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24 Feb. 2002
Lucky Luke in Alaska
When the Russian czar needs to pay off $7,200,000 gambling debts, he orders his governor in Sitka to sell Alaska for that sum. The US State Secretary engages a businessman and Luke Luke to guard the fortune, in gold. Indeed another businessman, who wants to buy the territory for himself, tries in league with Russian revolutionaries to prevent the Yankee delegation concluding the deal, but they get help from an Eskimo and his tame polar bear.
4 Dec. 2002
The Daltons' Treasure
The Daltons dig a tunnel to escape from hard labor prison, but take old Alfred Faria along because he knows the desert location of an Ancient Indian people's city which holds a legendary treasure. Washington sends Lucky Luke to catch the crooks. When the news gets out, gold-diggers flood the Sonoma reserve. The Comanche Indians don't take the invasion lying down either; when Luke and the meanwhile caught five flee their arrows into a mountain tunnel...
12 Mar. 2002
The Last of the Buffalo
While Bufalo Bill fights a rival for the record of greatest buffalo killer, senator Hancock asks Lucky to escort a pair of zoo-raised orphan buffaloes and their equally sissy keeper for reintroduction to the West where the species is extinct in the wild. Laramie, Wyoming gives them a brass band welcome but the rivals snipe, which starts their natural stampede instinct with destructive consequences for the whole town. The route continues trough Indian territory, pursued by both serial buffalo killers...
3 Mar. 2002
Justice for the Daltons
Dodgy lawyer Brad Alimony bribes judge Bad case to declare all 1800 convictions against the Daltons invalid on technicalities, with an injunction against Lucky Luke 'bothering' his freed clients. The lawyer stays with the crooks for a percentage so they can set up unconventional crimes which Lucky Luke can't pin on them legally by intimidating the victims into giving desincriminating testimonies, then charges Lucky before the corrupt judge who jails him. Now Joe doubts if he should keep paying the lawyer, but then Lucky escapes with a weird plan...
13 Dec. 2002
The Daltons' Christmas
The Daltons accidentally escape from jail and impersonate the Santa-suited salesmen of a cactus tonic firm's launch marketing campaign. Lucky was railroaded to attend the mayoral family's Christmas dinner, so he welcomes another chase. After the bank robbery, Avery 'hides' the money in one of the tonic bottles, which are distributed as part of the crooks' cover, so Joe decides to steal them back from homes.
6 Jan. 2002
Vultures Over the Prairie
When Lucky Luke takes up residence in Coffin Gulch, his crime-reducing presence practically threatens to put vulture-like funeral undertakers Barnaby and nasty Mortimer Deadflower out of morbid business, so they pull all the registers to get Lucky and everybody else in town embroiled in potential gunfights and to have tame sheriff Bobby replaced, but Lucky outsmarts them all...
13 Jan. 2002
A New Dad for the Daltons
The startled Daltons get two days off from prison to attend, escorted by Lucky Luke, overbearing old ma Dalton's remarriage to a sissy type, Horace, who is secretly only interested in the hidden Dalton treasure. Gang leader Joe is determined to eliminate their dad's successor before he can say yes at the altar. However Horace soon ends up teaming up with the Dalton boys, even robbing banks, but Lucky proves it's a bigamist...
20 Jan. 2002
Unlucky in Love
Lucky saves the Donahue sisters from the Backward Indians, who do everything the other way around- or is that the other way around? Next Lucky takes them on their way to California, where they have fiancés also from Dublin, to Independance, a gold-diggers bachelor town, where two girls, however tomcat, cause quite a stir and more. There are two strangers who seem suspiciously uninterested, but follow the trio the next morning over Backward territory, with surprise results for everybody...
27 Jan. 2002
Desperados Union
Lucky Luke accepts a call for help from honest gold-digger Oldtimer in a town where everything is controlled by dishonest banker Blackmail, even the clumsy sheriff. When invincible Lucky seems to be successfully putting the criminals out of business, on whom all other business in town thrives, they decide to transform their hired hands gang into a union. Now things rapidly get weird and confusing...
