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A woman's love for hip hop grows as she ages and learns the significance behind it as well as who it represents.
a_shiman30 May 2005
My summary of the movie is my opinion. I love this movie because I feel that Sidney Shaw is using a metaphor throughout the whole movie. She is comparing Hip Hop to her best friend Dre, both of which are alike. I find this movie amazing because of all the metaphors found within the movie, that only one can find if they look closely.

For example, when Sidney and Dre are in the store looking at something to buy for her new place, they come across a "vase" and the woman at the store explains to them that many couples enjoy that piece. Later within the movie, you see that that vase is in Sidney's house.

I also enjoy this movie because everything that is said, and everything that is done within the movie has a meaning behind it. Foreshadowing is found everywhere, you just have to look closely enough for it. Nothing in this movie is done without a reason.

Every line said within the movie is said beautifully and has significance behind it. My favourite line within the movie, that I've carried with me ever since I heard it is, "So what is the difference between rap and hip-hop? It's simple. It's like the difference between saying you love somebody and being IN love with somebody. Rap is just a word." When I heard that line, I fell in love with this movie and I had to watch it over again, and I have watched it many times. Each time I find more meanings that I missed the first time. What I like even more about this movie is that they use actual artists in the movie that state their opinion on "When they first fell in love with Hip Hop." "Brown Sugar" spoke to me. It's real. Nothing in it is fake like in the majority of movie's these days which is why I think I enjoy it so much. I recommend this movie to anyone who has a passion about something or to anyone who looks for significant meanings behind anything.
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A hip-hop culture/romantic comedy that avoids the gags of both genres
jransom3 April 2003
Brown Sugar (2002) could have been retitled Love & Hip-hop if only to simplify matters. Like Love & Basketball, it marries the tried-and-true romantic flick formula to the emergence of mainstream "black" culture. Because of these similarities and the presence of Sanaa Lathan, most viewers will quickly lump Brown Sugar into one of two pools. They will either see it as yet another "black" film about a lifestyle that was once counter-cultural and is now, thanks to MTV, cliched or as one more in a long line of romantic comedies.

This film fits into both categories but is far better than most of its fellow films. The hip-hop culture is a childhood background that has turned into a profitable lifestyle for Dre and Sid, the two main characters. Their careers are products of the American craze for pop culture but their love for hip-hop is strong enough to allow them the hope that they can somehow make a difference in the business. Films with black stars tend either to drown them with imagery of the ghetto (a la Menace II Society, Baby Boy, etc) or completely ignore the African-American element, dress the characters in business suits, and absorb them into the "white" corporate world of success. Brown Sugar does neither. Hip-hop is natural to Dre and Sid and is present in their conversations without being obtrusive. Writer Michael Elliot is wise to let them lead their lives in the corporate world without ever losing their childhood backgrounds.

In the other camp, romantic comedies generally sacrifice character development and plausibility to accomodate the dreaded near-misses, love misunderstandings, and the climatic scene where the man publicly confesses his undying love. For the most part, Brown Sugar steers clear of these pitfalls and remains true to its characters. The movie never pretends that any of its characters are perfect or indeed that any of them are ever sure of any of their emotions. This is not a fairy tale movie where characters have sex because they are in love. This film is more realistic. The characters are young and romantic at heart and for one reason or another, they find sex first. That then leads them to at least the misguided pretense of love. As one character explains it, "put a man and a woman together for long enough and something's bound to happen." Infidelity is shown as a sign of emotional uncertainty not of villainy. Even the best of the characters eventually considers it. But neither Famuyiwa's camera or Elliot's script vilify them for it. The characters earn the viewer's sympathy despite their mistakes and when confronted by their angry spouses, they do try their best to be honest and direct.

