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A good but not a memorable pay-per-view

Author: roel cuppen ( from Venlo
18 April 2002

WWF´s Unforgiven took place in the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh Pensylvania at the 23th of September 2001. It contained 8 matches: Perry Staturn vs. Raven; Tajiri vs. Rhyno; Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz vs. The Hurricane and Lance Storm vs. Big Show and Spike Dudley; Undertaker & Kane vs. Kronic; Chris Jericho vs. Rob van Dam; Edge vs. Christian; The Rock vs. Booker T & Shane McMahon and finally Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle. The highlights of the evening were Rob van Dam vs. Chris Jericho, Edge vs. Christian and Stone Cold vs. Kurt Angle. It´s a good pay-per-view but I don´t think it will live in your memory very long.

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brother vs brother, and Angle goes for gold!

Author: OzzyCash from Nashville, TN
25 September 2001

This was an emotional ppv as Edge & Christian took on each other as well as the hometown boy of Pittsburgh PA Kurt Angle took on Stone Cold for the world title. RVD continued his success with another 5 star match against Chris Jericho. Rock once again proved that he's the new Hulk Hogan by defeating both Booker T and Shane McMahon even with help from Test. However the worst match of the year also took place as Undertaker and Kane defended their wcw tag titles against Kronik this match was terrible if you watch a tape of this match fast forward it! Other matches were Tajiri vs Rhyno, Saturn vs Raven, and a good 4-tag elimination with Big Show & Spike, Dudleys, Hardys and Hurricane & Storm. Overall a pretty good ppv!

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Rather forgettable but good nonetheless.

Author: bljonathan from United Kingdom
8 February 2016

This PPV had lots of work ethic but lacked a particularly memorable match.

The opening tag team was decent and rather high tempo but nothing really special and we have seen the Dudleys v Hardys many times by now.

Perry Saturn v Rave.

Saturn is actually a really good wrestler and has a really good repertoire. Its a decent match for the time allocated but neither really convince that Saturn's romantic interest, a mop, had been sent into a wood cutter by Raven. A decent match for 5 minutes.

Christian gives a very meh backstage promo before his match before Edge but debuts his new theme.

Edge v Christian.

You'd think this would be better being that they are former tag team partners but it dragged and stalled. It was a very meh match with few back and forth innovation and LOTS of unconvincing pinfall attempts, before finally ending with a non clean finish. Poor match.

Kane and Taker v Kronik

This match is rather infamous for the botches of Kronik. At one point taker screams the F word after a botched jaw breaker and there were a few other botches. It actually isn't a bad or boring match, however. By no means the worst in history.

Jericho v RVD

RVD was really over at this point. More over than Jericho himself. The match is really good. Lots of really good wrestling which before RVD showed up, the hardcore division was getting really lazy. It takes a while to get to the weapons and instead we get head scissors and ground wrestling looking for pinfall attempts. There is a lot of counters to each others moves, which make this surprisingly a better wrestling match than a hardcore. Sadly it doesn't end cleanly and could have been a classic if it had gone on longer.

I still rate RVD's matches against Jeff Hardy slightly higher but best match of the night for sure.

Rock v Booker T and Shane McMahon

Just going to say it. Booker T can't wrestle. His wrestling revolves around irish whips (so does the Rock) and its very evident that he is communicating because he slaps the back of his opponent very noticeably. He also comes across as lost and not sure what to do next. At one point he does a snapmare waits a second then does a pin attempt. This match is basically like the Edge v Christian match but with Shane doing 2-1 antics on the apron, so its slightly more interesting but the match itself is slow and gimmicky.

Tajiri v Rhyno

Its always fun watching Tajiri. His kicks actually sound like they hurt and he gets in a few really good ones.

Angle v Austin

This is not a good match. Certainly not as good as the match at Summer Slam. Lots of punches and stalling. This match should really have been the match at Summer Slam but as it is it comes off as slow. There was even one part where Angle throws Austin off the stage and instead of jumping down to continue his attack he walks down the ramp to get to Austin. Basically stalling for time. Again. Not a good match.

Overall it was an OK PPV. Certainly could have been better. Sadly Jericho v RVD didn't get more time and a clean finish but ends before it was just getting really good. Austin v Angle was sleep inducing which it really needed to be better for what was to happen.


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Main event wasn't the best match on the card.

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
16 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Useless awful "singing" in the beginning and we could start.

