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A really great show!
bsdoll3 December 2001
The producers of this show sure know how to do a perfect award ceremony! VMA's always have great performers (Britney Spears, N*SYNC, Linkin Park), loads of surprises and funny hosts. You couldn't ask for more! This is a must-see-show. It's hard to say anything bad about it. Let's hope the show will be more better next year.
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Absolutely horrible
kicking22224 January 2002
MTV used to be a great network that played all sorts of great music- rock, pop, rap, electronica, etc. The 2001 VMAs are a prime example of just how downhill the now-pitiful network has become. They were completely awful, and I'm not just talking about the fact that the talentless, disposable quartet of "Lady Marmelade" beat out Fatboy Slim and Spike Jonze's ingenious "Weapon of Choice" for Best Video. Half of the presenters could not read a word off of the TelePrompter; it was a disgrace to see the poorly put together "tribute" to Aaliyah, when even her brother had to read off of cue cards and Janet Jackson had no idea what she was saying. Speaking of Jacksons, Michael's dancing during the performance of another garbage boy group, Nsync, truly showed his age. The only singers who did not directly appeal to the 10-to-14 age group were limited to performing on the pre-show. With the exception of U2, even the rock acts during the VMAs- Staind and Linkin Park- were there because fans of "bubblegum" pop enjoy them. Worst of all, consider Nsync vs. Fatboy Slim. Nsync one four awards, and were able to take the stage during the show to accept all four, while also performing. Fatboy Slim, who was nominated nine times and won six "moonmen"- as many as anyone else was even nominated for- only got to accept one of the six and did not perform. The 2001 Video Music Awards were disgraceful, and this year, I will not be watching what had become a September staple in my life life.
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totally sucks
LarsTallica20 October 2001
Man when i was a kid i always looked forward to the Mtv Video music awards when real artist ruled.But what the hell is this crap.I'm pretty sure that The director and producer's and everyone else behind the scene worked really hard but man this sucked. All they had was boy bands, and other poppy artist.This show was about glamour and fashion and whose 'hot' and who's not but that's not how it was b4.I remember When Nirvana was told not to play Lithium but they did anyways and they trashed there instruments and Kris Novelistic threw up his bass and hit himself on the head and knocked himself out.Now that's classic At this award show all they had was Rap,Hip hop and Pop.The only part of the show i did like was when Mudvayne won the mtv2 award and they were covered in blood which was really original. So basically this award show was about big stage shows big performances big this instead of quality. Plus also Michael Jackson on was pretty cool
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