go to the port, break into a yacht, drive it without any form of license, search it and then when the police came to arrest me, i acted cocky, i would be banged up! I wanted to scratch my eyeballs out.
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The cliched of the cliched!
LokiNoMiko3 June 2002
OK, stop me if you've heard this one: two annoyingly superficial prepubescent blonde twins go to a foreign country. There they meet two boys their same age (who are equally cute) and hook up. During all their foreign-adventures (like tasting the food, going wind-surfing, etc) a lame-ass subplot is forming, so at the very end of the movie it completely botches up what little plot had been built upon before.

Oh, wait... That sounds like every Olsen twins movie EVER. "Holiday in the Sun" doesn't disappoint us; it follows the exact same guidelines.

The Olsen twins' goal in life seems to be insulting teenagers everywhere. I have never met anyone that shallow in my life, and I find it terribly offensive to allude that we're like that in any way.

I'd like to tell the Olsen twins that 1) boys are not everything, and (this might be a surprise to you) a vacation CAN be complete without meeting any, 2) We do not wear what you wear, and we honestly don't care that you can afford it, and 3) if you want to make a movie, the first thing you need is some semblance to a plot. Meeting cute guys while some people are stealing antiques is not a plot. Meeting cute guys while some jewel thiefs linger around is also not a plot. Meeting cute guys while staying in a foreign country is not, and will never be under any circumstance, a plot.

"Holiday in the Sun" makes me sad, because it means that the Olsen twins are shoving crap that they say is an "accurate portayal of teenage life" into the public eye. Thus, adults treat teenagers as the stupid, vapid people the OLSEN TWINS are, and not every other person in America.

If you like this movie, then you are either freakishly bored or you are as shallow as they are.

I wonder why ABC Family continues to rerun everything they've done?
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Please kill me!
LauraH24776 June 2002
I was at a birthday party for a friends daughter and she and her little friends insisted on watching this. I have hated the Olsen twins since I was a kid and the little frog-eyed brats were on Full House, so I didn't think this movie would surprise me any. I was right. These girls are so in love with themselves, it's pathetic. You can never forget you're watching a movie because these girls obviously can't forget there's a camera on them. Every word or gesture is so trite and cute you'll be barfing before the first ten minutes is up. Well, anyway, the twins play...twins, on vacation with their idiotic, over-indulgent parents. They meet some guys. Some snotty girl is snotty to them. They look wide-eyed and bat their lashes. They wear clothes that are way too revealing for fifteen-year-old girls. They get caught doing wrong and sweet talk their way out of it. They bore you to death with this crap. You WILL not finish this movie if you're over age 12, because you will be too busy sleeping before it's halfway finished. Just my opinion. Bye.
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We are rich, we are cute. We don't need any intelligence...
vincentga25 December 2005
1/10 (It's pity we can't give zero)

I try all time listen all movies I rent/buy, But this mov… this thing is so boring that in each minute I want stop it. Hopefully I'm a very courageous guy and so I watch this "thing" up to end.

It's one of more horrible things I see until now. Ufff ! We can resume this thing like that: We are rich, we are cute. We don't need any intelligence cause people love us and all what we do. We love capitalist world and life is a big smile.

This thing is like their life I'm sure. And it's must be so tough to have this kind of life. This thing is another proof you don't need any intelligence to be rich. Just be cute and lucky and the World is your.

