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Chicago Tribune
Sometimes funny, often strained comedy.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
You might believe that a movie comedy requires no visual rhythm, and that entire scenes -- especially those big set-pieces -- benefit greatly from a shooting style devoid of imagination and unremittingly flat. If so, A Guy Thing is surely your thing. Enjoy.
New York Daily News
The stars have little opportunity to engage their characters. The gang-written screenplay and Chris Koch's artless direction turn their scenes into a series of broad, overplayed comic sketches.
Stumbles along laboriously, its jokes following one after another in a sloppy, flat-footed walk.
A childish, empty effort.
The bad thing about A Guy Thing isn't the talent of its stars but the warmed-over triteness of the material they're forced to work with.
The A.V. Club
Perhaps Lee took a look at the script -- saw all the jokes about diarrhea, pubic lice, drunk old ladies, and drugged gravy, and thought, "Why bother?" Looking at the final results, it's hard to feel any other way.
Most of the meager charms of the chaotic romantic farce A Guy Thing spring from the deft comic contortions of Hollywood's ultimate nerdy sidekick, Jason Lee.
Washington Post
For about 10 minutes, it works.
Wall Street Journal
Designed as a disposable commodity, it's a film I'd dispose of with no further ado, except for what it says about minimum standards in a certain tacky niche of the movie business, as well as for what it suggests, in its lunkheaded way, about the perils that marriage may pose.

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