3 Feb. 2002
Ghosts and Bagpipes
Lucky arrives in O'City, entirely inhabited by Irish men who were proud and happy till a month ago laird McCloud's traditionalist Scottish clan in kilts and fond of bagpipes and haggis moved its entire castle nearby. Lucky discovers the attack of Black Cloud's pacific Indian tribe on the castle and the McCloud's determined defense with traditional Scottish methods are instigated by a small, fake ghost and finds him in O'City; the laird now understands what's behind it all...
10 Feb. 2002
The Commandant
When Lucky saves a train from a robber gang, he finds it's the private one of tycoon 'the Commandant' Cornelius, about as rich as Rockefeller but a cheapskate, who is on his honeymoon with his greedy second wife and multi-tasking butler. Lucky joins them as unpaid protector, and tries to find out about the gang's mysterious masked leader and the Commandant's sneaky business methods, with a few twists in the end...
10 Mar. 2002
Don Quixote of Texas
Lucky and Jolly Jumper were looking forward to some rest in Texas, but are approached by Mexican Sanchez to save from lynching by ruffians his crazy friend, who believes to be Don Quichote since he fell on his head. They have no luck finding Cervantes's book to prove that's a fictitious character, and the knight looses his chivalrous heart to a bar girl he takes for his Dulcinea. When she tells him her farm was stolen, the don rides off against the 'black knight', but in the wrong direction, to an Indian tribe which believes madness comes for the Great Manitou.
17 Feb. 2002
The Battle
President Ulysses S. Grant sends Lucky to liberate from Mexico, where the government denies general Granache's rebellion constitutes a civil war, to rescue US reporter Sleeze, who is supposedly the prisoner of desperado leader El Coyote who rivals the general, but actually it's all inventions by the journalist. Alas when the measly Mexican villagers he modeled the antagonists on read about their 'heroic exploits', both act accordingly, turning their sleepy nowhere into a battlefield...
17 Mar. 2002
Woman Wanted
When Lucky Luke's boisterous tomcat friend, Calamity Jane, is officially wanted (dead or alive) for crimes committed by Phil Fast Finger, assuming her loud red-hair posture, Lucky agrees to help her escape. So now the crook catcher is hunted down with her by every bounty hunter- and trace the real culprit, to which end he masquerades with her as the respectable couple Jones. Their stage coach gets trough an attack by Indians, the rivaling bounty hunters catch up, and so does Phil.
14 Apr. 2002
Lola Montes
Foxy entertainer Loly Montes -instant target for the Abstentionist crones- and her French aristocratic partner, dwarf painter Eugene, were duped into buying an exhausted gold mine. their nasty cat becomes the object of Rantanplan's desire. Lola sets up a debauchery show in the saloon, Eugene tries to sell o the mine, only to be duped again by a crook who aims at robing the whole town. Lucky Luke must set everything straight.
28 Apr. 2002
The Alabama Monster
Lucky arrives in Green Valey, Alabama, a town obsessed with cattle and domineered by the largest cow herd rancher. When the only sheep-herd mourns individually named sheep, believing them to be devoured by a huge monster, Lucky soon smells a rat, but still has to prove his suspicions, helped or rather hindered by a clumsy self-invited 'monster hunter'.
23 Jul. 2002
Double Dose of Daltons
The Loony brothers, four different-sized, red-hair honest actors, present a Wild West show as the -jailed- Daltons. When the real crooks escape, they learn about their imitators and Joe comes up with a crafty plan: they kidnap the thespians and force them to wear Dalton-masks, so he can field two mixed teams, allowing the Dalton gang to commit crimes in two places at the same time, a stunt reported in the world press. It takes a while till Lucky Luke realizes, watching virtually identical showgirls, what their game must be, and still gets double-tricked, but Averill ...
