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Scoop: Pitch's Kylie Bunbury to Star in ABC's Get Christie Love Reboot

Scoop: Pitch's Kylie Bunbury to Star in ABC's Get Christie Love Reboot
Kylie Bunbury is about to go from “You’re out!” to “You’re under arrest, sugah!”

The Pitch alum has signed on to star in ABC’s reboot of the 1970s cop drama Get Christie Love, TVLine has learned. Bunbury will play the title character, an African-American CIA agent in charge of an elite special-ops unit. “Beautiful and charismatic, Christie transforms into whoever she needs to be in order to get the job done, especially when it’s down to the wire and the stakes are life and death,” per the network’s description.

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Beyoncé Brings Back Foxxy Cleopatra Vibes in All-Gold Ensemble

Beyoncé Brings Back Foxxy Cleopatra Vibes in All-Gold Ensemble
It’s been 15 years since Beyoncé Knowles played Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers in Goldmember, her theatrical debut, but rest assured that she’s still “a whole lot of woman.”

The songstress seemed to pay homage to her early movie role in her latest series of Instagram photos, in which she modeled a gold cheetah-print dress. The long-sleeved mini featured a low-cut neckline and a high-cut slit on her thigh.

Beyoncé kept the all-gold theme going with her accessories, donning matching heels and oversized double hoop earrings.

She finished it all off with multiple stands of necklaces, a chain purse and statement sunglasses.
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Five Things you Didn’t Know about Carrie Ann Inaba

If she looks familiar it’s probably because you’ve been watching Dancing With The Stars. Carrie Ann Inaba has acted as a judge on the show but has had a rather impressive career to date. She’s been featured in film and on TV for her dancing abilities and has choreographed a fair number of TV series as well. To this point she’s been highly recognized for her dancing abilities and has even acted out a few scenes throughout various movies in the past. One notable moment was when she played the character of Fook Yu in Austin Powers: Goldmember. Inaba has

Five Things you Didn’t Know about Carrie Ann Inaba
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Will Austin Powers 4 Ever Happen? Mike Myers and Director Jay Roach Have Hope

The first two Austin Powers films are pretty spectacular 007 parodies, setting the bar for a lot of comedies in the late '90s. Even with Wayne's World (just forget about Love Guru), these films have been the defining projects of Mike Myers' career, with many classic jokes living on in daily conversation two decades later.

The third film, Austin Powers in Goldmember,  which I felt was the least successful and most repetitive, did leave the plot at an odd point, with Austin Powers and Dr. Evil joining forces as brothers, leaving Scott Evil (Seth Green) to carry on his father's legacy. There hasn't been an Austin Powers film in fifteen years, so is the franchise dead and buried? Or just frozen in cyrosleep until the hero is needed again?

The Hollywood Reporter did a piece of the legacy of Austin Powers, which included interviews with both Director Jay Roach
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Yeah, Baby! ‘Austin Powers’ Shagged Its Way to Theaters 20 Years Ago

Yeah, Baby! ‘Austin Powers’ Shagged Its Way to Theaters 20 Years Ago
When “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” opened May 2, 1997, Variety described it as an “odd mix of sophisticated and lowbrow humor” but was enthused about the Mike Myers-Jay Roach collaboration. The film had cost less than $20 million so it was profitable with a modest $67 million worldwide. There was no deal in place for a sequel, but New Line execs noticed the comedy was a huge hit in home video and on cable. When the studio greenlit a sequel, many rival execs were surprised: They were still defining success solely by domestic box office.

Boosted by massive marketing tie-ins, 1999’s “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” saw a spectacular domestic opening weekend of $55 million and completed its global run with $312 million. “Austin Powers in Goldmember” (2002) scored $296 million worldwide. After many years, rumors persist that a fourth edition is imminent. As Powers himself would say, “Yeah, baby!”

