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The most sensuous and intimate work of cinema of the past few years, a film that luxuriates in the immediacy of the moment. There is no guilt to the act, only exhilaration, joy and freedom. At least for the moment.
The A.V. Club
Seasoned with amusing bits of fantasy, like a pizza topping that briefly curls into a smile, Friday Night captures the city at its most inviting, alive with the feeling that wonderful things can happen to ordinary people.
A rare and tender delight.
Rolling Stone
A mesmerizing erotic odyssey.
Village Voice
Richer in metaphor than narrative drive.
Beguiling and intoxicating.
Chicago Tribune
This movie gives us mostly the "what" when we need a bit of the "why" as well. In her other, better work, Denis always supplies it.
Boston Globe
Has a sultry and complex psychological intent all its own, yet it's reminiscent of some earlier Denis works, including ''Nenette and Boni.''
New York Daily News
It is driven by the finely expressed -- if nearly mute -- performance of Lemercier. We learn a lot about this woman and her emotional state from Lemercier's subtle body language. As for Lindon's Jean, well, it's enough that he's there and doesn't require batteries.
Chicago Reader
Its numerous ancillary characters are so closely observed that even those without speaking parts register as people, in a manner than blurs the line between strangeness and intimacy.

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