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Author: swisstoni from United Kingdom
15 June 2005

The BBC'S Blue Planet is simply jaw-dropping. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it contains some of the most beautiful sequences ever captured on film. From familiar creatures on and near the surface of the ocean to some more unrecognisable and just plain bizarre ones in the murky depths, next to nothing is left out. Weighing in at a hefty 8 hours, some people may want to check out the edited highlights brought to you in the form of the film "Deep Blue" but I would heartily recommend you give the series a go. I don't think it will disappoint and if your kids enjoyed the aquatic world brought to them by Pixar's Finding Nemo I'm sure they will love this too. I just wish all television was this entertaining.

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best TV series of 2001!

Author: andynortonuk from Oxford, England
2 June 2003

David Attenborough brings his fascination of wild life, this time the creatures under the sea, in this extraordinary 8-episode trip to all the animals under the sea!

The cinematography is astounding, bringing to the screen truly breathtaking footage of those whales! But the best thing about it, as well as seeing each episode, is how they made it! Whether it is making models of creatures, or those impressive shots of the whales, they explain to you in about 10 minutes how they did it!

2001 had some great tv shows to our screen. But, in contrast to this documentary gem, they make them pretty lame! But to even boast this documentary series as the best tv series of 2001 just does not sum up the sheer brilliance that this series provides in quality entertainment!

Overall, this is the best TV series of 2001, with no competition, and, maybe, the best TV series of 2000s!

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Author: rodeler from New York
12 January 2004

As a SCUBA diver, I can appreciate the incredible physical strain the cameramen must have endured to get the shots underwater. This series is MUCH more than that, though. The narration is perfect, the scenes bordering on implausible and the subject matter enthralling. The day to day struggle for life taking place out of the view of we terrestrial dwellers is mind boggling. This DVD set has open my eyes to another planet right here on Earth. I urge everyone to watch this series.

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brilliantly shot

Author: from Netherlands
17 July 2004

This series has a lot going for it with beautiful footage of the some of the most impressive underwater environments on this planet. Being a staggering five years in the making, one would be hard-pressed to expect any less. I did get the impression that some scenes from the first episode where repeated in the latter ones, which is naturally only a minor gripe.

David Attenborough is great as a narrator and comments are informative, leaving enough room for one's imagination, and well spaced out, so that viewers get plenty of time to reflect upon the breathtaking imagery. If you get the opportunity try not to watch a translated version of this series.

A definite must-see for anyone interested in the intricacies of our blue continents and easily the best documentary on this subject I've ever seen.

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Proof that Life is indeed Beautiful!

Author: Katzenbach from United States
4 November 2006

This is without a doubt the most stunning and amazing documentary I have ever seen! The images that are shown are absolutely breathtaking and stunning. On top of that, it is a wonderful learning experience. I'm not one for educational documentaries, but this one grabs hold of you and doesn't let go until the end. You'll be so hooked and entranced by what you are watching that you'll forget your at home watching TV! This series is available to buy on DVD and I HIGHLY recommend picking this one up! With all the evil and death in this world, this documentary series gives us proof that life is beautiful and worth saving and preserving.

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A Documentary Gem

Author: Bob Klein from Chicago, IL
3 February 2002

Words can hardly describe what Blue Planet brought to life in all of its hours of runtime. Matching up with Walking With Dinosaurs, this documentary stands as one of the best. We can only pray that the BBC and Discovery Channel come up with even more outstanding ideas that could possibly even level with this one.

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Stunning footage and excellent Narration, a classic.

Author: Bullet-Bruce
7 January 2003

I admit to being in awe of the Sea and have spent a number of years in the Navy, so I am somewhat biased on this one. I missed this documentary when it first came out but nagged various people to buy me it on DVD this Christmas (2002) and I got it! Some of the film is amazing and I have a lot of respect for those who make these kinds of documentaries, to see 200 ton Blue Whales 'cruising' through the Sea is an incredible sight, they looked like submarines. I like the level of information and facts conveyed through the narration, it is just right, I don't want to know a load of science just some of the basics, to see these things is enough for most people. The BBC has a knack of putting things at the right level for the intended audience.

A really great documentary, up there with 'The World at War for' me, the DVD is of excellent quality. If I had a minor criticism it would be some of the obviously added sound effects here and there, I think they detract from some of the scenes. But well done to the BBC and Discovery.

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Excellent Series, Worth Every Minute It Took To Make

Author: dlaborn-1 from United States
8 September 2007

The Blue Planet series is, without a doubt, one of the greatest documentaries ever made on the ocean. For five years, filmmakers worked tirelessly on the series, getting footage that has never been seen by anyone (i.e. in the title, The Deep.)

I highly recommend you watch this series. To see the angler fish outside of the small pictures shown in textbooks is truly a treat, but only a needle in the vast haystack of the sea that Blue Planet covers. From the open ocean to tidal pools, coral seas to the deepest darkest part of the ocean itself, the BBC takes the viewer on an almost magical journey through the ocean.

I have to admit, one of my earliest dreams in life was to be a marine biologist, and after seeing this series, the dream was revived. I have studied the oceans of this world for years, and have seen countless documentaries on coral reefs and dolphins, whales and crustaceans. But in all, no one has managed to capture the life beneath the waves quite as well as this group of people.

Watch the 'Blue Planet' series in it's entirety, I promise you won't regret it.

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Wondrous Planet

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
9 April 2012

I love nature documentaries and David Attenborough and was blown away by Planet Earth. So I knew I wanted to see The Blue Planet. And I am so glad I did, and wonder to myself how I didn't see it sooner. The subject matter is indeed enthralling, with an intelligently written and ceaselessly informative narration and Attenborough presenting with an evident love for the subject. As well as being empathetically scored, The Blue Planet is visually stunning, right from some of the best photography of any TV series that decade(in my opinion that is) to the gorgeous colours and sceneries. The animals are great to see, old and new, and there are some scenes that either made me emotional or at times with the predators made my stomach churn(but seeing that it's a nature documentary series, they couldn't rose-tint the facts, these things do happen).

All in all, a wondrous, beautifully shot and enthralling series. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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Attenborough at his best!

Author: harrison-36 from United Kingdom
21 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think that this short TV series, was absolutely wonderful, and gave both a in-depth and clear explanation of everything that was on the screen at the given time. This was by far David Attenborough at his best. I personally thought this was one of the best documentaries in the past decade. This is definitely worth peoples money!

I also found the bit about the abyss and deep water the most fascinating and interesting part. It was incredible to find out that the 'Blue planet' team discovered more than 10 new species of underwater life!

In this documentary Attemborough almost certainly lived up to his high reputation.

This was a masterpiece and will always be considered to be one of the best modern documentaries

Many congratulation's to the 'Blue planet' team.

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