I'm sorry to say that, but after to watch this "thing" I feel vomit…
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Corny Fun Kids Movies don't get any better than this!
Cherry345112 January 2008
I remember as a kid waiting all year for a new Mary-Kate and Ashley movie to come out, anticipating where in the world they would go on their next adventure. Back then Mary-Kate and Ashley were like God. I remember watching their movies in awe, wishing my life was exactly like theirs! Last night I watched Holiday in the Sun for the first time in about 5 years, and I can still quote almost every line word for word! Sure the plot is ridiculously unrealistic and you can predict the ending after watching it for 10 minutes, but if you are watching a MK and A movie, you aren't watching it for the gripping plot and surprising twists. So bottom line, no this movie will never win an Oscar or be remembered as one of the best movies of it's time. But if you are a true fan, that actually might be true. It's corny, it's cheesy, it's not going to provoke your thoughts, but if you want a classic Mary-Kate and Ashley movie that you can't walk away from without feeling good, Holiday in the Sun is the perfect choice!
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sweet_fairy_princess16 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
There is no point to this movie. Honestly, you spend a little over an hour looking at various shots of the twins and the Bahamas respectively. The whole antiques smuggling thing seems like an afterthought to give the story SOME plot. The acting was terrible and the characters were highly unrealistic, especially the parents. After bailing their kids out of jail, the parents simply reprimand them and basically act as though nothing happened. What annoyed me most in the movie was the script. It was stupid and utterly pointless. What was with all those idiotic arguments that the twins had about various proverbs? I mean, what was their purpose? I was forced to watch this by my sister and we both agreed it was positively revolting.
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Complete Garbage
rscampb8 June 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Save your yourself the cost of the video, this is on TV far too frequently and it is cheaper to change the channel than return the video. The entire plotline of this movie is how two teenage girls run around with two boys breaking onto a yacht and stealing it, trespassing on private property, disappearing without telling anybody where they are going and lying to their parents when they get caught. Clearly these girls are saying that if you have money it is okay to lie, cheat and steal without consequence.
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playdoughqueen1 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is just bad. *WARNING! SPOILERS!* The girls go on vacation and meet 2 guys who fall in love with them....sound familiar? All their movies have the same plot; they travel to some exotic location, prance around in expensive designer clothes and meet some guys that fall in love with them because they are just "so drop dead gorgeous".

Not only is the storyline dull and badly written, the camera work looks like it was filmed by a 5 year old. I thought it was very annoying how the camera kept moving around. It made it hard to focus on what was going on and it just looked bad.

Overall, this film sucks. Don't waste your time watching it, unless you are like me and it happens to be on tv one day while you are bored. Its fun to laugh at.
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This is the Worst Movie of all Time
ertlejosh30 May 2005
This Olsen Twin Movie was totally pointless. There is not even a story to tell in this bad acted movie. The only thing the director is doing is trying to model guys and make them look good on camera. It is getting so irritating of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to play every role together. It got old 10 years ago. They are terrible actresses and it seems like all of their movies are all the same. This movie had no good story line and no interesting characters. It was a complete bomb and I cant believe the Olsen twins are making millions making this cheesy, pointless junk. This is honestly the worst TV movie of all time along and running closely behind are all the other lame TV movies that the Olsen's have starred in.
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A Little Bit of Everything... Yet a Typical Olsen Twin Movie
lillygirl907 July 2002
Ah, yes. Another Olsen twin movie. Their movies do usually follow the same plot. They travel somewhere cool, meet "cute" guys (who i think are ugly), and have a problem. This movie was good, i guess, but a typical Mary-Kate and Ashley film. I guess it's acceptable, but the Olsen twins are just a tad bit over rated and I hope that their next film is just a little unique, or at least with special guests or something.
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The Olsen Twins In The Bahamas
Desertman8411 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Olsen Twins get featured in a film that was shot on location at the Bahamas.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen portray Madison and Alex Stewart respectively.They happen to be twin sisters from Illinois.After being disappointed when they did not go to Hawaii for their winter break,they tried to make it up when they were brought to the Atlantis Paradise Island.They meet cute boys but later realize that they are involved in stealing antiques.They also find their friend Jordan get set up for a crime she did not commit. The twins made some actions to clear her name as she was wrongfully arrested.Despite of these problems that they encounter,they still managed to enjoy their vacation in the Bahamas.

