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It's HLA all the time, but it was still funny....I give it a B+

Author: Smooth B from Somewhere In Illinois
19 April 2003

Are you sure this wasn't the latest installment of that lesbian porno franchise "Where The Boys Aren't"? If you don't know what HLA means, it means "Hot Lesbian Action", and there was plenty of it in this flick. These women like nothing more than to have girl-on-girl fun from beginning to end. Granted, I haven't seen a film on Skinemax that had this many girl-girl scenes (usually there's only one or two a film, if that), but the funny sequences and the tongue-in-cheek dialogue scores points with me.

It starts out with three women from Earth cruising in outer space. Commander Gaylor, the star of the film (Misty Mundae, who looks like she's 15, honestly) is asleep in her chair. Lt. Fornication, a blonde with huge knockers (Sharon Engert) and Lt. Pushkintucushkin, a tall European girl with silver hair (Anoushka) start the girl-girl fun with a scene right off the bat.

Lt. Fornication begins screaming loudly, flailing her left hand dangerously close to a button that....and I'm just guessing here....does something wrong. This wakes up the commander, but it's too late....they crash land on a planet filled with apelike creatures who stand upright and talk like humans.

If you haven't realized it yet, this movie is a spoof of "Planet Of The Apes." If the title didn't tell you that, now you'd know.

What follows are tests and demonstrations on the now-captured trio by the apes, who have hilarious dialogue. Of course, this doesn't stop our three lovelies from having sex with each other at the drop of a hat. The apes also seem to have another woman captive, Dr. Cornholeous (Debbie Rochon, YOUR scream queen of the future). Don't worry, she has sex with the girls too.

Further on in the film, we find our three gals running through the forest (this time they've got clothes on, earlier in the film they're naked) when they stumble upon a Barbarian Queen, a good-looking brunette with huge knockers (Shelby Taylor). From here we have even more girl-girl sex, culminating with a four-way love fest with all the ladies involved.

There's a funny scene about 2/3 of the way through where the women are rapping...yes, I said it, rapping. If there's one scene you've gotta see, it's this one.

I'm not nitpicking here, but it seems that some of the sex scenes just seemed to go a bit too long. Maybe it's because of the exaggerated movement, but a few of them did seem that way. Seeing big boobs all over the place made up for that, though.

The ending was pretty anticlimactic, but that's alright....I really didn't expect this film to have much of an ending.

Women: A+ (There were five principal women in this film, and all of them brought that little "something extra". For those guys who like women who look like, but aren't teenagers, there's Misty. For those who are suckers for big boobs, like me, there's Shelby Taylor and Sharon Engert. For those who like the exotic types, there's the tall, leggy Anoushka. Did I forget about Debbie Rochon? Well, she's here too. There's something for everyone here!)

Sex: A- (It's all girl-girl, but it's still something. A few scenes seemed to drag on ad infinitum, which means I gotta take off 2/3 of a point. The number of three-ways and that four-way toward the end keeps the grade high.)

Story: C (I'll be generous and give this film a Story grade of C. The writers of this script must be commended for throwing enough funny moments in there to break up the "monotony" of sex scene after sex scene. At least these writers acknowledge that the plot IS a vehicle to link the sex scenes together. For that, you folks get a C.)

Overall: B+ (This was a funny film, despite the sex scenes that seemed to go on forever. Can we get some more women in softcore who look like Shelby Taylor and Sharon Engert? Please? I'll be looking for more Seduction Cinema flicks in the near future if they're as entertaining as this one.)

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Author: TheGreenSaga from United States
12 November 2003

I was at my sister's house in Queens, staying the night, and I happened to be browsing through the channels. Cinemax, forever known as Skinemax, happened to be playing this movie.

It was.... interesting.

I happened to stay tuned throughout most of the film, every once in a while just finding the need to shut it off and read George Gipe's adaptation of Gremlins.

It was funny, and I'm being honest. It was so ridiculous that it was pretty funny. The guys in the ape suits were so incredibly cheesy that they made no effort to cover it up. There's a scene at the end where one of the girl puts on one of the ape masks, just so anyone at home who hasn't figured it out already will know that they are only masks.

So there were sex scenes, then apes talking, then more sex scenes, then apes dancing, then more sex scenes, then apes fighting.

You will not find much pleasure in this movie unless you have a severe Furry fettish.

The best part of the movie was the disco-ball spaceship at the end. I mean, come on. You can't beat that. It's just funny. They didn't even spend any time bluescreening it. It was just a disco ball matted onto the background with some sort of blue light around it.

If you're a porno addict, then I guess enjoy yourself (but not too much), but beware of guys in ape suits.

If you like bad movies, then watch this right after you watch Manos and Plan 9.

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Misty Mundae - It's that simple

Author: ShaneLords from USA
26 June 2003

There is one reason to watch this movie. That's Misty Mundae. The movie is campy, funny in spots, has a completely ridiculous story line, and the worst ape costumes ever shown on film. But if you want to see why Misty Mundae is the hottest babe on film right now you'll buy or rent this flick right now. Misty is naked almost throughout the entire movie. Her youthful appearance and innocent looks keep you hoping for more and more of her. She gives a completely believable performance in every sex scene she's in and she's in almost every one of them. The lesbian scenes are steamy, always pairing Misty with an older woman. Misty holds your attention whether she's in a 1 on 1 scene or a lesbian orgy. The director should also be credited with not cutting the scenes short. Giving Misty's audience the chance to to see her put through her lesbian paces. I rate this movie a 3 out of 5. I rate Misty's performance a 4.5.

