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Nick Zbu7 March 2002
The most frightening thing about this excuse for event programming is that people that use this show as their supposed fifteen minutes are so incredibly shallow. While they boast about their ages, none of them act like they are over 13 years of age. Furthermore, one has to wonder if they actually possess empathy or any grasp of the word 'love' outside of a ripped off rap song.

It sickens me. Sickens me more than shows like 'Fear Factor' whose intention is to disgust. To pass fodder like 'Dismissed' as titillation is like calling Hitler only slightly wrong. It is a snapshot of society as a bunch of narcissists finding physical pleasure only to feed their overblown egos. To think that people find this entertaining makes me want to puke.

Only watch if you want to enforce your most pessimistic world view. Much like Jerry Springer, stupidity shown on this...thing...is best believed to be fake.
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Just when you thought MTV was not superficial!!!
dayhunter31 October 2001
This show is the most ridiculously crude, rude, shallowist excuse to flaunt a bunch of flat tummy walking hormones duke it out over each other in hopes of winning the prize of a free shag with a complete stranger! Brilliant television. MTV is no doubt the undisputed champion when it comes to appealing to todays shallow minded, impressionable youth. And thats why they have such a locked-jaw grip on our society. The networks latest installment, Dismissed is a prime example of the quality television spoon fed to gullible teens and intoxicated college students. Being a member of the later group of viewers I must say that I enjoy this show immensely. Dismissed is so preposterous that it works beautifully in the whole scheme of things. I mean this is what reality television is all about isn't it? A sloppy frat boy on a date with two incredibly gorgeous women competing on for his hand in...whatevers. This is the greatest show since California Dreams.
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