The Olsen Twins finally took part in a refreshing screenplay that made them play more mature individuals instead of the usual roles that they portray in their previous movies.Despite of it,there is nothing worthwhile can be said in their performance.Nevertheless,it was better film as compared to what projects they get involved with.
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Worst "Movie" I have ever seen
mattmiller05123 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen a lot of bad movies in my time. I do go out of my way to find these bad movies just because of the comedy factor. But after light heartedly agreeing to watch this film, I would soon become brain dead.

Here is a rundown of the story, the twins are about to embark on a school holiday to Hawaii when their extremely rich father sweeps them away and tells them that they are going on a family holiday to the Bahamas. "Oh no!" the girls cry. Oh No? I would not be complaining if my parents took me on a luxury holiday to the Bahamas on a private jet. When they reach their holiday destination the film takes a strange turn, it stops being a movie and becomes a badly filmed promotional video for the luxury Atlantis Holiday Resort, featuring obvious stock footage of cameras swooping from above. This HOUR long section features little story but a huge emphasise on having fun splashing about in one of the Atlantis' many pools and have a large quantity of smoothies (even the cups feature the Atlantis logo). There are completely pointless scenes showing their parents having fun in the sea, who cares what the mum and dad are doing, I thought this was about the twins. Also their dad wanted them to spend a holiday together, yet the parents and twins seem to spend at least three quarters of the film apart, letting their daughters splash around in the pool with boys in the dark, the characters have to be at maximum 15 years old in this film, I can safely say that having money does not make you a good parent.

During the having fun in the sun section we are however introduced to some other characters such as the local "hunk" (or pool cleaning boy) and the totally horrible for no reason girl of the film Brianna (Played by Megan Fox in her debut role). After some really poor attempts at villainy Brianna slowly backs down and fades into obscurity. After more splashing around there is suddenly a story about some treasures that had been stolen. At this point I had no idea what was going on, suddenly the film laid on a really poor attempt of a story after about an hour of birds eye views of the hotel complex. They go into prison for the first time, I didn't really understand why it happened and the pool boy is kept in there whilst the always conscientious Mary-Kate and Ashley are set free with their geek friend. They then start to chase this old man, who we aren't introduced to. The chase scene is pretty poor and they end up finding the man's yacht. Soon after they then proceed to steal the yacht for no apparent reason and the police are hot on their trail. When the police catch up with them they somehow find the treasure on board, and treat the police as if they are completely stupid saying "You want evidence, this is evidence", the police make a "Oh you girls!" face and not arresting them for stealing a yacht. The end of the film is so terrible its not even worth mentioning but I won't spoil the really terrible surprise.

The film is dizzying, every shot is at a angle, changing from side to side. There are far too many close ups, and the camera shakes a lot on these. Filters on the footage are constantly changing (e.g. black and white, old film style). Overall the filming would give any viewer a headache or motion sickness. I have no idea what they wanted to achieve by doing all of these "artistic" shots. The worst thing about this film is that it is so unrealistic and bland. This is bad for even Mary- Kate and Ashley's standards.

Final words: Its so bad, it isn't even funny, its embarrassing.
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hold on to the reality, young girls..worst movie ever!!
lin geria28 May 2012
Okay..i have plenty words to describe this movie.. but for the best, the list is not going to be that long. So much i want to protest this movie, how much i highly don't want to recommend this movie to young girls, its up to every young girl if they want to believe this story or not.

First of all, this story is about two young girls in a "blossoming age, 15 years old" planning their travel plans to Hawaii because its where they friends are. Then their father telling instead they go to Bahamas in their private jet, because of the good work they did in school(which is a true thing to in teenage life, i agree with that point). But when they go to Bahamas, they suddenly got picked by a white limousine(Okay, when you are looking for an exotic place to go and relax, a limousine would be the answer? okay i agree with that point if its got an air condition). Then they booked in to the most first class hotel, then got their own suite and showing their expensive clothes, walking like they just entered the red carpet in the lobby. Brianna(Megan fox), a snotty rich girl came in front of these two queens of the palace. Its like "Oh no, a sexy "matured" rich woman is taking over our palace, she stands in the way of us, the most beautiful and smartest teenager in the world. and the next thing, the beach is ready for these smart princesses. They take a bath in the sun and comments every guy that doesn't even notice them and they're "Looks like he is ready for marriage". A parachuter notice them, he runs to them giving party-invitations( Well in reality we all know what these guys really are after, advantaging and abuse) And these teens are like "very impressive". Every guy that runs up to them, just for a talk have to threat them like queens, its their guys no matter how many they might be, they are not allowed to treat us bad, because we are so gorgeous and are sickeningly rich.

