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None to speak of, though Amy Rose/Rosy the Rascal will run up to Sonic and throw her arms around him, holding him in place at the end of the first act of Palmtree Panic and the end of the third act of Stardust Speedway, with hearts rising up from her. When in Sonic's presence and not holding onto him, she will gaze upon him romantically with the same hearts rising from her head.


Very mild.

When destroyed, some of Dr. Robotnik's battle machines explode with massive impunity, a bit more violently than previous installments of the Sonic franchise.

Being crushed by a moving pillar or platform or spending too much time underwater (thereby drowning) will kill Sonic instantly.

If you don't do anything in the game for three minutes, Sonic will suddenly commit suicide by throwing himself off the platform. This is very disturbing for a classic kid's game, especially if you are using the North American OST and its infamous "game-over" track.




Each stage has a dark and dreary "Bad Future" time frame by default unless Sonic goes into the past and destroys the Machine and the Hologram Projector or collects all seven Time Stones; doing either will in turn give each stage a "Good Future" time frame. These "Bad Future" settings show the Little Planet in a state of great environmental decay, including depictions of deforestation, pollution of air and water, corruption, loss of habitat, derelict industrial sprawl and a severe or complete lack of natural life, both flora and fauna. The North American soundtrack for these settings is darker in approach than the rest of the songs in keeping with the time frame at hand.

The North American soundtrack's "Game Over" and boss battle songs can be considered scary for younger players.

The "Majin" Easter Egg picture, unlocked through the game's Sound Test hidden menu, shows multiple Sonics with a frightening, deformed face as the North American soundtrack's boss battle music (a dark and intense song) plays in the background. Some have speculated that "Majin" is a Japanese translation for "devil".



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