The script also avoids the kinds of contrived jealousy traps that most romantic comedies rely on. When one character finally falls for another and acts on his feelings, he is not lead astray by a misunderstanding. He arrives early enough to realize that she has managed to find love elsewhere while he was making up his mind, but too late to do anything about it. Even the public pronouncement of love is cleverly flipped. All in all, this movie should be watched by anyone who has seen one too many weak romantic or African-American comedies and needs to be reminded that a string of bad movies does not ruin a genre.
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Good in oh so many ways
Jeff27 February 2003
A delightful film from the beginning to the end. I liked this film for so many reasons. The primary reasons are the following:

1) A creative and deep look at the impact of hip hip as a music and culture on individuals 2) Beautiful chemistry between the characters Sidney and Dre. 3) Mos Def - period 4) Sanaa Lathan - for her essense as an actress in this film, as well as her amazing beauty. 5) Hip Hop Cameos

The start of the film was especially interesting with the old school (and some new) artists explaining their love of hip hop. I've grown so tired of seeing these new rap films with phony actors like Master P, Snoop, and the Roc-A-Fella crew. It was rewarding to see hip hop artists in a film IN THEIR ELEMENT. With that, I'd like to point out that Mos Def has established himself as one of the few rappers who has sucessfully crossed into the film industry without totally insulting the quality of movies (2pac, Will Smith, Ice-T to some degree, and Eve are a few of the better acting ones).

Aside from the hip-hop aspects, the romantic part of the movie worked very well for me. I really enjoyed the up and down relationship of Sidney and Dre. It helps that I love Sanaa Lathan no doubt, but overall it really was an enjoyable romantic comedy in that aspect. Taye Diggs was cast well as Dre, and I thought he showed a good perspective on the being-real v. getting-money battle that so many in the industry go through.

The Cameos were great with everyone from Russell Simmons to good ol' Angie M. up in the New York Studios. Personally surprising to me was seeing one of the assisant basketball coaches at my univeristy appear as a bartender. Questlove, Kool G. Rap, De La Soul all had good comments.

I can't refrain from commenting on Mos Def's character hitting up on Queen Latifah. hahaha, what a great series of scenes. Also cool was the reappearing blue vase (notice that?).

If you haven't seen the film, go out and rent it. Enjoy! 9/10
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One of the best love stories on film!
bless120 March 2007
This movie is ultimately one of the best love stories i have seen on film.You don't even have to like hip hop to enjoy this movie. It will make you laugh, and it will even make you cry(tears of joy). Lathan and Diggs light up the screen together. It's a beautiful love story which sends a message of how to friends can really fall in love. It will certainly make you think twice about that friend of the opposite sex, that you have known for years, that you find attractive, that doesn't have a mate. It's just a wonderful movie to see, its not too raunchy on language or sex scenes. It's kind of funny how something like hip hop music can join two people together.
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I still love H.E.R.
dee.reid10 February 2006
They're both approaching 30 and have found success in their different but equally demanding careers. He's a hip-hop producer/exec, and she's a magazine editor for XXL. Their relationship is defined by their mutual love of hip-hop, and for each other. His name is Dre (Taye Diggs) and her name Sidney (Sanaa Lathan).

It was three years ago that I fell in love with H.E.R. (a girl named Katie) and offered her "Brown Sugar" as a Valentine's Day gift and for her birthday (which was two weeks later). For most who fell in love with H.E.R., hip-hop started back in the '70s with DJ Kool Herc driving around the Bronx flatlands blaring the sound of a new era on his speakers. For me, I fell in love with H.E.R., hip-hop, the first time I heard "Walk This Way" by Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith, which was recorded in 1986.

Director Rick Famuyiwa has a passion for the music, and it seems to have culminated with "Brown Sugar," a film that some have called an urban version of "When Harry Met Sally" with a hip-hop beat. Sidney begins nearly every interview with the same question: How did you fall in love with hip-hop? For her, it was July 18, 1984, when she discovered a music genre with break dancing, DJing, emceeing, and graffiti tagging - the four elements of hip-hop.

It's the passion for the rhythm and the beat that brought Sidney and Dre together as children. Early in their time in college, they both considered giving it a go at romance, but Sidney decided it wouldn't be right. Her close friend Francine (Queen Latifah) warns she's turning into a Terry McMillian character. Now, as adults with careers and goals, their romance lives have taken radically different courses. Dre has become engaged to Reese (Nicole Ari Parker), who is beautiful and not some monster as movies like this would require. There is a sense of sincerity in a scene where she and Sidney confront one another about Dre.

