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The best game ever

Author: Joe Bite Me
13 February 2002

The whole game is amazing. You play as the 3 races again after the first Starcraft, this includes new units such as the Medic, Valkerie, Devouerer, Lurker, Corsair, Dark Archon and the Dark Templar, as well as new characters and upgrades. The game is awesome and i recomend it. The best thing ever about this game is the campaign editor and you can make any type of map and play it with friends over the internet for hours. This is the sweetest game ever.

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Another great game by Blizzard

Author: star_craft_song from Kuwait
25 December 2005

When I bought the original StarCraft, it also contained StarCraft: Brood War. It's just as good as number 1. It has some new characters, more gore, and a concentrated storyline. The only flaw about this is that the music is terrible when you're playing the Zerg force. Just an extremely heavy guitar pick. When you're playing the Zerg force, press Enter on your computer, and type: radio free Zerg (don't add the capital in Zerg). And you'll hear a hilarious Zerg rap song. Anyway, if you want more information about the game from me, check out the comment I did in the original StarCraft. And somehow, this game is very claustrophobic, I don't know how, but it is. This game is like real life. Well, I should be going now.


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An excellent sequel to the original Starcraft

Author: Knersuz from Cape Town, South Africa
9 December 2008

A number of expansion packs lack the quality and focus of the original game, and one gets the feeling that it is just a cynical attempt of the developers to milk a few extra dollars out of fans of the original game. This is certainly not true for Starcraft: Broodwar, it is obvious that a lot of effort was made by Blizzard to produce a expansion that is on par with the original game. Starcraft: Broodwar felt more like a sequel than a mere expansion pack.

The storyline of the single campaign is as detailed and interesting as the original and a few useful units were added for each race. I only have two complaints, the first is that some of the missions are fiendishly difficult and there are a few times I had to resort to cheat codes to be able to finish the mission. My other complaint is the shortage of cut scenes, there are basically only one for each campaign. The developers took such a lot of effort with the storyline, why not follow it through with decent cinematics? Overall, if you enjoyed the original Starcraft, don't miss out on Starcraft: Broodwar, if you didn't, Starcraft: Broodwar is not going to change your mind because it is essentially more of the same.

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Starcraft: Brood War (the Saga)

Author: Boulizon ( from Canada
10 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One word for this game. Extraordinary. The concept was pretty much deep in the SCI-FI universe and the gameplay was simple and easy to learn. The Campaigns were the best added episodes for the three races. The adding of UED Admiral Gerard DuGalle, Vice-Admiral Stukov, praetor Artanis and all others were a great force of strike. Anyways, the formidable work is from the missions and the campaigns which are nicely done with betrayals and accomplishments.

Cinematics were unforgettable. The Intro about when the UED abandoned their soldiers on the Battlefield reflected such a reality in War's ground. The Ending, the suicide of Admiral DuGalle was giving some questions about "Who's left" the Zerg are unstoppable.

A lot humor was present and a lot of charismatic dialogs which are too simply funny.

Battle.Net was a link to the Internet cooperatives with many other players especially with friends. The Link with was described that Starcraft had been the Game N1.

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Real Time Strategy's finest (to date!)

Author: Fred Furia ( from Philadelphia, USA
6 March 2002

Warcraft and Warcraft II, the predecessors of this game, changed the gaming world forever. Blizzard introduced a whole new genre of PC games.

With Starcraft, Blizzard proved that they could keep on applying their genius towards pushing forward real time strategy games in huge leaps of creativity and intricacy. The game is simply brilliant, from the many ways the races and their respective technologies interact, to the engrossing storyline of the game.

Perhaps most important was the introduction of BattleNet -- an online forum where Starcraft players from around the world have been dueling around the clock for years. If you haven't played this game yet, it's time to check it out.

(Don't forget the expansion pack, and watch for Warcraft III to be released Spring 2002.)