Okay the whole story and these irritating expectations for a young girl just sickens me. It doesn't compare to the reality of a teenager, "Rich, smart and gorgeous". Please read about the slum in Kambodsja, Sierra Leone and Phillipines. Young girls are close to the edge of loosing all the good things, a good family, a house and food. their biggest task is to earn money like heading to prostitution to even get a tiniest thing. If there's a really great movie that a young girl are interest to be inspired of, it is "Thirteen" and "13 going 30". These two movies are perfect examples showing that having everything "hot guys, expensive clothes and a wild high title - ambitions isn't as great as it seems to be. please see these two great movies compared with "Holiday in the Sun". And you see enormous differences between these story's.
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Nearly a musical, v1.20
annevejb10 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I read this story as about kids facing the mid teens hurdles, but the trouble shown so painfully that it gets in the way of the story, for me. This is an MK&A that I would prefer a personalised edited copy of, bits are that painful.

It starts really cringe-y in a school in Illinois and is still cringe-y as they get to the airport to fly to an island, not the island that they hoped to go to. Then it improves a lot, though Bahamas is considered Caribbean rather than Atlantic or Sargasso.

There is a detective story added to it, a fairly standard plot element in stories for girls, but I find that actually detracts. In their 2002 feature When In Rome they also had that plot element and I can only really like the feature when interpreted from the view of the alternative ending. That scuttles the stereotypes that had been building up. Holiday has the twins facing Champlaine, a successful Caribbean individualist as regards State law versus the individual. They side with the police for what to me are the wrong reasons, very Famous Five. So far, the kid detective one of theirs that I can like as-is is Grandmother (1992), Double, Double of 1993 has lots that is even better, just it ends with the baddie being thrown into everlasting hell. So, Lips has a certain fascination, … .

Bad girl Brianna, Megan Fox in her first screen role. Way too scary for me. Yet in Confessions Of A … she plays bad girl Carla with a bad girl style that is entertaining rather than killing her bits of the story dead.

Scary Movie. I mess up by considering the twins' features from year 1999, Switching Goals, as a fuller story about kids facing the teen hurdles. Add the problem series So Little Time and it gets scarier. If the polo scene of Pretty Woman (1990) links with this then it is horror of horrors. Actors really do not get paid enough. Such as M-K&A really need healthier helps for facing the teens hurdle on two feet and more fully okay. Holiday shows them getting experience of sending law breakers to the icebox.

More, are the script and production values of lower quality than with their previous features? The ending is a lot about responsibility being heaped on the twins. Advertising says that It Is What You Watch. Being a teen can be not fun.

Further, the DVD soundtrack is mostly different to the associated soundtrack CD. It is okay and includes two songs sung 'live'. I would have preferred the twins to be singing too, they are on the CD.


Just prior, Winning London. I find this wobbly. At first it felt brilliant but I overdid the number of times that I re-watched it.

After this there is So Little Time TV series then Getting There (2002) then When in Rome (2002/I) then The Challenge (2003) then New York Minute (2004/I). I find the TV series to be disaster just because of the technical style, loud canned laughter as an added extra, without the can it would be nice. Getting There as a mix of very okay and just a bit wrong. When In Rome capable of being experienced as mostly very okay, but that needing work.

The Challenge completes the travel series and does so in style. One of the very best M-K&A features followed by a short reprise of the twins' loves and themselves during these. A quality achievement just before the big crash? Our Lips Are Sealed is quality too. The parties, ditto.