The nothing-is-sacred
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Mike Myers Still Interested In Austin Powers 4

It’s a bit of a mystery (pun intended) as to why we haven’t seen Austin Powers 4 yet. Admittedly, Mike Myers is far from the bona fide box office star he was back in the late 80s and into the 90s, but all three films in the series did quite well upon release, pleasing audiences and turning a pretty decent profit for the studio. Still, a fourth instalment has never come to fruition and though it is getting to be a bit too late for it to happen now, Myers is still interested.

The last outing for the franchise, Austin Powers in Goldmember, debuted back in 2002, but as Myers tells The Hollywood Reporter, he’s still up for another one.

“I would love to do another, but you just have to see. I was devastated by my father’s death. But to have that turn into something that
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Raising Caine: Sir Michael Going On In Style

Tony Black on screen legend Michael Caine

His recent political leanings aside, Sir Michael Caine remains one of the surviving legends of British and indeed American cinema of the last fifty years, and this weekend’s Going in Style–a heist caper directed by none other than ScrubsZach Braff–sees him share top billing with fellow aged legend Morgan Freeman for what seems the first time in a while. Over recent years the iconic British figure–known for his slick Cockney accent which bore fruit with numerous catchphrases in more than one seminal British film–has become more widely known to audiences as a character actor, heavily used in Christopher Nolan’s body of work since appearing as Alfred Pennyworth in Batman Begins.

So began a certain career resurgence for the man born Maurice Micklewhite under the sound of bow bells, but as Sir Michael–now into his 80’s
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Beyonce frontrunner to voice Nala in Disney’s The Lion King

According to Variety, Beyonce has emerged as the frontrunner to voice the character of Nala in Disney’s upcoming remake of The Lion King.

Apparently the Grammy-winner is yet to make a decision about whether to join the project due to her pregnancy, although the studio and director Jon Favreau are reportedly very keen for her to take on the role, and are willing to work around her schedule in order to secure her participation.

The remake of the 1994 animated classic is being fast-tracked into production by Disney, and will see Donald Glover lending his voice to Simba, while James Earl Jones will once again voice Simba’s father Mufasa.

Beyonce’s last credit was voice work on 2013’s Epic, while her other screen credits include Austin Powers in Goldmember, Dreamgirls and Obsessed.
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The New 'Lion King' Wants Beyoncé Knowles To Be Its Queen

Beyoncé Knowles is such a potent and popular musical artist that it's easy to forget her past performances as an actress in a variety of movies. While still a member of singing group Destiny's Child, she made her film debut opposite Mike Myers in the comedy sequel Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002). After the group broke up in 2006 and her emergence as a solo artist, Knowles continued acting in movies such as The Pink Panther … … Dreamgirls … … Obsessed … … and Cadillac Records. Now she may be tackling another high-profile project. She is director Jon Favreau's top choice to voice Nala in the upcoming new version of Disney's The Lion King, according to Variety. Whether she takes on the role...

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Disney reportedly want Beyonce to voice Nala in The Lion King remake

Author: Scott Davis

Is one of the world’s biggest pop stars set to lend her vocals to the upcoming remake of The Lion King? If Disney gets their wish it looks very likely as news from Variety suggests Beyonce is the first choice to voice Nala in Jon Favreau’s new version of the classic animation.

There is no official deal just yet but the singer is director Favreau’s first choice for the role, which would see her take over the role from Moira Kelly and Sally Dworsky, who voiced and sung in the 1994 film. If she takes the role, she would join Donald Glover (Han Solo), who voices Simba, and James Earl Jones who returns to play Mufasa.

See Also: James Earl Jones returns for The Lion King remake

Aside from her multi-award-winning music career, Beyonce has made the transition to films with roles in such films as Bill Condon’s Dreamgirls,
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Jon Favreau sets sights on Beyonce for ‘The Lion King’

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is currently taking the world box-office by storm. The film is a live-action remake of the animated classic, the latest in a long line of proposed reworks. The House of Mouse is now currently working on bringing the likes of Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, and The Lion King, to life.

