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Yuri is here to kick your Russian ass...

Author: Torgo_Approves from El Paso!
28 September 2006 let's nuke the bastard. Choose from a variety of soldiers, weapons, and tanks, establish your base, build up your defenses, seek out the enemy and kick ass in whatever way you see fit. This game is hilarious, mind-bendingly re-playable, and a true classic. It never gets old. The voice work is fantastic, with such cult actors as Udo Kier and Kari Wuher, how can you fail? Sure the story is cheesy - that's the point. This is not a game with deep messages and outstanding realism or whatever the hell hardcore gamers crave these days - it's a completely off-the-wall strategy game in which lots of stuff blows up, the Allies' secret agent has bigger boobs than she has guns, Soviet intelligence wears leather, and a bald Russian maniac poses a threat to free will itself. If that description doesn't make you interested, avoid this game. Anyone who can't appreciate a war game where you can pit flying saucers against dinosaurs isn't worth talking to, anyway. Play this game! (r#73)

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More fun in the Red Alert universe

Author: TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews from Earth
3 June 2007

The campiness of Red Alert 2 continues full force, and is joined by an equal amount of cheesiness. The plot isn't bad, it just isn't very original, and the basis for it is something of a deus ex machina... or, in laymen's terms, it screams, "We're written into a corner, and we have no good way of getting out". This expansion has just about everybody from the game return. Their look is slightly altered, meaning, they all took a quick trip to the hair-dresser(with somewhat varying results), for no readily apparent reason(it even creates a glaring continuity error that could easily have been avoided). Dialog and acting are as campy as in the regular game. The cut-scenes are about the same quality they were in the game. Yuri's Revenge, as the title reveals, has Yuri return... as the main enemy of both campaigns. His side can also be played in multi-player. His arsenal includes some thoroughly unpleasant and highly unethical weapons, including biological war-fare. Did you like the mind-control of Red Alert 2? The developers of this add-on sure hope so. Not only do the Yuri clones and Yuri Prime return, the latter gets upgraded noticeably and they are joined by a building, a vehicle, heck, even a *superweapon* that can mind-control. The interesting thing about Yuri's side is that while what he does have is extremely useful and difficult to fight, there really isn't a lot of it. He only has one flying unit. He doesn't have a particularly powerful tank, like both Allied and Soviets do in both this and the main game. He lacks buildings that both his opponents have. As with the other two sides, use what he has right, and he can be excellent to play as. He has both a tank and a building which use a gattling cannon as their weapon, and this is a gun that I welcomed with open arms to an RTS title. It can shoot at both ground and airborne targets, and the longer it fires, the more rounds per minute, and the more powerful it gets. The campaigns are good. There are seven missions per side, and in some, you have access to the special units that the different countries get in multi-player. Both sides get a cool and interesting final level(and for how similar the story-lines are, they're actually surprisingly different, great in their own way, and the Soviet ending cut-scene is way more satisfying than in the game), and the level design in general is quite good. The way the missions were selected is fairly good, with one level having you play the other side of a battle you fought during Red Alert 2, several of them being interesting and all of them taking place, as with the main game, in real life locations. There is also much more of a definite connection between the occurrences in the intro(which, comparatively, is considerably less action-packed and awesome than that of the game) and the missions. The music isn't bad, but I wouldn't rate it as highly as that of the main game. The pace isn't as riveting, though some missions are really cool. There's one new bug in this expansion pack, but apart from that, most of the new things are improvements. There are some new features, mainly for multi-player, which makes it more enjoyable and makes for more customization before the matches start. The two returning sides get some more units. Soviets were somewhat in need, in particular, seeing as how Yuri getting his own side took away no less than two buildings and one unit. They get an Industrial Plant, which increases unit production(and works as a good counter to the Allied Ore Purifier, though that, I believe, was a counter in itself). They also get a Battle Bunker, which allows for garrisoning a small group of Conscripts(or other main infantry). As far as units go, they get a Siege Chopper, a helicopter that deploys into a cannon reminiscent of heavy artillery, and Boris, a unit that works basically like Tanya, only instead of two pistols, he uses, yep, you guessed it, an AK-47, and instead of C4, he calls in air-strikes, in a manner somewhat similar to using a Ghost to nuke the enemy in StarCraft. While Boris is definitely a cool and interesting addition, it doesn't make all that good sense for the Soviets to have a guerrilla style war-fare unit, what with their reliance on heavy hardware to get the job done(much like NOD in the Tiberium universe), but oh well. Both he and Tanya(who can now also use her C4 to instantly blow up vehicles) are put to reasonably good and entertaining use in the campaigns. The Soviets also get their Spy Plane back, which had taken an unexplained leave of absence since the first Red Alert, and it was definitely good to see the return of it. The Allies get one new building... the Robot Control Center. It enables them to build Robot Tanks, that float(letting them pass over water without thinking twice about it) and are utterly immune to mind-control. They also get Guardian GI's, infantry units that are uncrushable anti-aircraft/vehicle when deployed. However, the one that grants the player the most strategic possibilities is the Battle Fortress. This is like a merging of five IFV's. Five infantry units can be stored inside, and not only are they considerably safer from enemy fire in there, they can also shoot back. It also crushes just about anything in its path, including vehicles and walls(!). All sides get the Force Shield, which really isn't all that useful. It represents an attempt at giving the players defense against super-weapons, but I can't claim I've had much experience with the thing actually being much worth the minute of low power that follows, as opposed to either disabling any enemy-controlled super-weapons, or simply taking the hit. All in all, good expansion pack. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoyed playing Red Alert 2. 7/10

