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Charlotte Observer
The funniest, crassest, wildest, most musical, most satirical and most scatological of the Powers trilogy. And you get to watch Britney Spears' head explode. What more could you want?
Entertainment Weekly
Mike Myers and Austin Powers may stick to their old Beatle boots, but they've both come a long way, luvvy. For proof, just look at all the A-list celebrities-I-won't-mention happy to crash the party.
This summer's comic gem.
The most consistently funny of the ''Austin Powers'' films.
New York Daily News
The best way to look at this installment, however, is as musical theater of the absurd. The song-and-dance set pieces are brilliant, including a rap-style "It's a Hard Knock Life" in a prison.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Myers's sheer fertility of invention is of a different order, and even if he misses as often as he hits, he's definitely a swinger.
Wall Street Journal
Nothing to write home about, though nothing to stay home about either, especially if you're a dyed-in-the-polyester Powers fan.
It's a shapeless, derivative-but-funny show with another loony parody plot about super-villain Dr. Evil.
New York Post
Uneven, self-conscious but often hilarious spoof.
The only thing that won't make you laugh, unless you've got a 12-year-old's sense of humor, is the film's tireless parade of gross-out gags and scatological verbal jests. Myers gets a charge out of this material--it wouldn't be here if he didn't--but so much of it is so tedious it's difficult to believe an adult actually sat down and wrote it.
Rolling Stone
The gifted Myers lets his once and (I hope) future shag king get lost in an elephantine Hollywood franchise. The first time was the charm, baby.
Philadelphia Inquirer
To paraphrase one of the few memorable lines in the movie, "Even stink would say this stinks."

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