15 Sep. 2002
A Canon for the Daltons
US Cavalry Colonel Oswald has orders to test fat Bertha, the White House's top-secret artillery pet project. Alas he looses control over it after the Daltons saw it, so they escape to get hold of it, but so want Indian chief Oochi Coochie and the now dismounted troopers. Lucky must arrest the Daltons again at risk of being bombed to Kingdom come, and the Colonel gets a surprise visit.
22 Sep. 2002
Forbidden Love
Lucky is sent to check on Fort McCallister, which guards the Fake Tattoo Indians. He finds everything is peaceful. The commander's elderly but bossy mother, Julia, meets and falls in love with the chief's equal old and senile father Trilling Otter, which the brothers-in-law-to-be want to prevent at all cost. So the lovebirds elope.
29 Sep. 2002
The Undead Daltons
After a distracted undersecretary signs a form declaring the Daltons dead and confirms so in the press, the warden kicks them out of jail. They rob a stage-coach, hear their official status and start a four men-crime wave dressed in white sheets. Spiritualist medium Irina follows Lucky, hoping to prove ghosts exist by photography. Lucky saves from lynching a Hindu fakir who hinders ranch-hands branding 'holy' cows and mistakes Rataplan for a fellow Vishnu reincarnation. Tracked by Lucky, Joe decides to move into a ghost town, which apparently has its own ghost, Roger.
13 Oct. 2002
The Daltons Fly High
The brothers Walter and John decide to spring the Daltons from jail by hot air balloon in order to prove even the most-feared gang can't crack their custom-order safes on board a train. Of course once free, nasty Joe decides to rob the Trick Gulch bank instead, where Lucky -who guessed so- waits for the Daltons, but the balloon rescues them, yet they throw the pilot out. Indians think the balloon is the stolen sun, Rataplan mistakes it for a toy-ball.
20 Oct. 2002
Custer Craziness
Lucky arrives in a small town when mad general Custer is campaigning for president there against Gneral Grant's supporters. Each side aspires hero Luck's reluctant support. Custer's terrible temper hurt him despite a good campaign adviser, but his dog-phobia and panic fear for bad luck bringer Rataplan prove as crucially self-fulfilling.
27 Oct. 2002
Jackpot for the Daltons
Lightning renders dumbo Averill smart enough to lead a Daltons escape and evil, seizing command from Joe and aiming to rob Fort Knox. While Lucky Luke sets chase, the lightning wears off, so Joe goes looking for more electricity to reproduce the effect, but can only recur to a rain-dancing Indian medicine-man.
10 Nov. 2002
The Daltons as Cowboys
Despite Lucky's warning, the governor who wants to limit prison costs allows rancher Joe to take the Daltons for 'rehabilitation trough farm labor'. Thre crooks find earning their keep under a foreman's whip intolerable, ironically most of all Averel, although he is spoiled to his brothers' envy by farmer's wife Cynthia, who has the hots for the tall idiot, who alas hates kisses so much Lucky finds him in jail having dug a tunnel back in. By the time Joe manages to mount their escape, they get both Lucky and a woman scorned on their trail.
17 Nov. 2002
The Spies
During a visit of the War Minister's personal adviser to a secret base in the desert, Dr. Pretzel's secret 'ultimate weapon' invention, a bullet proof fabric, is stolen by Horace Twoface. Lucky Luke gets the job of retrieving it for the US government, which leads him to a tiny Mexican village near the Rio Grande, where the megalomaniac El General rules absolutely and pays well for such military advantages. Twoface also arrives there, in a car.
24 Nov. 2002
The Daltons Into Charity
The Daltons escape from Denver prison, over the Coloroda border, to Utah, the only state where they are still not wanted. So Lucky Luke has to wait before arresting them till they foul up, which is bound to happen as they met a slick con-artist who is bound to rival with them for the same victims.
8 Dec. 2002
Dalton Junior
After yet another escape, the Daltons are handed a baby by a mother, who rides away as diversion 'chased by villains'. Although the boy clearly bonds only with him, Joe first dumps noisy Junior on the old farmers, who adopt the godsend, then changes his mind to steal the baby back hoping it's worth a royal ransom.

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