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The Hollywood Reporter
One of the best film musicals in years -- exuberant, sexy and life affirming in equal measure.
Entertainment Weekly
The movie is literally a series of showstoppers, unified by the impulse to turn life, at its scruffiest, into theater - into a rhapsody of the everyday.
Columbus' schizoid approach works more often than not.
Chicago Tribune
It's a pretty good version of a pretty great stage phenomenon.
Miami Herald
Now a vastly larger audience has the chance to experience the masterwork of a prodigiously talented man who died far too young.
Charlotte Observer
If you fell in love with the big-hearted sentimentality of Rent when you saw it onstage, the film version will remind you why. If you think Jonathan Larson's musical is ponderous agitprop, the movie won't change your view.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Chris Columbus' relatively faithful and intermittently affecting adaptation boasts the boisterous vitality of its performers, particularly Jesse L. Martin and Wilson Jermaine Heredia as lovers Tom and Angel.
New York Daily News
As a conventional drama, Rent would be a pretty corny soap opera. As filmed theater, it's only slightly more con­vincing. The saving graces - and there are many - are Larson's original songs and the comfortable fit of its ensemble cast.
On film, Rent is the sound of one hand clapping.
With heavy HIV subtext and a couple of actors who have scored in other films, this La Bohème spinoff about fatal illness, drug addiction and eviction ought to be less of a slog than it is.
Wall Street Journal
Heart-breakingly awful -- slow, lugubrious, and misconceived to the point of baffling amateurism.

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