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Too often, it simply makes no sense.
Chicago Sun-Times
Chronicles doesn't pause for much character development, and is in such a hurry that even the fight scenes are abbreviated chop-chop sessions.
Entertainment Weekly
This is a movie so devoted to metal that it couldn't care less about the flesh it destroys.
Like everything in this humorless new genre, "Chronicles" comes with its own snap-together mythology.
New York Daily News
Chronicles of Riddick is half cheesy, brawny adventure and half ... something else. That something else involves a lot of leather, bondage, studded armor and heavy machinery.
Chicago Tribune
Despite being positioned as a mold-breaker, Riddick now blends in with a sizable crowd of reluctant loner cinematic heroes, just as the movie fails to convince that it's going where no movie has gone before.
With his latest, the sci-fi-action-adventure The Chronicles of Riddick, Vin Diesel has established himself as the new face of morally ambiguous anti-heroes.
The Hollywood Reporter
Unfortunately, Twohy has tried to turn the Riddick enterprise into a sprawling, Tolkien-powered epic, jamming the screen with too many historical parallels and a confusion of new characters.
Has a riddick-ulous sci-fi plot, overblown and numbing video game-style special effects and a going-through-the-motions lead performance by Vin Diesel.
Philadelphia Inquirer
An overblown hodgepodge of volcano-baked desertscapes, Egyptoid-gone-baroque architecture, and gladiator-geared storm troopers with goofy headpieces, The Chronicles of Riddick bears no resemblance to the movie that spawned its namesake.
Not since John Travolta sprouted a head of dreadlocks and strapped on platform boots for "Battlefield Earth" has cinematic science fiction been such good-bad fun as in The Chronicles of Riddick.
San Francisco Chronicle
Just about everything in The Chronicles of Riddick is impenetrable, from the convoluted story to the dark and baroque art direction. It's an inane film rendered sometimes laughable by an atmosphere of dead-serious reverence.

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