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Funny as hell

Author: Trump-4 ( from Trinidad
1 July 2003

Man I started watching this movie and took it off after 5 mins because it was going so stupid but then a week later I put it on in the middle of the scene where the apes where showing off their dancing skill and I almost died laughing, this is THE most absurd thing I have ever seen. Clearly these were people with left over costumes who made this movie with NO BUDGET. They dont haven have more than 3 of any one ape costume, there is a florescent pink ape for Christ's sakes. I recommend this one to anyone.

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The finest film of the 20th century

Author: humbugfilms from New Orleans, LA
2 July 2004

From the first fake boob jiggle as the spaceship crashed to the final naked dance scene this film never failed to please. It's play on the absurdity of American Pop Culture mixed with the exceptionally sexy Misty Mundae made this film a joy to watch. It's a wonderful testament to the inventiveness and pioneering spirit of B-Movie film-making. It succeeds in mocking its source material, its audience, and itself all at the same time. It also delivers on the flesh, though, at times it almost seems to be mocking sex as well as everything else.

A must see for any fan of the genre. Misty Mundae, you are a goddess. Keep 'em comin'.

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A hot and wild take on the famous movie

Author: warrior-21 from Seattle, Washington
27 February 2002

This funny version consists of three horny women(astronauts) who fall upon this planet in the most peculiar way. Jokes about the movie are thrown around in addition to some very hot and wild scenes. This is a don't miss cannot tell you anymore for fear of ruining a great time.

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One hilariously bad trip

Author: TheGnostic85 from Texas, United States
8 June 2012

Anyone expecting profundity from a film called "Play-Mate of the Ape" is bound to be disappointed. And if you're hoping for scenes of guys in bad monkey costumes having sex with human girls, you're also going to walk away empty-handed. If, on the other hand, you're looking for about 90 minutes of baked humor and lesbians, then this might be just the kind of movie you're looking for.

The plot is stupid, even by the low standards of porn - three lesbian astronauts crash their ship onto a planet where sentient apes rule. They're captured and forced into slavery, but are liberated by a lesbian chimp and her pink gorilla sidekick. Almost every conceivable excuse for a lesbian sex scene is introduced, and eventually, a ridiculously cheap-looking uprising breaks out.

The sex scenes are all too long, and the production values are virtually non-existent, but luckily, this film has Misty Mundae, who is not only cute and sexy, but also possessed of incredible charm and a terrific ability to laugh at herself. It also helps that the writers were clearly having a ball banging out the script; the stupid jokes provide some welcome relief when the sex scenes become tedious...

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It's a fun movie for pity's sake!

Author: djamesrock from Eau Claire, WI
23 September 2006

I'll join the chorus to say that the lesbian scenes go on too long and too often. Giant silicone breasts don't do much for me, and Misty's booty shake is worth all of those silicone sacs put together. Also, I will never get tired of seeing women running around in the woods naked.

This film is completely self-aware of its failings. How often does that ever happen anywhere? For that reason I would be willing to say that watching this movie is somewhat refreshing.

I liked Darian Caine in her role as Uvula. I felt positively bad for her when, during one of the dance scenes, she walked away dejected because she was the only one who wasn't able to dance. Poor Uvula. Darian did well with the role she was given. She is also smokin' hot, which doesn't hurt.

It was genuinely funny - and not for unintentional reasons. I laughed out loud on a number of occasions on well-delivered jokes. The lemonade stand scene in particular made me laugh out loud.

Others have remarked on the weakness of the costumes and effects. Yes, there is a guy in a pink gorilla costume, and while the extras all wore various off the shelf monkey masks, the main ape characters wore full-on Planet of the Apes makeup. The three characters who wore the full get-ups were able to convey emotion and reaction through the masks. For a soft-core lesbian porn flick it really doesn't get much better than that.

Enough care and thought went into this movie to make it watchable, yet it never takes itself seriously. They went to the length to put together some decent costumes and a couple of CGI effects to at least get a working film. None of which were very well done, but at least they were there. They could have gotten away with much less.

I've watched this movie repeatedly and I will give it another go-around someday. Well worth the time.

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Absurd but kind of sexy

Author: josem1999 from San Juan, Puerto Rico
15 June 2004

This movie seems to be playing on cable all the time. It's a very cheesy parody of "Planet of the Apes". The jokes are extremely silly and corny. But I must admit that the sex scenes are kind of hot especially the ones with Misty Mundae and the all out orgy towards the end. These are the kind of movies that back in the 1960's would have played in "adults only" theaters. Plenty of soft-core action and bad attempts at humor. Will probably be enjoyed best with a six pack of beer.

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Another skin-flick spoof of a popular movie...

Author: elbaso from Los Angeles, CA
28 February 2004

This movie is pretty silly, and the gorilla costumes are bad-Holloween quality. One of the gorillas is bright pink! It's kind of fun to watch, more interesting than the normal fare on Cinemax (a.k.a. Skin-emax!). I do have to say that the acress credited as the Barbarian Queen has the largest chest I've seen in movies, and is not shy to show them! Most of the sex scenes in this movie are girl-girl anyway. There seems to be a string of movies like this that spoof popular movies. Lord of the G-string is another. Same actresses, sort of funny. You can tell they're having a good time making the flick. Let's face it, if you're watching these movies, it's not for the plot.

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