1. Tag team Championship: Hardy Boyz Vs. The Hurricane/Lance Storm Vs. Big Show/Spike Dudley Vs. Dudley Boyz - Dudleyz won in an normal opener. 6.5/10

2. Raven (w skirt! :)) Vs. Saturn - Perry cleanly won over Raven, but crowd wasn't much into it. But nevermind, I was! 7/10

3. WWF Intercontinental Championship: Champ-Edge Vs. Christian - Christian won in a cheap way. But got it! 8/10

4. WCW Tag Team Title Match - Champs- Undertaker/Kane Vs. Kronik - Stiffy match, Brian Adams and Kane in that rules. Of course that Kronik Lost. 6/10

5. Hardcore Championship: Champ-RVD Vs. Y2J - Rob Van Dam has got Stephi on his side. So.... who could won? :) But match was great. 9/10

6. WCW World Heavyweight Title Match: Champ-The Rock Vs. Booker T./Shane McMahon - Average match with classically stupid ending. ROCK WON, WE ARE ALL SURPRISE. 6/10

7. WCW U.S. Championship:Rhyno Vs. Champ-Tajiri - Rhyno won and become new champ. In match were some mistakes, but they are good. 7.5/10

8. WWF Championship: Kurt Angle Vs. Champ-Stone Cold - They put tough match, but the action was a little bit slow. Angle surprisingly won that belt. For that, I give 8/10

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania welcomes UnforGiven

Author: avi0107
24 August 2008

1-The Hardy Boyz vs. Hurricane & Lance Storm vs. The Big Show & Spike Dudley vs. The Dudley Boyz (WWF Tag Team Champions) I expected a more exciting match but it was not bad. 5.5/10

2-Raven with Terri vs. Saturn I prefer Raven in the hardcore division and I consider Saturn as a good wrestler. The crowd was not in it, nothing great, nothing that bad either but forgettable for sure. End of the silly but yet still quite funny Moppy storyline. 4.5/10

3-Christian vs. Edge (WWF Intercontinental Champion) Brother vs.Brother. Not as good as I expected but still decent. However, this is nothing compare to the great ladder match they had at No Mercy in the next PPV. 6/10

4-Kronik with Steven Richards vs. The Undertaker & Kane (WCW Tag Champions) OK, in the edition of Smack down before that, Kronik squashed Kaientai, maybe they should have wrestle a more experienced team like the APA. Anyway, they are not very good wrestlers. Taker and Kane sold as much as they could. Taker and Kane are not made to be a tag team. I can't imagine what this would have been if it was not Taker and Kane taking on Kronik. 3.5/10

5-Rob Van Dam (WWF Hardcore Champion) vs. Chris Jericho When you have RVD and Jericho in hardcore match, you expect a 5 stars match and that exactly what we've got. Fantastic effort by these two men. I'm just not too happy with the ending, a match of this quality don't deserve such ending. 9/10

6-Booker T and Shane McMahon vs. The Rock (WCW Heavyweight Champion) Better than Rock vs. Booker at Summerslam(which was not bad by any means). So pretty good match with some good moments, Shane certainly added a lot to the match. 7.5/10

7-Rhyno vs. Tajiri (WCW US Champion) with Torrie Wilson Better than I thought but am still surprised to see this that high in the card. Good match, nothing great but entertaining. 6/10

8-Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin (WWF Heavyweight Champion) Much hype around this one. They had a classic at Summerslam. Is this better? No. Is this still great? Hell yeah! Great contest. Austin vs. Angle is never a disappointment. Too bad 2001 is the only year we had a feud between them. Great ending to the event.

Overall, the PPV had its ups and downs. It started slowly but ended strongly. RVD vs. Jericho and Austin vs. Angle turned out to be great contest.

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Kurt's Homecoming and triumph

Author: bmccree1912 from United States
12 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The match of the night were Chris Jericho vs. RVD. Summerslam's main title matches were better than the unforgiven ones. Perry Saturn Vs. Raven was stupid because Saturn fought for a mop. Tajiri Vs. Rhyno was short but pretty good Rhyno wins U.S. title. Angle Vs. Austin as most say should have ended at summerslam and I think the scenario for title match was ridiculous because angle tries to throw Austin off a bridge, Angle wins. The Rock Vs. Booker t and Shane o' mac had too much interference and a lot of unconscious refs watch summerslam match, rock wins. The tag team match was a decent match. While Unforgiven is not best it still could be worth watching. I think if you are a WWE fan, buy it and every other pay per view. Matches are good but scenarios are stupid for the matches.

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I was there

Author: Derek Jamison (dmj_incorporated-1) from Clintonville, Pa
10 October 2004

I'm not sure if this PPV was as cool as I thought it was. This being because I was there, but way WAY up at the top. You just pick up on things more, There was Triple H chant during The Rock-Booker T-and Shane McMahon match. If you listen closely on the DVD you can hear it. The Angle match wasn't really a surprise but still a good match. It was his hometown, after 911 and he was the good guy. People stood up when they saw Big Show climbing The top rope. Undertaker and Kanes entrance is 100 times more exciting in person. The Jericho and rob Van Dam match was up there. The Walls of Jericho like move ontop of the ladder got lots of cheers. Everyone gets all excited when anyone goes near the announce table or gets a chair or ladder out. Overall it was a pretty good event, but this could be because I was there.

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