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2 Mar. 2003
La vengeance des Dalton
Lucky Luke catches traveling performer Otto abusing his hypnotizer skill for theft. He's jailed with the Daltons, who convince him to escape together, form a robbery gang and take revenge on Lucky. Otto hypnotizes a whole town, but Lucky remembers some cancel and other commands. Otto resorts to hypnotizing his own side, with weird side-effects, and Averill learned the skill.
9 Mar. 2003
La guerre des toubibs
Lucky arrives as travel companion of qualified Chinese doc Li Ping Ping in mine town Diggers Point. There teacher Vicky had cornered the medical market, which is also claimed by peddler quack Dr Toxys. Luke accepts to serve as exemplary patient for both Li's acupuncture and Vicky's Western medicine, which attracts customer, Luke helps prove the quack's malice and disprove his attempt to discredit both rivals. When the mine collapses, all medical help is needed, and the cause of the epidemic found.
16 Mar. 2003
Les Dalton contre Billy the Kid
When (young) Billy the Kid is jailed in the same prison as the Daltons, both legends escape. They are hell-bent to outdo the rival, and foremost to get Lucky's scalp, even ignoring rich preys along their respective paths. Lucky manages to play them against each-other and jails all five. But the locals are so into betting on various sides that they decide to free all crooks. In this way they can continue the ultimate contest for the worst Wild West criminal, in which their respective supporters intervene.
23 Mar. 2003
Témoin à charge
A judge requires Lucky to escort New York zoology professor, Oscar Tinyboots, a snail expert, to St. Bob, Kansas. He's the star witness against Smiley Laughter, having killed a protected animal. Smiley, a gangster, has never lost a trial because he has all the witnesses murdered. Oscar's bossy wife, Mimi, and Luke escort Oscar, first masquerading as soldiers. When the leave, the platoon commander tries to catch the deserters, so they venture into tribal Indian land. There the humble snail suddenly becomes vital.
30 Mar. 2003
Un os pour les Dalton
During excavation work to connect the prison with Washington via underground cable, a Platfeet settlement and graveyard is discovered. Lucky has the work stopped while a famous archaeologist examines the site and both confirms and even claims it proves Indians and Europeans have a common ancestor. Alas the Indians find out and lay siege to the fort. The Daltons escape, but realizing the find is a treasure, Joe is determined to break back in and steal it before escaping again, but neither proves easy. The defense includes moving the whole prison, while the contractor ...
6 Apr. 2003
Le talisman des grands nez
A professor's archaeological dig finds a great Ancient king's tomb. On his way to Santa Fé University through Schnozzola (big nose) Indian territory with the mummy, which carries a legendary talisman, he attracts thieves and an undertaker, fascinated by the lost embalming technique. The Indians, descended from the king's people, believe the talisman brings a brave chief supreme power. They decide to seize it, but the medicine-man wants to rule himself- or not just him? Lucky Luke escorts the professor.
13 Apr. 2003
Soldats Dalton
A US Colonel's daughter Kate -passed off for his wife- goes missing in Indian territory. Since nobody volunteers for a rescue mission, his friend President Grant allows him to recruit long-term prisoners - the Daltons have nothing to lose. Kate meanwhile had whipped the chief -ignorant of feminism's dangers- who consented to emasculate his tribe, but the 'rescue' mission goes on. The madness gets ever worse, Luke makes no difference.
20 Apr. 2003
Le retour de Liki Liki
Black cattle farmer Meredith is arrested by the racist Dixie sheriff of Leek Gulch, who confiscates his beloved cow Josephine on account of an absurdly high fine. The governor grants him only the services of a Chinese marshal who only makes up for his miserable shooting and riding skills with his martial arts. These skills are no use in preventing both of them being pitched and feathered. So he hires an 'assistant': his old friend Lucky Luke, who sends for a judge. Meanwhile the trio faces the sheriff's family, entirely crazy and blood-thirsty (the grandpa is worst of...
27 Apr. 2003
Sequoia Bay
Washington decides to turn the building of a bridge over Sequoia Bay, in Indian territory, for the Transcontinental Railroad into a race between the proponents of steel and wood constructions. Lucky is to keep both rival teams safe, but the cheaters are each other's worse enemies, bidding anything to get the laborers on their side. Lucky learns from the Indians mother nature chased them.
4 May 2003
Le maître d'école
After Congress declares the American republic can only become a great nation by schooling its people, Lucky saves a haughty, pedantic East coast teacher who immigrates to civilize the West and arrests three crooks who were robbing the teacher. The ignorant town-folk soon mistrust the hot-head educator. The local crime baron Jolly Potbelly forbids turning the saloon into a school for both adults and youth. Lucky stays as protector and armed truancy-fighter, but is ordered on the benches too as 'role model', later even as substitute.

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