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A film made for 18 - 35's to make "The Beats" - icons of American Culture - accessible to a new generation.

A rediscovery of The Beats inner circle Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and Gregory Corso by revealing their most comic and entertaining member, Corso. After the passing of Ginsberg and Burroughs, Corso is "On The Road" in Europe on a madcap odyssey searching for his muse. In sidesplitting antics, Corso retraces The Beats early days as expatriates. Amazingly, through the film, Corso finds his own lost mother, who abandoned him in his first year, 67 years before, to return to Italy. However, she is not dead, but alive, and not in Italy but in Trenton N.J. They meet on film. Corso is revitalized and returns to Greenwich Village to work again. In ultimate irony Corso faces his own mortality with humor and pluck, comforted by Ethan Hawke, Patti Smith and his newfound mother.

Locations include Venice, Rome and Florence, Italy; Paris; London; Athens and Delphi, Greece, and New York.

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