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Truly Beautifull.

Author: Fangor from Sweden
1 October 2003

Truly Beautifull. I havent seen the series, but has seen the first OVA and Requiem for the res... So much of this film was pretty messy as sequenses from this long series swirl by one after another without much explanation. But I read up on some Fan sites and the events, history and characters became much clearer, and I could appretiate the soul of the film without haveing seen the series. And I have to say that a film can move me deeply but I rarely cry, at all... But through the end of the second part I just wept. It was so sad and so beautifull... The categories I have judged separatly, and it still ended up as an all 10(nearly), but the most exellent parts of this anime are the characters and the great story. Maybe I will watch the series one day, but for me the serious, mature Kenshin that is portrayed in the 2 OVAS will allways be the one who stays in my heart and soul. Do see The first OVA or the series before you see this film as it is not stand alone in any way. Average 9.8(10)

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Great, only if you've seen the T.V. series and the first OVA.

Author: Epsilon1000 from Nevada, US
17 August 2002

I thought that the Rurôni Kenshin Seisô hen OVA was great. There are some problems with it though. The lack of explaination of who the characters are is one major flaw in the movie. By the time I saw this OVA though, I saw some of the T.V. series and the first OVA and knew who most of the characters were. Anyone who has not seen the first OVA and the T.V. series may be confused to what's going on. This should only be watched after the first OVA and at least some of the T.V. series. There are many flash backs, like the rest of the Rurouni Rurôni movies, which may also cause some confusion.

I gave this a 9 because I understood what was going, and I like how the battle sequences were done. Without knowledge of who everyone is and what happened in the first OVA, this would be pointless movie to watch.

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The OVA that ends it all...

Author: sander-22 from Hengelo, The Netherlands
28 April 2002

Kenshin lasted a long time: OVAs, Movies and more then three years of television - but all good things must come to an end.

Will Kaoru get Kenshin? What will happen to Yahiko and Sanouske?

This 2-part Kenshin OVA answers those questions and ends the series in a worthy way. It is not as good as some of the other OVA's and TV episodes, but not bad at all.

You could see it as a summary of the TV series plus a final episode.

Fans will definitely not want to miss this, if only to close the magnificent book of Kenshin.

Rating: 8/10

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Horrid Betrayal of the Spirit of RuroKen

Author: OmegaWolf747 from Michigan, United States
8 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the biggest piece of garbage I've seen that's attached to the name Rurouni Kenshin. I never saw the third season of the anime, but I could probably tolerate that better than this train-wreck.

A lot of people like the animation and character design. I despised it. The characters all look ugly, with these glazed-over eyes and depressive faces. They look nothing at all as they do in the manga, or even the anime.

The Jinchuu Arc has all the important plot-points (the three-front attack, the corpse doll, Rakuninmura and Kenshin putting his demons to rest) stripped out. In this version, all that happens is Enishi kidnaps Kaoru (who doesn't even try to fight him) and leaves a note saying, "Jinchuu". Kenshin goes to the island alone (instead of with all the others as he did in the manga), fights Enishi, beats him and then offers his life in exchange for Koaru's. *flips through her manga volumes and can't find one instance of kenshin offering his life to an enemy* Since Kenshin never went through the life-altering experience of Rakuninmura, he really couldn't form a close bond with Kaoru in this OVA as he did in the manga. That is why five years into their marriage, his attitude was, "Screw my family. Saving the world is more important", and he went to China to help the Meiji government invade a sovereign nation. I'm 100% sure this is something manga-Kenshin would never do.

The idea of Kenshin sleeping with Kaoru when he has a communicable disease and condemning her to death is laughable. Hello, no-kill vow anyone! Or perhaps this doesn't include the woman he's supposed to love.

Kaoru is changed from a strong, fiery-tempered shihondai who would beat the crap out of her husband for even thinking of such a thing in the manga to this weak-willed and spineless woman who just sits there crying as Kenshin goes off. Then she welcomes him back with open arms and sleeps with him in order to "share his pain".

This is reminiscent of Hindu women, who would throw themselves on their husbands' funeral pyres because apparently in those cultures, a wife's life is meaningless if her husband dies. The director was portraying Kenshin and Kaoru as a traditional Japanese couple rather than as Kenshin and Kaoru.

I have no problem with being historically and culturally accurate, but not at the price of butchering Watsuki's characters and storyline. Either follow the manga, or don't animate the stupid thing!

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Seisô hen

Author: mel_lzl from Singapore
10 February 2006

Seisô hen basically means after so many years have lapsed. i think it's a beautiful production and its really worth a try. a word of caution though, i notice many who followed the anime/Manga didn't find this OVA very worthwhile. but if you didn't, and only watched Tsuioku hen, then your in for an awesome treat. it's mainly Kaoru reminiscing about her and Kenshin's past. about their past encounters and so forth, so to anime viewers, it's more like a whole summary of the series but to non-anime viewers, it's like a whole burst of information! all the stuff you missed out on! though anime viewers say that it isn't accurate. but oh well, i had nothing to lose. Kenshin goes off to china and just doesn't come back, Kaoru's ill after contracting his disease from him but still awaits his return. Kenji, out of frustration, left for Kyoto to seek the skill of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu from Hiko. Sanosuke manages to find Kenshin only to realise he's lost his memory, only with one thing left: he has to go home. so Sanosuke helps him out, sends him home to japan, back to Kaoru. then this is the best part. *weeps and sobs her head off*

the soundtrack is awesome. i got ordered and imported from Japan, waited a month for it. that's how much i adore it. just listening to the songs with your eyes closed or whatever, brings back all the emotions you felt when you were watching the show. yeah.

by the way, i didn't watch the anime. so it was superb to me.

