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The BBC lays another egg!
Troopie15 February 2006
The BBC has made many great dramas, & David Suchet has given us some fine performances. Sadly, neither is true of this contrived TV series. The fact that no 'Technical adviser'is listed says a lot, as there is no UK police unit like the one featured in this series -- & hopefully never will be! The writers seem to have tried to transplant 'Hawaii 5-0' to the UK, but sadly, there are no sunny beaches or exotic ladies to distract us from the weak plot, paper thin characters, & total lack of realism. I watched this on BBC Prime in Thailand but after tolerating a couple of oh so predictable episodes, I would prefer to watch a Thai drama -- even though I don't understand a word! Do yourself a favour -- avoid this series & keep your fingers crossed that the BBC learns from its mistakes.
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National Crime Squad
Prismark104 November 2015
NCS: Manhunt shown on the BBC was a supposedly slick crime drama written by Malcolm McKay.

It was a polished and fast paced thriller with plenty of hi tech computers and a squad of ten specialist detectives led by DI Borne (David Suchet) who in effect were the British equivalent of the FBI.

Suchet is very good and memorable. A tough and uncompromising detective but a lot of other members of the cast did not convince me that they belonged as bobbies never-mind being in such an elite unit.

The opening episode focused on a sexual fantasist who has kidnapped the elderly mother of a senior police woman.

Something in the direction of the series left a lot to be desired. Competent but also a little bit too by the numbers as well as plodding.
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