Dre, meanwhile, who works for Millennium Records, has been assigned by his boss (Wendell Pierce), who wants MTV rotation, to produce a pair of jokesters named Ren and Ten and who call themselves the "Hip-Hop Dalmations" - "they represent that whole unity (that's 'u.n.i.t.y.') thing." Dre quits Millennium after this fiasco and decides to start his own label by first signing Chris Shawn (Mos Def), who he believes is a real artist. Dre and Sidney both realize they have to keep their feelings for one another on the down-low, especially since she is now involved with professional ballplayer Kelby Dawson (Boris Kodjoe).

"Brown Sugar" works as a pretty sweet romantic comedy that also doubles as a metaphor for the loss of dignity in hip-hop. Sid and Dre's being in love is paralleled against hip-hop's acceptance into the mainstream, and its loss of any meaningful qualities. They both feel the beat, and the passion since that day in July 1984 when they fell in love with the same thing, and its growth over the years. But despite the over-commercialization of my favorite music genre, one thing is certain:

I still love H.E.R.

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dscorpiondon20 February 2004
I put this movie in the same category as The Wood. Here it's all about an era, were the music meant everything from the DJ to the MC. In the movie you have a brother who loves the music, and a woman who can't understand the brother's love for it and how it seems to drive him. On the flip side you have another woman that understands the brother, and supports the brother (take note ladies SUPPORT we need it). What makes this a good movie, or love story is it could really happen. Imagine finding a supportive soulmate who is down for you, and you could relate to on many levels. However, often times that is never who you end up with for one reason or another. If your feeling this holla back.
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I first fell in love w/ hip hop..........
LARRYLOVE71130 October 2002
..........when I heard Spoonie G's Love Rap & Spoonin' Rap. Hip hop was ingrained into me and many native new yorkers just like the movie portrayed it. The movie speaks to my heart, in that hip hop has been romanticized on the big screen....finally!

Sanaa was great, DIggs was great, Mos Def and La were both off the hook. The essence of hip hop was put up on the screen in this movie, so if you didn't know before, you've seen it now.

I went to high school with Slick Rick, Dana Dane and the whole Kangol Crew (Al Sneed, Lance Brown and Omega the Heartbreaker to sum them up) and know them personally. The opening sequence in the park with the three aforementioned rappers doing their thing brought tears to my eyes......that was the purity of hip hop, before millions could be made....these cats were street celebrities that you could reach out and touch at anytime.

The simple fact that the movie is saturated in hip hop culture is enough of a remark for anyone who is in LOVE with hip hop.

ANyone who slammed this movie as dumb or stupid is quite simply cuturally just don't understand.

As far as comments go about the movie's shortcomings.....please, spare me the high-minded movie speak. If you didn't live it, you can't say what is and isn't believable. I KNOW these characters in many different people that I deal with....the director and writers GOT it.

It's like that, y'all!!
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I hope the movie industry continues to make african-american movies like this!
rbritton18 October 2002
I just loved this movie!!!! It brought back the "old-fashioned" love story. Everyone was so good in it but I thought the actor who stood out was Mos Def especially with his "Humphrey Bogart/Casablanca" analogy. It was just too funny and yet it made a lot of sense. Also his conversation with Boris Kodjoe in the kitchen was also very funny. This (to me) seems to be the first piece of film work that took hip-hop seriously and beautifully incorporated it into a love story. I was also impressed with the fact that there was no nudity and hardly no profanity.
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"You are the perfect verse over a tight beat"
Newsense9 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Its kind of sad that I couldn't find this DVD in stores and had to revert to purchasing it online at You can find 100 copies of some overrated blockbuster in these stores but you cant find one copy of Brown Sugar. I think somebody is making sure that we remain sheep-like trendies. At any rate...

The story is about Sydney(Sanaa Lathan) and Dre(Taye Diggs). Two best friends that have feelings for each other but never attempted to date each other. Sydney is a journalist and Dre is a record executive at Millennium Records. Dre ends up marrying a woman he just met(played by Nicole Ari Parker) and Sydney is not too happy about it. Sydney ends up dating a ball player(played by Boris Kodjoe) and they end up getting engaged. Dre has to deal with with a record label that only cares about making money and Sydney has to deal with her feelings for Dre.