The Lion King will be directed by Jon Favreau, who has already delivered Disney a colossal hit with last year’s The Jungle Book. Work is currently underway on casting; both Simba and Mufasa have already been cast. Donald Glover is Simba and James Earl Jones will return as Mufasa. The next key character Favreau is looking for is Simba’s gal-pal-turned-girlfriend, Nala. Variety are reporting that his shortlist for the role is very short, with the actor / director setting his sights firmly on Beyonce.

The female mega-star is currently pregnant with twins,
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Beyonce Top Choice to Voice Nala in ‘Lion King’ Remake (Exclusive)

Beyonce Top Choice to Voice Nala in ‘Lion King’ Remake (Exclusive)
Disney’s “Lion King” live-action reboot is getting in formation.

Sources tell Variety that Beyonce is director Jon Favreau’s top choice to voice Nala in the upcoming remake.


‘Lion King’ Remake: Donald Glover Cast as Simba, James Earl Jones as Mufasa

Insiders stress that the Grammy winner has not made a decision regarding the role yet, as the star is pregnant with twins. But since it’s a voice-acting role, sources say the studio and director will do whatever it takes to accommodate her schedule. The songstress announced her pregnancy in early February and dropped out as a Coachella headliner by month’s end. Lady Gaga will replace the “Single Ladies” singer at the desert music and arts festival next month.

Donald Glover is on board to voice Simba and James Earl Jones is reprising his role as Simba’s father, Mufasa.


Watch Beyonce’s Stunning Performance
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Someone to Watch Over Me: Spielberg and Surveillance

Exploring the director’s fascination with spying.

The cinema of Steven Spielberg is one that’s built around fascination and a need to understand. As a director he is an explorer, but not one interested in unearthing grand artifacts, rather one in search of intimate treasures, an explorer of explorers, so to speak, someone to whom the process of discovery is much more interesting than the discoveries themselves.

As such, his films are rife with surveillance, characters spying on or otherwise surreptitiously watching other characters, tracking their behavior, their actions, their being, for the purposes of gathering information, good and bad. Think of the Nazis on the trail of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark peering over newspapers, or the future crime detectives in Minority Report scanning time for illegalities, or the government scientists after E.T. creeping about suburbia.

Spielberg is constantly exploring surveillance and the various mindsets behind it, and
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The Pro Files: Meet Beyonce’s Longtime Hairstylist Kim Kimble

The Pro Files: Meet Beyonce’s Longtime Hairstylist Kim Kimble
When it comes to celebrity hair stylists, Kim Kimble is the real deal. After working with stars for two decades, the pro showed no signs of slowing in 2016 when she crafted what were arguably the year’s most talked-about coifs: Beyoncé’s Superbowl curls and MTV Vma’s braid as well as more than 20 awe-inspiring looks for Lemonade. And as if being one of Queen Bey’s go-to hair gurus wasn’t enough to fill up her 2016 to-do list, she also taped season five of her We TV’s hit series L.A. Hair (which premieres January 5) and capped off December
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Janelle Monáe, Beyoncé and more make the list of our favourite singers turned actors

  • Cineplex
Janelle Monáe, Beyoncé and more make the list of our favourite singers turned actorsJanelle Monáe, Beyoncé and more make the list of our favourite singers turned actorsGarrett McCormick12/22/2016 11:47:00 Am

It almost seems unfair when the best musicians in the world not only have the talent of singing, but also have incredible acting ability too.

These Grammy nominated singers not only prove they are experts on the mic, but in front of the camera as well. Take a look at our favourite singers turned actors below:

Janelle Monáe

From multiple Grammy nominations, to Oscar buzz, Janelle Monáe has officially made her mark in the world of cinema. She’s best known for her jazz-funk beats and being a showstopper on the mic and dance floor, but she is now known as an A-class actress who can hang with the best of them.

