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It's a unique trip that flirts with hokeyness at the surface but that grows more compelling, awe-inspiring, and tragic the deeper you go.
Despite over-ripe narration and an understandable urge to cram too much in, Ghosts of the Abyss is a thrilling documentary.
New York Post
An enthralling 3-D IMAX documentary.
Entertainment Weekly
Cameron wants to take the audience ''back to 'Titanic,''' but the journey's magic is hemmed in, paradoxically, by the transcendence of his previous effort; surely he must know that a lot of us never left.
Chicago Sun-Times
If Cameron wants to be a pioneer instead of a retro hobbyist, he should obviously use Maxivision 48, which provides a picture of such startling clarity that it appears to be 3-D in the sense that the screen seems to open a transparent window on reality. Ghosts of the Abyss would have been incomparably more powerful in the process.
New York Daily News
Though younger fans of Cameron's 1997 blockbuster may be a little disappointed at the lack of, well, Leo, Cameron persuades us to share his obsession with the ship's history.
The film's underwater views are breathtaking, as are its drawings and photographs of the Titanic's original splendor.
Miami Herald
The more you know about the 1912 tragedy, the more you will appreciate the sights of Ghosts of the Abyss.
The Hollywood Reporter
The 3-D footage of Titanic does speak volumes, and sometimes the sheer fussiness of all the ghosts and archival images get in the way. As huge as the Imax screen is, when six different images vie for one's attention, it looks cluttered.
Wall Street Journal
If only there'd been a chance to contemplate the legend in blessed silence.
Occasionally exciting but carefully controlled.

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