Sanaa Lathan and Taye Diggs have wonderful chemistry together. They come across as real people on the screen and that is one thing I enjoy about Rick Fumuyiwa's movies. The people in them seem like real people and not these cardboard cutouts that we are used to in Hollywood movies. Also great in this movie is Queen Latifah and Mos Def who plays Chris, a struggling hip hop artist. Brown Sugar is not only charming and has a heart, its also smart and funny too. I'll admit that I laughed quite a bit especially at Rin and Tin scenes. I also love how the movie uses Sydney and Dre as a metaphor for hip hop. Its a well written and well acted movie that deserves a lot more credit that it receives. Nowadays movies are being oversold to death and stealing all the hype from movies that deserve hype. Its sad but this is the Follywood machine at work and it has never been any other way. Sanaa Lathan is not only a sight for sore eyes but she can actually act. Taye Diggs brings his usual charm to the film and I must say that they make a beautiful couple on screen.

Conclusion: Brown Sugar is one of the best and is most underrated romantic comedies of 2002. The story is great, the acting is cool and the chemistry is there. What more can you ask for from a movie? The people that gave this movie less than 7 stars should stick to reviewing Quentin Tarantino and his awful overrated movies(all of them!)and leave movies like this one alone. Tired and formulaic? You spineless fanboys say that about every movie that isn't oversold by Hollywood! That's why I hate reading most reviews on IMDb because most of the time they all go along the same lines. Don't you freaks have anything different to say? Just like I thought. Support the black directors that give you great work and Rick Fumuyiwa has given you great work with The Wood and Brown Sugar. Don't take directors like Bill Duke, Rick Fumuyiwa, Matty Rich etc for granted because you will helping in the downward spiral of quality in Black cinema. Give Brown Sugar a chance. It deserves that much which is more than I can say for most of the over-hyped junk that comes out now.
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Good flick
Isiahman12 October 2002
Brown Sugar is hot! I appreciate the writer and producer's creative accomplishment in producing a quality story for this genre. It is refreshing. Taye Diggs showed us another dimension of his talent in this film, by revealing his genuine sense of humor. Sanaa Lathan was captivating in the film. Mos Def proved yet again there is absolutely no limit to this man's ability. Queen Latifah...well...that's all I have to say...I think people immediately want to love her. She appears to be a very giving actress. Nicole Ari Parker can't help but look silky fine! The story was another step forward for films in this genre, it's too bad this script will most likely go unnoticed for Best Screenplay honors. Films like this are ahead of their time.
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Interesting Hip Hop Commentary, Predictable Love Story.
OldeSkool (OldeSkool)21 March 2003
Just watched this movie on DVD. And while I found the hip-hop commentary interesting, the love story seemed to close too to LOVE AND BASKETBALL for comfort. After the cool opening scene (featuring cameos by Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane and De La Soul) I thought maybe the hop-hip angle would dominate the love story, and for a while it seemed like it would, but the opposite occured. The "friend-becoming-lovers" angles has been done better in other movies (LOVE AND BASKETBALL, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY.., etc.) and it's getting old. Don't get me wrong, the movie's not a total waste. The two leads are great, the supporting cast is good too. So if you don't mind a typical love story you just might want rent this one. Not great, but not bad as the other reviewers states.
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* *1/2 out of 4.
brandonsites198112 October 2002
Smoothly done and often funny When Harry Met Sally for the African American crowd. This film is about two lifelong friends (Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan) who find themselves falling madly in love with one another even though Diggs is about to marry Nicole Ari Parker. Queen Latifah and Mos Def provide funny comedic relief as the best friends to the two main characters. There is no surprises to be had while watching this film, but there are some rather funny jabs at the music industry and (under rated) Lathan turns in a tender, compassionate performance. Lathan also shares some very good screen chemistry with Taye Diggs.

Rated PG-13; Profanity and Sexual Content.
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Deliciously sweet
Ih3aRtIMDB5 February 2004
This movie is full of beautiful people with beautiful detail. It never fails to make me cry at the end. It's about time someone came up with a really good AA romantic movie that anyone can connect with! And this is it! The movie moves smoothly, accented with real good hip-hop music, it's for anyone who music has touched a part of their lives.
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Mildly diverting but doesn't really cut it
bob the moo27 July 2003
Dre and Sidney have grown up friends and matured through their shared love of hip hop music. Now in their late twenties, he is an executive of Millennium Records while she is the editor of XXL. Dre's marriage sparks deep feelings within Sidney, which she battles to control. However changes in both their lives in terms of love and the direction of their relationship with hip hop, brings about choices they both must make.