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Just when you thought space was safe again

Author: TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews from Earth
20 April 2008

This is the only add-on made for StarCraft, and it picks up where that left off. There are almost as many levels, which is definitely seldom seen, and highly commendable. The story is still great, but it doesn't quite measure up to the standard the game itself set, and parts of it just aren't that interesting or captivating. It does continually develop, and getting to the end(of the overall plot) is worth it. The campaigns aren't equally good, either, and I understand that not everyone cared for the very ending. They do still have all the same voices, however. A little of the dialog, and maybe also character writing, could have used some work. The voice acting is still magnificent. Several new characters join the fray, and they're not bad at all. The number of cut-scenes in this is fairly underwhelming... and they're not as well-done(if some are still pretty "large") as those of the game. The level design is tough to argue with... and the ideas behind the levels tend to be rather marvelous, as well... there are even a place or two where you can make a choice that will affect the following level or the like. There is the odd one out here and there, fights that... just aren't that spectacular, but not many. There are a few that have well-thought out concepts behind them, and these were, to me, by far the most fun. The flaws and errors, still not *that* obvious in the grand scheme, remain. I'm not sure sound and/or music really has a noticeable amount done to it, which is fine(if it ain't broke...). The overall setup of StarCraft remains, with some differences. The game-play is still entertaining and challenging. The graphics remain the same, and I'm not certain that anything fresh is included to multi-player. I do of course mean in addition to the one hundred new levels for it. There are more environments herein, if not all that many. Everything that is in this(and a few extra goodies, too!) seems to be added to the Campaign Editor simply through the regular installation, so for all of us who love to fiddle around with that, there are good news in that department(too). Now... as all faithful players of it know, the real excellence of the original lies mainly in how unique and yet equal the three sides are. This is continued in this, where not only does every unit return, but each side get two more units, one air and one ground, and with them come further abilities(which are adequately introduced in the campaigns). Each of the three air units are all anti-air, as far as attacks go, but their most effective use are like night and eclipse, something. The Corsair, found in the army of the strongest technology, is effective against ground-based attacks, in particular static defenses, due to its ability, the Disruption Web, which renders anything within its area of effect unable to attack, within the duration. The human-controlled Valkyrie is best against groups of enemy fliers, and as such, can be used to either force them to scatter, or take them down fast. Finally, the Devourer, of the other extra-terrestrial race, can be a real pest against anything else that isn't grounded, not only due to its speed and power, but also the lasting effects of its acid spores. The three ground units are mighty different from one another, as well... the Terrans get a Medic, who, in addition to healing, can also Restore, which dispels any(seriously, as far as I've been able to tell, *any*) negative ability used against the unit that you cast it on, and can use their Optical Flare to Blind... Observers and regular units alike(it'll severely limit the line of sight of the unit on the receiving end of it). The Zerg get the Lurker, which is essentially a burrowed(!)(and when not, it's mobile) version of the Sunken Colony(almost adding another dimension of danger to ignoring the possibility of Zerg burrowing). Last, but by no means, no stretch of the imagination, least, is the Dark Archon, for the Protoss. Apart from Feedback(basically instant death to any enemy that has energy) and Maelstrom(which, granted, is perhaps a little... misplaced, as far as sides go, they already have something like that, if they were going to make another, it should maybe have gone to the Zerg, instead), which freezes the target(s!) in place, they have a devious, useful and fun one... it's called Mind Control. This baby(at this point, I'd like to make it perfectly clear to anyone reading this that it is not, in fact, an actual infant... for those potential players out there who dread their parenting and child-care skills, you can relax again) will take over any single enemy hit by it, and yes, this can, in fact, be used to get all three races in one battle. Not everything about this expansion pack is positive, and it does not beat what it is a successor to... but it does add, a lot of it is masterful, and there are improvements with the changes. Strategies can now be (even) more intricate, and the game-play is more updated than altered, more like the next logical step, and more of the quality and brand that we already know and appreciate, than something... alien(I know, I know, terrible, awful, cringe-inducing to the very extreme, but I could not help it). This is worth a try(albeit I don't think I've seen a demo version... whereas the predecessor to this not only has one, but it is stand-alone and is, more or less, a prologue... *and* has multi-player) for anyone who liked the first. Anyone who enjoyed making levels for it should also give thorough consideration to this. I recommend this to, well, either and both, of the aforementioned groups(and maybe there's a healthy symbiosis of the two, as well as some that fit into both categories), and there are countless hours of playing, and/or creating, ahead. 7/10

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