Janelle Monáe couldn’t have had a
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Tom Cruise: A 30-Year Appreciation of the Hollywood Top Gun

Tom Cruise: A 30-Year Appreciation of the Hollywood Top Gun
More so than ever it seems, we've become increasingly obsessed with acknowledging the anniversaries of beloved movies, TV shows and music. Not that there's anything wrong with celebrating our pop culture past, mind you. In fact, for someone as nostalgic as myself, I completely embrace it. Which brings me to a little milestone of my own. This one, though, doesn't simply focus on a particular piece of celluloid, but instead, revolves around a certain actor whose work has been an enduring presence throughout my movie-going life.

For the last 30 years, not only have I sat and watched every single Tom Cruise film that has come out since 1986, I have done so in an actual, honest-to-goodness movie theater. That's a total of 33 silver screen experiences (34 if you count his Austin Powers in Goldmember cameo), including the latest, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Yeah, you might say I'm a fan.

However, prior to the start of this streak -- and
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Exclusive: Story writer revealed for Dreamworks’ ‘Shrek 5’ – ‘Sky High 2’ coming?

A little over a week ago, we caught up with Trolls directors Walt Dohrn and Mike Mitchell. Dohrn and Mitchell are veterans of the world of Dreamworks Animation and have worked on many of their projects. While most of our chat revolved around Trolls, which is released across the Uk this coming weekend, talk soon turned to their future projects.

We spoke of the planned Shrek 5, which looks like it is well on the way at the studio (now part of the Universal family) with a story being worked on by a pretty big name in comedy and animated movies generally.

On Shrek 5 Mike Mitchell commented: “They’ve got a pretty good story. It’s being written by Michael McCullers who wrote all of the Austin Powers films. He came up with a really great idea that they’re exploring.”

Walt Dohrn added: “There’s more story to tell there
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See Christopher Guest's Wild, Hilarious 'Mascots' Trailer

See Christopher Guest's Wild, Hilarious 'Mascots' Trailer
The trailer for the new Christopher Guest film, Mascots, shows members of his troupe of players hilariously competing to win the "Gold Fluffy," a trophy at the Eighth World Mascot Association Championships, a competition for sports-team mascots. 

An anatomically correct donkey, a giant fist and a bizarre pencil-and-sharpener duo, are all presented in Guest's signature deadpan mockumentary. The film chronicles both a backstage look at the awards ceremony and the "drug and sex problems" pervading behind the scenes.

Many of the actors and actresses, which include Jane Lynch, Parker Posey,
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‘Austin Powers 4’ may still happen, says director

The last Austin Powers movie, Austin Powers in Goldmember was released fourteen years ago, and while we all thought that the franchise was officially done following a very successful trilogy, it seems that a fourth film may still happen.

The films’ series producer Jay Roach commented to Larry King that an Austin Powers 4 is still being considered.

Here’s what he had to say: “You know, Mike Myers and I talk about it every time we get together. I would say it’s in a latent phase right now, but someday if we find the right idea that seems to have it earn itself, for sure. Mike gave me the break of a lifetime in letting me direct [Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery] so I’m always good to go.”

Wow. The last we heard was that a potential plot man actually revolve around Dr. Evil and his son Scott (Seth Green) and would
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"Austin Powers 4" Still Under Consideration

Almost fourteen years on from "Austin Powers in Goldmember" and talk of another film in Mike Myers' comedy series have varied between non-existent to mere rumblings. Jay Roach, out doing promotional rounds for the "All the Way" film which premiered last night on HBO, confirmed he's still discussing the film with Myers.

Speaking with Larry King Now, Roach says he and Myers are still kicking around ideas, but nothing has quite "stuck yet" and neither is in a rush to make a release date:

"You know, Mike Myers and I talk about it every time we get together. I would say it's in a latent phase right now, but someday if we find the right idea that seems to have it earn itself, for sure. Mike gave me the break of a lifetime in letting me direct [Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery] so I'm always good to go."

The most recent rumors were that
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