Before this film had finished production I had spotted on imdb that artists such as Common, Talib Kweli and Mos Def were in this movie and I was looking forward to see it. I saw it today as my wife is a fan of Diggs and must say that I was left feeling slightly underwhelmed. As a romantic comedy it is surprisingly light on both romance and comedy. The tangled web of `do they love each other, don't they love each other' loses steam long before it reaches the end of the film and the prominence of cheating in the story is a turn off. It still sort of works but not as well or as compelling as in other films – the fact that both of the lovers get involved in marriage caused me to be less supportive of them becoming a couple (which is important for a rom-com to get right).

In terms of laughs the film is pretty thin and it only got a few laughs out of me. It is all reasonably amiable but this doesn't make it funny. The best laughs came from minor support characters rather than the main story, which is far too busy talking about hip hop or looking sad over unfulfilled love.

In terms of hip hop, I was expectant after the film opened with talking heads from many famous artists, including several whom I'll buy anything they release. However after this opening the music is only really referred to in a dull voice over by Lathan. The film does make good swipes at modern hip hop (particularly funny and barbed is The Hip Hop Dalmatians) but it is nowhere near at transferring the effect of the music as, say, 8 Mile or Slam were. The soundtrack is really lacking in strong joints and hip hop is only given the stage briefly when Mos Def performs at a show. Strange then that this film claims to be about hip hop as much as it is about romance.

The cast are pretty good even though the material is not quite as good. Diggs is not given good dialogue and his constant hip hop talk doesn't always sound natural when he says it. Lathan is a lot more comfortable and is better, although again, she is held back by a depressingly over-sentimental voice over. The two together do have chemistry and it is a shame that the plot wasn't set up better to use this. Mos Def is the star of this film and it is a shame that he is only given a little screen time. He has the funniest scenes and when he is talking to Kelby about being a rap coach and, later, romancing Francine, he shows real astute comic touches in his performance. Likewise Latifah is good and about a million times better than she was in the woeful Brining Down The house – here the support role suits her.

Overall I felt that his film didn't really succeed at anything it tried but was still watchable and quite enjoyable nonetheless. The romance was too confused by marriages etc to really work well and to get the audience behind it and the comedy never really arrived apart from a perfect performance by Mos Def. The whole hip hop thing meanwhile, could be viewed as under-served or simply a marketing gimmick depending on how cynical you are.
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FilmLabRat1 May 2003
I expected to enjoy a romantic comedy featuring Hip Hop, but was disappointed on many levels. First of all, the story is so badly recycled as to make it almost unbearable. Second, the setting, acting and story are not very authentic or believable. Third, there are a lot more good black actors to choose from than these standard picks. How about some originality? Third, there were very few Hip Hop songs played in entirity - if any. None seemd really central. Overall, film was a great disappointment, but the editing style was very interesting and almost made the film worthwhile.
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Otherwise known as "Love and Hip-Hop" (**1/2)
Ronin4725 November 2002
They might as well have called this "Love and Hip-Hop", because there are so many similarities between "Brown Sugar" and the hugely superior "Love and Basketball" (not to mention a thousand other romantic comedies) that it's impossible not to notice.

Both star Sanaa Lathan, both are about childhood friends who grew up sharing a deep love for something (in "Brown Sugar" it's hip-hop, in "Love and Basketball" it's, well, guess), both have the two friends suddenly realize they might want to be more than friends, both put the two main characters through several detours before they realize they're made for each other...

"Love and Basketball" was a real good movie, it had two great lead characters and real, genuine feeling in the filmmaking. Even though you know how it's probably going to turn out, the journey feels just as important as the destination. But in "Brown Sugar", I got impatient waiting for the characters to just go ahead and figure out what everybody knows they will anyway.

Aside from its lack of originality, though, you could certainly do worse at the movies this year. The performances are all good; Lathan is not quite the revelation she was in "Love and Basketball" but she's very good, Taye Diggs is his usual calm and collected self, letting a little humor shine through as well, and best of all is Mos Def as an aspiring rapper. He's as enjoyable and charismatic as ever and adds a huge amount of personality to the frequently bland film.