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Full Motion Video takes one last step into Computer Games

Author: Jim McBrearty ( from Glasgow, Scotland
26 October 2002

While the war waged between the Allies and Soviets -- from the sunny Florida Keys to a frozen Moscow -- Yuri was quietly scheming, planning, testing, and devising.

History went on without him - Russian Premier Romanov signed a historic peace treaty with the Allies and the free world remained free. Now it's Yuri's turn to make history, and wreak vengeance on his foes. In hidden bases and underground labs, Yuri has been perfecting his own means for his turn at world domination.

Refining his mind-control technologies, he's created an army of terrors, from mind-controlling tanks to long-range psychics, whose brains are their biggest weapons. After all, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. It's time for Yuri's Revenge

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Author: Gluck-3 from USA
16 November 2009

Almost ten years old, and Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge is still one of the best game(s) going. Varied, rich in detail, well scripted, beautifully cast in choice of actors and voice talent, and enough fun that it won't matter 'till daddy takes the T-Bird home.

One of the easy terms most use to describe Yuri's Revenge is "campy." Well, the game certainly has a wonderful sense of humor, is off the wall, and doesn't take itself seriously, one of the reasons why the game is so wonderful. While "campy" isn't incorrect, as the meaning basically boils down to self-parody, the description doesn't do this game justice, because often "campy" connotes tastelessness, and sometimes vulgarity. If a property doesn't take itself seriously and is so imaginative and well done as to create a world of its own, "campy" hardly pegs what Yuri's Revenge is about.

But as inappropriate as "campy" is, another word that many fans wrongly use to describe Yuri's Revenge is really rather unfair and well, cheesy. Yes, "cheesy" is that word, and it means "Of poor quality" and "shoddy." (Some synonyms are "chintzy," "crummy," "sleazy," and "cheap.") That means Yuri's Revenge is the exact opposite of "cheesy"!

What a pity the demise of the company and personnel that was behind this level of excellence has meant an end run to the series. (Evidently C&C continues, but it has become a whole different animal.)

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Yuri tries to take over the world, again...

Author: Knersuz from Cape Town, South Africa
1 July 2009

That evil Yuri is at it again, trying to take over the world (cue evil laugh). This time using his own forces rather than those of the unsuspecting Russians to unleash some more of his evil mind-control mayhem on the world. As the official expansion to Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge is basically more of the same cheesy wacky game that you experienced in the original.

The biggest addition is that of the 3rd side – Yuri's forces- to battle the Allieds and Soviets. As expected, Yuri's forces rely on mind-control of their opponents and a careless commander can quickly find his forces turning on each other and being decimated by friendly fire. It's an interesting challenge to figure how to counter Yuri's mind control effectively but once you do, there is no plan B from Yuri as most of his units are relatively weak.

Yuri's revenge's single player campaigns are a bit more difficult than RA2's campaigns, but never so difficult that you will pull your hair out in frustration. Westwood also added some new units for the Allieds and Soviets, but I only bothered to try out a few of them, finding my old favorites from RA2 still adequate in most situations.

The new cut-scenes were a little disappointing, a number of them simply consist of a person telling you what happened and what you're mission objectives are. Scattered between the mission-briefings though, were a few good cut-scenes that were on the same standard as those in RA2. One strange quirk is the long loading times of missions, it was a big complaint back in 2001 – and the problem still persists on modern computers in 2009. Not sure how the programmers screwed that one up.

To conclude, Yuri's Revenge is a very competent add-on to the original RA2, and a must have for any RA2 fan.

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Red Alert? More like PARTY ALERT.

Author: carcinogen from USA
21 August 2003

Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge is like a massage to the foot of my brain. Not only was it awesome, but it also teaches us that Russians and mind-controllers are not only evil, but mean and deadly.

Check out Yuri's Revenge on the Weekend, YOU WON'T BE SORRY.

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