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Don't view it as the end

Author: AmonAmarth856 from United States
3 September 2008

I have one major complaint about Seisô Hen. Seisô Hen was not written by Watsuki (creator of Rurouni Kenshin, so the ending in the manga is different than the OVA. The ending to this OVA is far more depressing, and according to an interview with Watsuki, he prefers the manga ending because "Kenshin went through so much crap he deserved a happy ending". The beauty of Rurouni Kenshin being fiction, you can choose which ending to believe in. Quite frankly the ending entirely ruined it for me.

That aside, what you do have is a masterful OVA. The animation, artwork, and sound are of spectacular quality. When it comes to technical merit, this gets a 10/10. However technical qualities won't make up for the ending.

If you've read the manga, go ahead and give it a watch. Just keep in mind that the ending is not what Watsuki wanted. I've seen it once and plan on never watching it again

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Moving Movie

Author: kitkatkookoo from United States
29 January 2005

This was an excellent film, or OVA as I've seen other people call it. But I have never seen any of this series or anything, so I watched it as a movie and had no knowledge of any of the characters or their backgrounds. At first everything was really confusing, but when I listened carefully to everything that was said and payed really close attention to what was going on, I was able to catch on and understand the plot and most of the characters' motivation. I loved the story, and I was in tears at the end because this was put together so well and I felt like I could feel what the characters were feeling, and everything was so sad and so sweet at the same time. If you haven't seen this yet, I strongly recommend it.

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The animation, story, and music actually made me well up they were so good.

Author: Jessbob from Boston, MA USA
1 April 2003

I'm a 20 year old guy from Boston, and I actually welled up this OVA ending to one of my favorites series was just so beautifully sad. And no, I'm straight, but the animation is top notch, the music is some of my favorite of all time (I bought the cd 2 years ago [import]), and as a fan of the series it was a fittingly awesome ending to this epic tale. I hope they continue it with the side characters, like Kenji who was extremely cool in his scenes. Oh well enough blabbering from me just know that this recently released DVD is well worth it for fans of the series.

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The conclusion of the TV series

Author: JoakimH from Sweden
15 April 2002

This new OVA brings a conclusion to the TV series. If you haven't seen any of the TV series (or read the manga) you should see/read them before watching this. Seisouhen doesn't explain anything about the characters.

The Seisouhen is split in two parts, the first is basically a recap of the TV series, and the second brings a conclusion to it all. It is drawn in the same way (or similar at least) as the first 4 OVA episodes were (American title: Samurai X), which is in a realistic (as realistic as anime gets...) and beautiful way.

There is not much action to be found in Seisouhen, instead it is very emotional (I actually shed a tear or two) and it is a beautiful finish to it all.

In conclusion: if you have seen some of the TV series and seen the other 4 OVA episodes (Samurai X) this is something you will not and cannot miss. If not, watching Seisouhen will be a complete waste of time for you.

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A Beautiful Masterpice

Author: arorashadow_2003 from United States
11 July 2005

I thought it was very very good. Truly a work of art, and a classic in my book. A little slow moving for an Action series, but very good. But I really didn't mind it being a little slow, as action doesn't mean it will be good. My gripe, at times I got a little lost and confused, but none the less, quickly bounced back. And it had absolute wonderful music too, absolutely a beautiful Original Score. I tell you it truly is the most moving soundtrack ever, gives Hans Zimmer a run for his money. It would win an Oscar. The only problem with it is, that it was used a bit too much. When you use music to much it loses it's power for other sequences. Composers have to be-careful with that. But it really was good. If there's a soundtrack out there, I'll be getting it. Not the best of Animation, but oh well, it is an OAV, and Anime is under-budgeted anyway.

And it was an absolute wonderful and powerful story. So beautifully told, too. Two lovers, who are so dedicated to each other, and how war affects them. I cant ask for a better story. It redeems the incredibly bloody action/violence. Another thing I really liked was, even though it was action, it had a lot of drama in it, and mind. I don't like mindless action/violence, riddled with drug content, or language. B/c there comes a point when violence is too distracting, and you loose the focus of the story. I'm may be a guy, but I'm a softy for the sappy stuff. Especially with Romance. That's what I always love about Anime, there is some kind of Drama. "Kawaii overdoes" as was stated on the descriptors of Anime Network's parental guidance warning. And they mean it. And it had the most powerful ending ever. Simple, pure, and heart wrenching. Two Lovers clearly week likely on there death bed, walk down a beaten path to each other, and our long time hero, dies right in her armes. So powerful, it puts you to tears.

Nice use of music, visuals, cast, and theme. Great use of thematic elements, to give it the emotional punch. Terrfic Voice Acting from the English cast. And a really sad ending too.

If you are a Kenshin Fan, and you haven't's seen this, you should!!!! It is wonderful, and even if you are not, if you like action/adventure, or your a sucker for the sweet sappy stuff (like me) you are bound to love this. I strongly recommend it! As I haven't seen the other OAV's, you might want to check those out too.

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