It's likable and easy on the eyes and ears, but aside from Mos Dof's performance and selected moments of Diggs', there's just nothing at all special about it.
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A Hip Hop Love Story Done Right
threedropsofcaramel1 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
From the moment we first are privy to the interaction between Sidney and Dre, you automatically feel that there is something "more" lying underneath years of friendship and familial connection to the music industry.

When Sid returns to NY to become editor of XXL, immediately we begin to see a friendship that most people wish they had. Not only does she and Dre have a deep respect and admiration for one another, but they have so many experiences together. This movie offers lots of Eye Candy - a la Boris Kodjoe, Nicole Parker-Kodjoe, Mos Def and Queen Latifah. However, it is the relationship that Dre and Sid have with these other characters that makes them realize they have feelings for one another.

What I love about this film are the themes, the successful black woman and successful black man. The obstacles they face and the option of "selling out a little" to keep their careers. I love the friendships that take place. When Dre and Cav finally become friends and begin working together, you see how cool it is for two brothers to share a common bond and comradery that is just real. I also love how Sid and her cousin Francine (Latifah) interact with one another. Fran is that cousin/friend you are glad you have because she is so honest with you and will always tell you the truth.

Yet, the most compelling thing in this film is the music, the hip hop. Not only has the director used hip hop as a constant metaphor in the film to tell Dre and Sid's story, it is also constantly heard throughout the film, and I mean real hip hop. With the best cut being Mos Def's hip hop version of the title as the track that gets the label off the ground.

If you love HIP HOP, enjoy good black films and are a sucker for a romantic comedy, then this movie is definitely for you!
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Not bad-not bad at all.
triple821 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers

Brown Sugar was better then I thought it would be, mainly due to the chemistry of the two leads. They have the kind of chemistry where you just feel how right the two characters are for each other from the beginning and you root for them through the whole movie.

For a movie about hip hop, there didn't seem to be a lot of music. This is the kind of movie that non hip hop lovers can easily enjoy because the hip hop isn't overdone, they give you just enough but not so much where it overshadows the movie. This is also a movie that's refreshing in the natural way it progresses. The dialog is so down to earth to the point where some of the lines are spot on with certain things I've heard people say-almost verbatim. You kind of get the feeling, the writer knew how people who deal with the issues the movie characters grapple with here, actually speak in real life.

In spite of the theme of hip hop I wouldn't call this a movie about hip hop. It's really about idealism. The two main characters have gone through life with a fierce love of hip hop and that love has shaped everything they've ever done. I think anyone who's had a deep passion for something will be able to relate and it doesn't matter if that passion is Hiphop, heavy metal, pop or something other then music-like movies. These individuals are fighting to hold onto the innocence of just loving something without any agenda and discovering, that growing up does not mean an end to idealism. It's as much a coming of age tale as a movie about hip hop.

And it doesn't fall into any real genre either because it isn't a comedy(I have no idea how it got lumped into that category.) The movie wasn't perfect, it dragged at times and the end had a really unreal quality, unlike the rest of the picture but it was still a good movie.

The cheating aspect disturbed me as it did other reviewers, but how it played out was not all that unrealistic. This movie has been compared to When Harry met Sally and I actually find this a bit more realistic, though I like Harry/Sally a bit more. Brown sugar wouldn't be half as good without the charisma of the two main performers and the supporting cast are great too. This movie's message is clearly not to let go of your dreams and never sell out. It's been done a million times before but the message happens to be an important one so who cares if it's done a million more times as long as it's done well? And it is here. My vote is 7.5 of 10.
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I love it...
rmaria30018416 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I really, really, really love this movie.

I'm not the kind of girl that's into romance movie... I find them rather boring. But there's a little list of that genre, and this one it's on the top of the list.

I like it because it's refreshing, it has romance and comedy, which isn't a favorite genre of mine either, but this movie mixed them just fine.

Well aside from the fact that it takes the most common cliché of all, two best friend that are secretly in love with each other but won't say anything or accept the other advances because they can't risk a long term friendship in case it doesn't work but I love it.

