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Nick Chinlund apparently really enjoyed the Toombs character. He enjoyed it so much, in fact, that he began writing a Merc Cookbook.
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Vin Diesel wanted Judi Dench to play Aereon, and went to great lengths to get her. A long-time fan of Dench, he had her dressing room filled with bouquets of flowers, and also advised her that they could not begin casting the movie until she agreed to accept the role.
Toomb's line regarding Crematoria, "If I owned this place and Hell, I'd rent this place out and live in Hell," is paraphrased from an infamous quote General Phil Sheridan made during post-Civil War Reconstruction, in which he said "If I owned Hell and Texas, I would rent out Texas and live in Hell."
At one point, the production was the third-largest user of electricity in Canada.
In her autobiography "And Furthermore," Judi Dench says that she never really understood what was going on in the movie The Chronicles of Riddick, but she enjoyed the experience of making the movie, and she thought the sets were great.
After the original Pitch Black (2000) proved a success on DVD, Universal became interested in making a sequel. Writer/director David Twohy wrote the screenplays for not one, but three sequels. He and Vin Diesel put them into separate leather binders and presented them to Universal, along with the key for the first binder.
The fight scene between Riddick, the Mercs, and the Necromongers at the ship's hangar on Crematoria was filmed on Vin Diesel's birthday.
Doing a stunt on the set for Planet UV6, Nick Chinlund accidentally swallowed one of his fake teeth.
Judi Dench's dress was made from crushed Swarovski crystal.
The actors inside the Lensor costumes were skilled in body movement, some were from Cirque Du Soleil.
The original script involved Riddick fighting the hammerheaded creatures in the underground of a city planet for entertainment. He is captured by a merc named "Big Foe" (Who turns out, in the third act, to be Jack from Pitch Black) and brought back to the planet only to find that the creatures were sentient and wanted revenge on Riddick as dictated by the evil god they worshiped.
According to the Newcastle (Australia) Herald, Australian Rhiana Griffith auditioned to reprise her role of "Jack" from Pitch Black (2000) (renamed "Kyra" for The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)). It came down to top-level auditions. Vin Diesel was behind Griffith but told her she had to "toughen up". Griffith got a trainer and learned kickboxing but only had three weeks to prepare for auditions. Alexa Davalos got the role. Griffith did give her voice to The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury (2004), the animated short which is intended to bridge the years between Pitch Black (2000) and The Chronicles of Riddick (2004).
The Necromonger statues are based on the sculptures of Adolfo Wildt.
The fighting style used by Riddick is a messy variation of the martial art Kali. Kali is characterized by straightforward, powerful attacks, and often is used with blunt weapons like a staff or two pieces of bamboo (called Kali sticks).
The scenes on the frozen planet 6 of the UV system are the only time within the series that Riddick is seen with either facial or long hair. (In this case, both.)
In the scene where Toombs discusses where he should take Riddick in custody he mentions Butcher Bay. This is a reference to the video game The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (2004). In this game Riddick escapes that prison.
Hundreds of extras went through basic military training and drills for added uniformity and realism.
David Hayter wrote a prequel about Riddick, growing up and being drafted into a war where he'd get blamed for his entire platoon's death (by Johns, whose callousness was actually to blame). This would result in the huge payday on his head and the many encounters with Johns, some good, some bad, and many lost loves and lost friends that rendered him the cold, heartless monster he was at the beginning of Pitch Black.
David Twohydecided not to set "The Chronicles of Riddick" again on the desert planet which Riddick, Imam and Jack had escaped from at the end of "Pitch Black" and again make a deadly encounter with that planet's flesh eating alien creatures. David Twohy wanted to create for the character of Riddick a mythology and decided to have Riddick go up against The Necromongers.
It took 12 hours to sew the armor on Lord Marshal's costume.
The line, "Now look at you... all back of the bus and shit," was not originally supposed to be said by Toombs, but Nick Chinlund approached David Twohy and asked if he could be given the line because he really liked it.
Akiva Goldsman 's script was about Riddick and Kyra (Jack) hijacking a prison satellite and landing it on a living planet, which launched various creatures made from elements such as air, fire, wind and water at them to try and stop them before trying to kill them with a giant storm.
It took six weeks to make one head covering for Lord Marshal.
Keith David worked for a total of 12 days to complete his part in the film.
The birth name of Lord Marshal is Zhylaw.
When Riddick meets Tombs face to face, he asks what the bounty on his head is priced at. Tombs first lies and says a million but is coaxed into telling the truth of 1.5 million. 5 years prior, the price displayed on Riddick's rap sheet in "Dark Fury" was roughly 1.1 million- so within 5 years, the bounty was raised about 400 grand.
Linus Roache originally auditioned for the part of Vaako, but David Twohy immediately saw him instead as the Purifier.
The entire film was shot at Mammoth Studios in Burnaby British Columbia, a former Sears warehouse. The studio is only smaller than all of the stages on the Universal Studios lot - 310,000 square feet.
Originally "Rated R for violence" as was the first film Pitch Black (2000), this film was envisioned as a PG-13 rated film. Universal appealed the original R-rating, but was not successful. The film was later edited down from the R and was given a "PG-13 for intense sequences of violent action and some language".
The only film in the franchise to be given a PG-13 rating.
This is the only live action film in the series, in which Riddick's first name "Richard" is not used at any point.
The Planet UV6 is made up of land areas called "Fingerprint Terrain". The majority of the effects work for the scenes on this planet were done by "Rhythm and Hues" in Marina Del Rey, California in April and May of 2004.
It was shipped to theatres under the name "D Shoes".
Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick replaced another designer who had worked on the film for eight months with only 10 weeks before shooting.
There were four complete rooms built on set for Imam's house in New Mecca. They were built in a modular way so that walls could be removed at any time to get shots from every angle.
In the first shot of Riddick and the inmates taking off to reach the hanger, the bodies of Toombs and one of the Hell Hounds can be seen in the background. A deleted seen was shot where Toombs attempts to stop Riddick from leaving, only to be ambushed by the Hell Hound that Riddick befriended. Toombs and the Hound kill each other, and then the party takes off for the Hanger. The first shot was recycled into the film.

Director Cameo 

David Twohy:  After Riddick escapes from the Quasi-Deads, the statue and face of writer/director David Twohy can be seen on the Necromonger ship that's shot down by a team of Mercs lead by Toombs.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The Purifier's line, "I've done unbelievable things in the name of a faith that was never my own," was not originally in the script. It was improvised by Linus Roache and David Twohy kept it in the film.
Riddick's Body Count: 57. Total on screen and storied kills, would be 77 - the beginning shots of Riddick's carnage with the duel blades on Crematoria were shown twice from different camera angles. He kills 10 before the shot changes. And story wise, Vaaco told his wife that Riddick downed 20 of his men in a heartbeat, but only 10 soldiers were shot on screen.

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