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Nia Peeples performed all of her own stunts for the martial arts sequences
All indoor prison scenes were shot in an old STASI prison in Berlin/Germany.
The script to this film was written ten years prior to filming as "The Rock" but there was another script with the same title that was filmed so this one had to wait ten years later to be done
Some aerial shots were taken from Michael Bay's film The Rock (1996) that got cut from that film.
The shot of the skydivers jumping out of the airplane is footage from Navy Seals (1990).
In an article for the German publication Berliner Kurier, Wolfgang Lindner recalls the eccentricities of Steven Seagal on the set. Reportedly, Seagal traveled everywhere in the company of a Buddhist adviser whose verdicts on the state of Seagal's karma would be reason enough for Seagal to halt filming for a day.
During production, Steven Seagal re-injured his knee, necessitating the casting of Wolfgang Lindner as an additional stunt double to Joseph Billingiere.
As of 2009, this is the only Steven Seagal film that is rated PG-13.
This was Steven Seagal's last film to be given a theatrical release until the upcoming Machete (2010). All of his other films in between were released directly to video.
Near the beginning while the PST news report is running, the scroll at the bottom is either ridiculous or reflects the politics of the writers/producers and also in one case contradicts itself. As follows: Middle East Crisis Escalates, Stock Prices Surge - Pessimism Ebbing, Economy Sluggish-Gross National Product Flatlining, 27 Foot Great White Shark caught off Barrier Reef, Polar Ice Caps Melt-Global Warming to Blame.

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