New York Minute (2004). First viewing, before knowing any other of their stuff, to me it felt empty. Except now that I have seen most of their works it is suddenly really okay, gripping right from the start and with a feature film quality that gives it something that the other works lack, though It Takes Two is maybe also available in a wide screen version, if at a higher than MyPrice price.

The pattern that I noticed about teenage hurdles, to me it is there but now reading differently because I experience New York Minute so differently. How to interpret this? I am now getting to know Full House, season 1 having inspired acting and direction for them at age one. Full House, all seasons, might just be essential viewing for MK&A addicts and those who try to ponder deeper meanings in their screen life.

Holiday in the Sun does include some quality music on the soundtrack, though. Even better than with The Challenge.


New York Minute (2004/I) .... The Challenge (2003) (TV) .... When in Rome (2002/I) (V) .... Getting There (2002) (V) .... "So Little Time" (26 episodes, 2001-2002) .... Holiday in the Sun (2001) (V) .... Winning London (2001) (V) .... Our Lips Are Sealed (2000) .... Switching Goals (1999) (TV) .... Passport to Paris (1999) (V) .... "Two of a Kind" (22 episodes, 1998-1999) .... Billboard Dad (1998) .... It Takes Two (1995) .... How the West Was Fun (1994) (TV) .... The Little Rascals (1994) .... Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (1993) (TV) .... To Grandmother's House We Go (1992) (TV) .... "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" (1 episode, 1992) .... "Full House" (174 episodes, 1987-2005). Also such as the Adventures and Party series.
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Only for Olsen Twins fans...
FurBallsUnite31 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
As with my other Olsen Twins flicks, I feel that this must be judged against one another, not with Hollywood's other movies. Hence the 6/10 rating.

I feel that this movie would only be meaningful to people who fall in the following categories: those want to beat the winter blues, people preparing a trip to the Bahamas, people who like to see the Olsens in bikinis or like their fashion sense, or extreme Olsen Twins fans. This was my first Olsen Twins movie, and I'm glad I went on and watched others, but I still remain true to this one. The plot is quite weak; the antique smuggling bit doesn't really come in until much later in the movie, which renders it a little pointless. The same problem was present in their flick "When in Rome." This movie would probably seriously bore people who do not fall into the four categories I listed above to tears. Personally, I love to watch this movie in the dead cold of the winter to beat the winter blues. The Bahamas scenery really cheers me up, but I hardly pay any attention to the "plot." I have seen this movie more times than I can count because of the brutal winters here. My advice is to ask yourself if you fall into any of the four aforementioned categories before thinking about watching this movie. If you don't, then you probably should not even bother. For the rest, pull up a chair and prepare yourself for some majorly addictive cheesiness.
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Not one of their best works
Trackgirly2826 June 2002
Okay, I was babysitting and the girls wanted to watch it with me so I did. I really liked Winning London because the plot was awesome and the acting wasn't too shabby. The movie's plot was only okay and it seemed like one giant advertising for Atlantis. However, I have been to the resort and it's really not possible to film a movie there and not advertise it because its just so incredible there. The character of Briana was good, prob just because its cool to see someone actually defying MK&A for once. But she didn't come back in the second half when she should have. I'm guessing that the slow motion shots and the black and white ones were put in as fillers to make the movie longer. The last big problem was the ending. It was way too predictable. So, I would recommend renting Winning London or possibly Our Lips... but this one just wasn't worth it. Positives: What lip gloss do the twins use b/c their lips always look awesome. And major props for putting Weezer's Island in the sun song in the movie, it added a lot. I give this movie a 6 out of ten
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dobsomka2 May 2002
i am getting very tired of the same plots in all their movies all they do is go out of the usa meet cute boys and go home. i love watching them on tv and movies but it comes to a point when it gets to old. the bst movie the twins have made so far is it takes two the plot is not the same as their other movies and they are very good actors. even though hoilday in the sun was the same plot as their other movies i have to say i did kind of like it.
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