I mean you should invest the time.. you won't be disappointed, this is coming from me.
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nice romantic formula with nice actors
SnoopyStyle3 September 2015
Andre 'Dre' Ellis (Taye Diggs) is tired of selling out as A&R in a hip hop label. His lifelong friend Sidney Shaw (Sanaa Lathan) is more concerned about her career as editor-in-chief of a hip hop magazine. Their platonic relationship is thrown for a loop when he tells her that he's marrying Reese Ellis (Nicole Ari Parker). He tells her that men are looking for Brown Sugar, somebody sweet enough to marry and freaky enough for the bed. She's jealous of Reese and Reese notices. Dre and Reese get married but Reese is not that happy when he quits his job to start his own label. Kelby Dawson (Boris Kodjoe) surprises everybody by proposing to Sid. Sid and Dre discover Reese cheating on him.

This is a good functional romance. Sanaa and Taye Diggs are nice actors for the roles. I like Nicole Ari Parker in her role. The hip hop industry insider stuff has to be taken with a grain of salt even though there are a couple of musician actors. It follows a certain formula and that's perfectly fine. I really like the actors and that keeps my interest.
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I fell in love with hip-hop...
EmmaNelly25 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
... Rewatching this movie. This review has spoilers. I love the relationships that developed in this story. I love the music element that was profound throughout. I like the chemistry between Sanaa and Taye. I love how we watched them fall for others and then come back to each other after realizing that they belonged together all along. I appreciate a good storyline that is easy to follow and allows you to cheer at the end because boy gets girl. I love the cameos of various hip hop artist throughout. This is another film where Queen Latifah is amazingly funny and Mos Def shines as well. There are many one liners that are catchy and hilarious. I feel that this film was well developed and will always be a classic black love story. This is actually one of my favorite movies of all time. I would love if there was a sequel. (Hint hint)
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Another Great Movie w/Awesome Cast
lockhartsold8 June 2009
I was watching Love & Basketball for the umpteenth time and starting researching information about it. As I linked to the actors' pages, I found that Sanaa Lathan dated Omar Epps in real life after appearing in The Wood. Well The Wood featured Taye Diggs as well. Then, Taye and Sanaa appeared in The Best Man as a couple. Boris Kodjoe who plays her fiancé in Brown Sugar was also her date in Love & Basketball. Regina Hall was Sanaa sister in L&B, also played a stripper in The Best Man.

I think that over time our familiarity with these actors leaves us predisposed to favor the movie before we even see it. We already have this warm, gooey feeling left over from the last movie. Since there is only a few years between all of them, we often forget which thing happened in which, so we are forced to watch them all over again.

I don't know if this is good or bad for African Americans in the film industry. Is there enough work out there for everyone? Are some actors over-saturating the sea of "Black Films" if you will? That is a question still up for debate. But, I definitely put this one up in the top five of great contemporary African American love stories.
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Love For True Hip Hop
melogirly1 June 2007
I loved this movie because as a true Hip Hop fan, I felt the same way at the time! I really missed the true essence of hip hop and all of the feel good music that it produced. I also loved how they related her love for hip hop, with her love for Dre (played by Taye Diggs). The movie combined the style of romance, comedy, drama and reality. I thought Sanaa was wonderful, she has turned into a great actress. Taye Diggs was also great and added humor to the film, along with the wonderful Queen Latifah and Mos Def,who is a hip hop legend and rising star in the movie industry. One of my favorite films, Brown Sugar was very fresh and real.
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It's not only a movie, it's HIP HOP!
misstikal2925 May 2006
This can i just describe it: EXCELLENT! You can watch it once and one more can't get enough of it! The story of a man and woman, who are best friends....who don't know it that they are in love with each other? But both of them try to live their lives, with relationships, that never works...because they're made for each other! Dre get married...we don't know why....Syd wants to marry Kelby....everything's gonna crash!! The metaphor is unbelievable, but nothing special when you see it twice, but without that it's an incredible movie....I enjoyed it, and I do now ! If you have the opportunity to watch it, don't hesitate, you won't be disappointed!!
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Fell in love w/hip hop
Liski Fabulous25 May 2005
Loved this movie. Covered different issues, had many messages. The love story touched me the most. I'm actually engaged to a man that does not fully understand the depth of soul and hip-hop in my bones. It's a struggle for me, hard pill to swallow. But our love seems to transcend those characteristics/likes which is why I guess, as dscorpiondon put it, "often times we/you don't end up w/your supportive soul-mate who is down for you and could relate to you on many levels". Love is a strange thing and you can't always control it, predict it, master it. I guess the question is, how important is it really that he understands and relates to that part of me?
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